Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I loved Kubo and the Two Strings.

Such a beautiful movie! It was stopmotion animation commbined with CGI. It made the film visually stunning. It also had a wonderful, moving, atoryline with a great meaning behind it. It also was very respectful to Japanese culture. Loved this film so much!

Captain Fantastic was another gorgeous film.

Such a great film! It was filmed in western Washington using some money from the film incentive last year. I heard it was amazing but, actually seeing it? Wow! So moving, funny, and well done. Definitely a must see.

Viggo Mortensen is rumored to be back living in Sandpoint, Idaho at the moment. He was spotted Christmas shopping in Spokane and will hold a Q & A after a special showing of Captain Fantastic in Sandpoint later this month. The event is a charity event and I would go but it is a two hour drive in really snowy, cold, weather right now. So, I will have to pass on it.

The event:


I am happy I finally saw both of these films. They are both just awesome!

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