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The first was The Accountant.

It was rather good. I liked the unconventional action hero aspect of the film. It made the film more interesting. Still not sold on Ben Affleck as an actor but he was pretty good in this.

The next was The Eagle Huntress.

Not a fan. It seemed fake. Like one of those documentary's made up to push a cause. In this case a very "girl power" thing that just did not ring true for the culture and ease of inclusion this girl had in a male dominated sport. It seemed very very faked.

Then I saw Nocturnal Animals.

It was beautifully shot. I usually like Tom Ford as a director and think the actors in this film were great. It just left me feeling nothing...cold. I felt utterly disconnected from this film. Not a bad film...just soulless.

Then I suffered through Jackie.

So boring. So very very boring. It did make mr think about how traumatized Jackie Kennedy must have been having her husband killed in front of her. To be spattered by his blood and brain matter, grab part of his head to replace it, and have him dead plus bleeding out on her lap as the car was rushed to the hospital. It would have been so traumatizing for anyone. No wonder she was so shell-shocked in the days afterward. Still, the movie was quite dull and was all about the Jackie character telling her story of what happened, dealing with it emotionally, while trying to keep a brave public face. It just was told so blandly and lacking emotion.

Tonight,I may watch something more light-hearted. Or just read a book.

The permanent leak fix was done on my bedroom wall today and I am a step closer to getting my room back to normal. It will be nice when it is. Cross fingers for me it is sooner rather than later.
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