Mar. 31st, 2017 01:21 am
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First off...yay! The wall in my bedroom is getting permanent leak fix over weekend/Monday so my room's wall is getting on step closer to fixed! After 2 months of torn up wall and temporary patch.

And dump from 50 Hour Slam short film shoot!

"Wrapped in plastic..." like Laura Palmer.

Still learning lines waiting to be buried in sand.

Seamus our Scottish actor.

Kelsey, the good twin/Bianca awaiting "Action!"

Alena (our director) and Levi (our cameraman).

One of our makeup artists watching the filming.

Nicole, our sound tech.

Tai, one of our make-up artists.

Abbie (our Forest Witch) and Marissa (bad twin/Mallory) running lines.

Carey, our PA and Claire (in sunglasses) our caterer.

Levi filming Kelsey.

Kelsey waking up in the mirror world.

Our cast and crew waiting around to start.

Kelsey after filming her first scene.

Waiting to bury Seamus.

My camera battery died soon afterward. I hadn't gotten the chance to charge it the night before. I would have taken more photos if I had a fully charged battery.

I will share the link to the film when we are allowed to. Probably in May. It was fun filming it and I hope I can be on a crew again.
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