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This late night weatherman in L.A. just dances during the weather.

I would love to see this...better than some guy rambling the high and low temperatures.
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This video for Shakira's song "She Wolf" is so horribly tacky and obviously sexual it makes me laugh:

Love her "Look at my tits!" and "Look at my coochie!" hand movements at the beginning of the video. As well as the lovely pose where you get perfect view of her coochie area as she is in a cage with a nude leotard on.

Her "special radar" movement is classic! If you watch the video listen for the line as you watch her in the cage.

A must see to be believed thing.

It cracks me up!
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They had to turn the music up high to drown out those boos didn't they?
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So I was watching a Bollywood movie called "Saawariya" last night. It was soooo cheesy and fun!

So many over-the-top musical numbers but I have to say this one:


This was so amusing. So daring for an Indian film and when he does the wink I burst out laughing. Don't even get me started on the hip thrusting! The whole scene is just so fun!

Too much fun.
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This is my favorite example of the awful tryouts that made Seattle the worst city when it came to American Idol tryouts:

This next girl is the typical Spokane woman in looks, attitude, and everything...seriously:

And the next is a montage of the worst singers all singing The Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha". It's scary!:

The Seattle tryouts brought out ALL the freaks!

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