Mar. 26th, 2017

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This year, I was on a film crew for 50 Hour Slam. Actually I am still on one since it is the last day of the competition with 10 pm the completed short film's "turn in by" time.

The short film competition is every year here in Spokane. You are given 50 Hours from start to competition to make a short film, with some required criteria that the competition tells you the night of the kickoff.

We had most the crew in place before Friday night's kick off. We only had a last minute add of an actress we pucked up at kickoff and make-up and hair team that we got on Friday night through our sound woman.

Kick off was very packed. It gets more crowded each year. We were given a quest to find a landmark that had to be included. That...oh my god...was a total shitshow. We went looking with the clues and it turned out the directions given to the red quest (ours) were wrong. So we ran around for 2 hours in downtown Spokane until the directions were then updated to questers with a "Sorry, we were drinking when we put quest together...wrong directions!" explanation. We found the landmark at about 11:30 pm then rushed to director Alena's house to write the script. That went on until 2:45 am. So, we set call time for filming Saturday for 10 am.

We filmed ALL DAY yesterday. In a forest area on some of Alena's family friend's property, at our quest landmark, and at Alena's mom's friend's house. We did not finish up until 12:24 am. Today, Alena and Levi (our cameraman) are editing the film. Then they will turn it in during the drop off time before 10 pm.

We had 4 actors Kelsey and Marissa (twins), Seamus, and 14 year old Abbie. They all did great. I cannot wait to see the finished project. I hope we do okay in the competition but it was all about the experience and having fun for me.

Picture time!

Our cast and crew left to right: Claire (in glasses catering), Levi (in glasses cameraman/editor), me, Alena (taking photo director/editor/producer/casting), Carey (winking PA), Abbie (back right our actress playing witch), Seamus (our Scottish actor playing a talking clue giver), in front of him Kelsey (actress playing Bianca the good twin), and Marissa (actress playing Mallory the bad twin). Missing: makeup crew and Nicole our sound tech.

Cast and crew in puddle.

Everyone headed out to first location in woods.

Burying Seamus as our team specific requirement given by competition said we had to do. "Bury an actor/actress in dirt/sand up to head" Seamus said, "Look I am a giant condom!" As this photo was taken.

We buried about his neck in sand, pine needles, and bark after ponchoing him in a tarp. Then shot him in close up so he looked buried. Put the black scarf over his face between takes to keep falling tree stuff and blowing sand (it was windy) out of his eyes.

Nicole our sound tech.

Alena's mom making sure the camera and sound equipment did not fall off the transport vehicle between forest locations. It was muddy, flooded, and bumpy due to the rains we have had.

Levi filming.

Carey being a PA doing what a Pa does (hold stuff is one of those things)

Filming Kelsey as Bianca the good twin

Abbie, our witch with her red umbrella.

Marissa as Mallory the evil twin.

Our three actresses excited at kickoff night.

I will post more photos after my battery for my camera gets charged. I had it die on me at first location and now have to wait to download and edit.

It was a fun experience and I will post a link to the finished film when we can share with the public. First crew experience for me and I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. Will take what I learned with me to the future and hope to have more opportunities to be on crews.

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