Apr. 16th, 2017 10:58 pm
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I loved this film!

My younger friends of the millenial generation get upset by it and call it "rapey" because Pratt's character wakes up the female character so he would not be alone. He falls in love with her video she made before the voyage to the new planet homestead. He had been alone almost a year and was about to kill himself because he would be dead by the time the ship reached Homestead II and everyone woke up. So his waking her up outrages my younger friends to frothing frenzy.

But what his character does? COMPLETELY HUMAN. It is realistic. That would be what would happen in the situation. And if the person got along with the person they woke up and both fell in love? That person would withhold the information they woke them up because they would know it would cause upset and that person to dislike them.

The whole emotional aftermath and how it plays out? Completely real. 100% real.

I LOVED this film and am sad the "outrage" online by 20-somethings tanked it at the box office. It is a great film. On so many levels. I will be buying it.

Sidenote: Passengers has added to my emotional confusion of attraction/non-attraction feelings I have for Chris Pratt. Add to that one of the waiters/bartenders at the trivia night I go to looks like Chris Pratt. I have this weird attraction to Pratt that is slightly repulsion at the same time. It transfers to the waiter/bartender whom I I said something flirty to last trivia night. And the waiter found it amusing as I assume Pratt would have. Ugh!

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