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I have had a busy weekend with meeting with the Spokane Sketchers group on Saturday and heading out to the Valley to get my hair cut. I even took a walk yesterday evening because it cooled off enough to do so. It has been in the low 80s (F) but humid due to thunderstorms passing to either the north or south if us. We haven't had them here but can see them in the distance. It makes it really muggy and way too early in the season.

Meetup yesterday was fun and happened on the MAC ( museum's campus. We did sketching for about 3 hours then went to the cafe in the museum for coffee and a bite to eat. The owner of the cafe (é-mac) is from Syria so it has a Middle Eastern touch to all the food/coffee. I cannot eat hummus because of my sesame allergy but I hear it is quite good since the owner makes his own. He even sells it in local grocery stores. I had a grilled cheese sandwich which had feta, provolone, and cheddar cheese...and a tasty garlic sauce. I have to get back soon to see the current exhibit of contemporary art from the Emirates. It looks fascinating.

Last night, I ended up watching Wish I Was Here.

The film was quite boring. It had some good moments but fell really flat to me. Lots of stuff that I could tell was suppose to be funny but just wasn't. Really disappointing.

I have one more movie to watch and then I will return the DVDs to the library and pick up the ones on hold for me.

Now, off to catch up a bit online.
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I liked this documentary about a handful of women artists from all over the world who live/work in NYC. It was very inspiring to me.
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As I mentioned in my last entry, I have joined a sketch group. I posted photos of my results so far here at my other blog: If You're Into It if you want to peek at them. I am finding I am a bit rusty and trying to get back in sketch mode. Heck, it has been since 2002 that I have really concentrated on sketching so my mind tends to wander when I am sketching. I need to reign it in to stay on task. I also try to make things too "finished" which is not what sketching is about. This means it will take a while for me to settle in and really feel comfortable sketching again.

I am enjoying the whole process and hope it points the way to my getting back to painting again since I have an idea for a painting. I am just feeling like I am not sure if I can do it anymore beyond putting down a background. I am trying to ease into getting over that feeling.

While I was at Manito Park this past Thursday I took a few quick snapshots.

Above: Manito Park duck pond.

The water is a bit green at the duck pond due to overgrowth of algae They have no told people to stop feeding the ducks (Haha! fat chance saw many people doing this.) and have introduced some algae eating fish to the pond. If you look at the part of the island in the photo above on the can see a turtle on the rock at the very end of that bit of land. many turtles where out sunning themselves that day. There was also a hawk diving at and fishing from the pond at one point.

Above: Another view of the duck pond.

Most the trees- that are not pine trees- are still getting their leaves and only have the mere starting of leaves on them. The days are really warm now so the leaves growing in. Our front tree has flowers starting to bloom on it and I will take a photo of that this week.

Above: I was sitting under this tree with other sketchers.

Above: Long shot of the island in the middle of the duck pond.

I cannot wait until the leaves have grown in and the flowers start blooming at Manito...though the rose garden isn't at it's height of beauty until August. I definitely need to get to Manito more often. So many people walking around and soon the Manito Park Bench will open so you can buy drinks and food while there.

I am definitely going to try to head to Manito Park next week if they have another get together there with the sketch group. It seems they have one every Thursday and anyone can show up if they have the afternoon free.
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I ended up going alone to Teen Wolf at the Bing. Everyone I knew either was out of town, working, or just just never responded to my asking. So, I "payed it forward' with the extra ticket to people in line behind me. The beer being offered was decent. A bit strong for my liking but locally made at River City Red. It was only $3 so that was decent when it usually costs over $7 to order drinks when out at a bar. The movie was the horribly bad Teen Wolf:

The film was put on by The Inlander which is the free entertainment newspaper that locals pick up on Thursdays to see what is going on over the weekend/coming week. The movie was only $4 to get a ticket for and since I won the tickets in a contest, I only paid $3 for a beer. The audience was encouraged to yell things at the screen and be semi-rowdy in a fun way. Which added t the experience. As the host said, "Teen Wolf is not a work of cinematic art" so the yelling things out and people saying things really snarky in tone about the happenings in the film added to the experience. I will probably head to the next "Suds and Cinema" that happens in June and rumor has it, it will be "The Goonies" or, possibly, "Ghostbusters."

I ended up bumping into Carl Richardson (an art instructor from SFCC whom I had for the ill-fated screen printing class I took in the late 1990s) and we talked a little. He is getting into photography these days and managed to score a studio in the apartments/rooms over the Bing "for swap." He gets to use them free in exchange for him taking photos at The Bing events for their website and Facebook pages. We exchanged info on because he is trying to get out and mingle with people more and there are numerous groups in Spokane the last 2 years has just blown up in offerings locally. It was nice bumping into him and talking to him for a while.

So, last night was fun and I am trying to get other friends to head to the event in June. Shaun would have gone with me but was in California on business and Cassie was at a function for work. Both were bummed out they couldn't go so I will work on them going next time.

Now, I have two days to get some reading done, do a tiny bit of straightening up to begin my spring clean of my room, and then on Saturday there is a Sketch Group meet-up. The days are getting nicer so I hope that the next meet-up for that group will be outside.

And with that, off I go to finish email and do some reading before heading to bed.
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This is the stuff of the best sci fi dreams, meshed with the beauty of art.

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I have long been a fan of Frida Kahlo's painting.

Who is Frida Kahlo you wonder? She is a Mexican painter in the early 20th century who definitely had her own style of painting. She painted a couple murals and married the Mexican painter Diego Rivera. She had many affairs with famous people. She was a beautiful woman and carried herself in a way that you can tell she was aware of this fact. She lived large in the sense that she embraced life despite being in pain.

Kahlo was in a lot of pain for most of her life because she was in a streetcar accident as a young woman in which one of the bars from the center of the car impaled her through her lower abdomen. That accident made her unable to have children (she would lose many babies when she attempted until the doctors told her she should stop harming her body that way), the accident caused her to have numerous operations throughout her life, and made her unable to sit/stand up for long in later life.

I happened across this video that has old footage of her (and some of her with Diego Rivera, the plump, older, man you see her with) while wandering around online and it was exciting for me because I had never seen it before.

I wrote a 20 page paper on her life and art when I was studying Fine Art as a 19 year old. I also have been lucky enough to see an exhibition of her work when I lived in San Diego. It is quite stunning and colourful, as well as some of the imagery being a bit grotesque in nature because she would paint about what she knew; including her hospital stays, operations, and miscarriages.

I thought I would share about a painter that interests me.

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