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LOST was interesting last night. I saw a woman on a message board point out that the date on Claire's ultrasound was exactly one month later than the plane the off-island timeline is missing a month. This leads me to believe that it was a different plane. Very interesting.

I got seasons 1 and 2 of The IT Crowd on DVD in the mail today and will be watching them later tonight. I got most of my online activities done early this morning so, have no reason to be on the computer for very long tonight. Just as well because the computer is making weird "clicking noises" that freeze the screen for a split second. No idea what caused that but they started after an update to javascript so until I figure that out, I will consider that as the cause. So, annoying and worrying since I haven't had problems with the computer for over a year.

I have started really getting into the poetry of John Keats and enjoying the sound of the sentences. I find it is more enjoyable to just read the poetry and not try to puzzle out what is being said since in most cases that is not clear. Poetry does not have to mean something and captures feelings, as well as impressions of situations or surroundings. I have to keep reminding myself of that as I read so, I don't go "What the hell?" when something seems really odd in the writing. So, far, that approach is working and I am about to start reading Endymion which is a very long poem by Keats. I will try to put aside the time to read it in one sitting, if possible, since it is pretty long and was released originally in it's own book.

My post at Tastemaker Diaries is up which is nice. I also have been updating my fashion blog a lot too. I am enjoying writing about fashion these days. It really keeps me feeling positive. I think I will continue to do so and have an idea for another post for stylefeeder.

Okay, I am heading off to watch Ghost Hunters International and then starting on watching The IT Crowd.

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I distracted myself after the unpleasant phone call by writing and sending in a post to The Tastemaker Diaries and writing my own blog post at If You're Into It. So, I have my second blog post for in for the month and I was able to write about the cool jewelry I now own. Hopefully my post at stylefeeder will be approved soon. I am really enjoying writing about fashion these days even if I am doing it a lot of the time in my pajamas. 

I am not sure what to do with myself tonight. I am not tired because I slept long today and had so many strange, nonsensical dreams. I really should not have done that but, I have just started the swapping of day and night wake up times again without meaning to. I need to swap them back around next week. 

I am feeling a bit out of sorts right now due to the phone call. It made me feel like a suspect. It's a hard feeling to shake.

Off I go...
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The meet-up went okay yesterday. I may have a new shooting (photos) buddy from it so that is a huge plus. It's always good to have a buddy to shoot photos for downtown. I am liking getting out of th house more, I just think I need to get used to it again.

Destry agreed to meet on Monday and then failed to tell me a time. he is going out of town to Seattle this weekend and won't be back until this is a bit annoying. I will have to text him i think to solidify the time and place.

Had a moron guy hit on me on a Networking site who after hearing I am working on posts for websites and meeting friends this week called me a "workaholic" and asked em if I ever "got any me time". Excuse me? Guys like surprise they are divorced (like he is) because they think women should sit around and cater to their entertainment. He totally phrased everything like that. He said, "If we date, you will have to focus on me and not be busy with other things." Excuse me? #1. Who said we are going to date? #2. You are not the center of the universe guy! and #3. It's 2010...not 1810 and women work and have lives independent from men these days! Ugh...I hate men like this guy who think everything revolves around them and women are suppose to forfeit their life (and work) for the man.

I got a new post posted at Tastemaker Diaries and updated my own blog If You're Into It. I had taken a few days off from fashion blogging to regroup and do things offline so it was nice to get back to posting. I will try and update my blog again tomorrow and will also be thinking up a post for Tastemaker Diaries again since I have an idea for one.

Okay, I need to get a bit caught up off I go.

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It was one of those days where it rained all day and I was tired so slept way too long. I had trouble sleeping Sunday night because of the furniture polish smell so, I crashed and slept long into the day today. I didn't miss much, juts rain and cold so, no lose of a day really.

I have another
The Tastemaker Diaries post posted at stylefeeder! I am glad it got accepted and glad to be ahead of the game there having turned in two posts for the month way ahead of time. Now to decide what to post about for next month...but that isn't a huge priority at the moment. I have time to think of some thing and my surfing of the Internet should give me ideas.

