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I am totally excited because Battlestar Galactica starts it's final seaosn at 10 p.m. tonight!

I will miss this show when it's 10 episode season ends and so ends the series. It is one of my favorites! I will be excited to see how they end the show.

LOST starts next week! Next week! I am  beyond excited! Good tv is starting up again!

2 and 1/2 hours until Galactica! Yay!
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Besides going out for Italian to celebrate my brother, Russell's, birthday a few days early and being sore from intestinal upset, nothing much is going on here. Unless you count a lot of rain falling.

Since I haven't had much to do I ended up watching all of season 2 and 3 of
"Sex and the City" in a short amount of time. I still have three seasons to go but since I do not own them...I will be watching season 3 of "Battlestar Galactica" which I have just gotten and have already seen except for the first 4 episodes. I won a $20 gift certificate so used it to purchase Battlestar without paying full amount. Quite cool actually.

I also have been updating my fashion blog If Your're Into It so check that out if you so desire.

Other than that...not much to write about.
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"Battlestar Galactica" wrapped up it's season this past Sunday and I was fine with the ending. It wasn't "OMG! Exciting!"  and I so called ahead of time who two of the Cylons were but, I see this as leading into an interesting 4th season. Now if the fandom would just stop whining I would be happy. I have to say it again...everyone isn't going to be satisfied with the direction a show goes in. Everyone has different ideas of how the show should progress. Whining gets no no where because it is the writer's call on how the storyline goes. If it annoys you so much then stop watching and STFU so the rest of us can enjoy the show. Thank you.

Wrote a letter today which was nice. I like being in a letter writing mood again even if not every letter I write is a masterpiece. The letter today was to a newer penpal and it was my first letter to her...and now I get to wait and see if she responds back. 

I am now on book #13 for the [profile] 50bookchallenge and was surprised that the book turned form what looked like, from the cover, a mystery of the usual supermarket checkout stand variety to a sci fi/fantasy book with a mystery involved. The book is called Chainfire and is by Terry Goodkind. It seems it is a book in a long series this author has written so if I continue to enjoy the book I may check the series out. I do have a slight annoyance in that the characters spend a lot of time just talking about doing things and not a lot of time actually doing them. I am near the start of the book though so this may change. It is not a bad book and I will be reading a bit of it again as I try to fall asleep later.

I have the new version of the Virtual Villagers game on my computer now because my mum downloaded it and shared it with me. Fair enough since I shared the original with her. I am having fun with the game and have completed the first game, though it doesn't really end, just you solve all the puzzles and continue to train your islanders and the future generations after that. I am not as addicted to the games anymore but they are fun to play when I am totally bored and cannot sleep.

Anyways, life is dull and I haven't much to write about these days. So, I will now cease writing and head off to surf the Internet.
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I had to rewind to hear Baltar's lawyer say, "...that he is pregnant." as to why he wanted Baltar's file when talking to Lee/Apollo. Lee did not even bat an eyelash to the statement so I am wondering if Baltar is really pregnant or if it is just a figure of speech. I may have to cruise the fan message boards and see what the buzz is.

Also, great show...ever since last week when Kara Thrace/Starbuck's fighter went BAM!, much to the fans horror and upset, the show has picked up in storyline. I guess there needs to be possible blowing up of characters more often to get things moving in the storyline. For the record, I don't think she is dead. Hope next week is as good as the last two have been since we are going into a two parter. 

I cannot get the preview for next wee to load on Sci so they must have bad code and need to reload the video. I never see the the preview because I watch Battlestar on "On Demand" so I don't have to sit through commercials. I want to see the preview...maybe they have it on You Tube? Must check.

More Snow.

Jan. 20th, 2007 01:25 pm
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Woke up to 4 more inches of snow today. It snowed all last night and added to what was already on the ground. We have more snow due tonight and off and on throughout the week. It is too cold for any melting to occur so it will be on the ground for a while.

I am almost halfway through "The Sopranos" season 4 and finding it a bit boring. It just doesn't have a lot of life to it which I expected since the third season had a finale that wasn't even exciting. I am hoping it either picks up a bit by the end of the season or next season is better because I want to see more happen with the characters And how did Paulie suddenly end up in jail? Did the actor have prior commitments that season so they had to quickly write him as in jail for season 4? It had me scratching my head a bit in confusion. I am hoping the show recovers a bit in season 5.

Tomorrow night is new "Battlestar Galactica" which I will watch after it airs in "On Demand' to avoid the commercials. I would watch it as it is being broadcast on Sci Fi but, I seriously despise commercials and would rather wait until the show is in "On Demand" with the commercials taken out. I know it shows a little lack of support but I prefer the "On Demand' broadcasts...I can even rewind and fastforward the "On Demand" as well as pause it to get up and go to the bathroom. Another huge plus. So, I will wait until an hour after the Sci Fi broadcast and watch the show in "On Demand'....and I cannot wait!

Other than is still too early in the day for much to have happened to write I will stop writing in this livejournal right now.

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