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I liked Moonlight. The cinematography and acting was stellar. I can see why the movie won an Oscar.

Yet, I felt like it could have had more to it. I liked it but did not love it. I am sure I am in the minority saying that. It is a wonderful movie but did not deeply touch me. Still 100% worthy of an Oscar.

I know, I know...all the uproar about Casey Affleck. I understand it and agree he is not a stellar person. Too bad because he is easy on the eyes. Or maybe he visually appeals to me because he reminds me of someone I met and found attractive in my life.

Beyond Affleck, who did deserve an Oscar for his acting which was wonderful in the film. It was a really good movie. Annoying as hell soundtrack music but a really good story.

I have been forcing myself to watch Iron Fist...or rather the 14 year old, giggly, me who is buried deep inside me is making me watch it. She finds Danny/Iron Fist hot despite the character being miscast. 40 year old me admits the fight scenes are cringe-worthy and the editing is bad. The inner 14 year old just squees at Danny and the interaction he has with the karate teacher character. Giggly teen me wins out. *shrugs*

Off I go to watch another episode.
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