I haven't updated
my own fashion blog yet today but plan to before I log off. I just have to think of something to post about. I feel a bit like I am cheating since I am not really dressing up and live in track pants, tees, and a robe most days so far this year. I would like to hea dout of the house but, haven't a reason to or anything to do to drag me out. I do have to pick up my contacts that came in at the end of last week (my dad didn't tell me about them calling until Sunday) so that will be done sometime this week. I am also trying to arrange a meet-up or two next week with friends...let's see if they back out as usual. know...49 (F) and rainy means it is too cold to leave the house. *rolls eyes*

I am tired of people not calling and merely texting as well. What is up with this trend? I HATE texting and only do it if I am pretty sure the person is some where they cannot answer the phone. People carry on whole conversations via text...which disturbs me. I have a local woman wanting to meet up to see if we can hang out and be friends who refuses to do anything but email or text me which does not make me feel exactly safe since it would be nice to know, you know, that she is really female by hearing her voice. I am starting to feel that people who just text are very rude. Not only because they don't offer the courtesy of actually talking to you vocally but because they expect you to answer the texts instantly. Technology is ruining the social interaction skills of people.

I had a friend from junior high add me to Facebook and, my goodness, she is my age and looks 50. She has 5 kids (aged 21 to 14)  and dresses like a late 70s, farm, housewife now. Long denim skirts, turtle necks, embroidered with seasonal designs denim vests, pulled back into pony tail that is messy hair, and all. This from a girl in junior high who dressed pretty up to date. What happened? I don't get it.  It's like a large portion of women decide that they are old and dowdy by the time they reach 30 so dress the part. *shakes head* Ah well, I suppose I should accept this as normal since I live in semi-country eastern Washington at the moment.

Okay, I am off to finish up with online activities and then logging off to do some things before sleeping.

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I have been busy updating my fashion blog and writing a blog for The Tastemaker Diaries. Glad to get that all done and hope my posts get accepted at stylefeeder. I shall have to wait and see.

It's been a cold day with the temperatures only reaching 20 (F) and a cold wind chill. The puddles outside are frozen solid and it is the kind of day best spent indoors, cuddled under a blanket, reading or watching movies.

I have decided to do a major clean-up of my room and to put together the DVD shelving I got for Christmas, this weekend. I need to de-clutter and get rid of the dust because I feel really crammed into this room which is not a good thing. I hate that "surrounded by clutter" feeling. It is time to try and remedy that a bit.

I managed to get another letter written to Birna in Iceland last night. It went on for 9 pages, so I was definitely in the writing mood! I popped it into the mail today and it is on the way to her. Hopefully, it won't take a month to get to her like my Christmas card did.

I have been listening to a lot of Sigur Rós today. Thought I would share the song that I keep re-playing on my Itunes by the band:

I am now off to finish up online because I want to not be online all night tonight.
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I managed to get an entry to the Tastemaker Diaries done and sent in for submission. It is a post on scarves and it should get the okay within the next few days. I now have to think up another post so will be surfing the Internet for ideas.

I re-discovered the clothing site and need to keep it in mind for the future. They have great fashions on there for pretty deeply slashed prices. It is definitely a site for me to check out in future "I need a decent dress" moments. Any online outlet for fashionable clothing at not too steep prices is a site to add to the favorites for me.

My books I ordered yesterday are on the way to me form I ordered Soulless, an Anne Perry Thomas Monk mystery, and the next book in Goodkind's "Sword Of Truth" series. So, I will have books to read to carry me into the new year. Definitely something I need now the weather has gone bitter cold.

Beyond that...not a lot going on today. Everyone stayed inside because it was windy so, the 20 (F) temperature felt like -4 (F). Not a day to venture outside for very long.

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I found my self writing in my fashion blog again. More sparodically but still, more than I have in the past month. I need to get re-inspired and Spokane has just sucked the fashion fun out of me. I need to get working on it again because I love fashion and want to write more about it.

I am inspired to go through my wardrobe and finally get rid of some of the clothing I have been hanging on to and never wearing because the bulk in the closet makes it so I cannot see the clothing I would wear if it were in plain view. I am in the middle of an updating wardrobe again because clothing is getting worn and my style is slightly changing again. I am going for a certain look now and am slowly pulling it together. More like a mixture of this
blogger's style, this blogger's style, and a touch of progressive stuff since my "deep inner alternative past girl" demands that I be slightly unique. I just want to sleek things down while mixing it up a bit with the unexpected. So wardrobe purge time.

Did a little more reading about Viking culture in
the book I am reading. I love that the women owned all the land (including the stuff the man brought into marriage), that succession was traced through the women, that the women had the rights to divorce the man and not the other way around, and that they were equals in the marriage though the man was seen as "in charge" which makes me smirk. They did home based things but huge monuments were raised to mother,s wives, and sisters by Viking men praising their lives and abilities even if it was just in needlepoint. It makes me smile. I am enjoying this book a lot more than the last viking history book I read. It gives more solid facts and does a lot less focus on discrediting the Viking Sagas and praising Christian conversion which seemed to be the focus of the last book.

I found out Charliane Harris'
new Sookie Stackhouse book comes out May 3rd and cannot wait for that. I also found out True Blood starts filming the third season Nov. 13th. That is also exciting. Maybe we won't have to wait until June for the season to start up. *crosses fingers* So those things raises my spirits.

Okay, time to head out into the wilds of the Internet.

Some music to play the close of this entry:

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I turned in one of my monthly posts to stylefeeder the other night. It is on finding jewelry pieces that resemble the ancient jewelry one can see in museums. I am seeing a trend for truly ancient looking jewelry styles start to trickle into the fashion world beyond the alternative fashion dressers. Nordic, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic ect. All is very wearable ways and I originally wrote about this in my own fashion blog: If You're Into It .

Hopefully, the post will be accepted and posted soon at the site. I also have to seriously think of another post to write and submit before next month. I am feeling a bit "blah" about a lot of the Fall fashions because it looks like 80s retread and I am so not into the whole "80s look". I feel a bit "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" about the looks out now. Probably why I look for 70s feel clothing and to ancient designs for accessories.

Speaking of jewelry, my little viking necklace really is getting a lot of wear from me again after my finding it. No comments on it yet but it is scarf and jacket weather so that may be the reason. I don't really wear things in hopes of the being just amuses me when something is and the viking is bound ot get a comment sometime. I think he is cute and love his shield and well as his whole helmet with horns and nose guard.

It seems one of my favorite authors has a new book out/coming out: Johnathan Safran Foer . For the first time, I hesitate in buying a book from a favorite author because it is about his being vegetarian and he explores the food industry to expose practices. Yes, it's non- fiction. I am not vegetarian and will never be. I don't find it healthy for myself and being allergic to sesame makes it so I would not be able to eat ready made vegetarian meals anyway because it is a very common ingredient in a lot of the vegetarian/vegan food.

I hate vegetarian people who get all preachy about their food choices and try to expose the "big bad food industry" to justify themselves when they don't need to. Their food choice only becomes an issue when they make it one. If they would just carry on in life and avoid meat without making a big deal about their dietary choices no one would find them bizarre. Instead, they bring it up often and make it a huge deal...especially when going out to eat. It causes such hassle because they seem to have to question every single, tiny, thing about a meal. Many of them do this and are constantly bringing up their diet like it is a religion they must justify and convert everyone to. It starts to seem like an eating disorder in how obsessed some vegetarians are in their diet and making everyone totally aware about it. So, I am feeling "meh" about hearing Foer preach about why he chooses not to eat meat. I may pass on this book and it would not surprise me if many other people did as well despite his saying he is not being "preachy" about the topic. Even not preaching can be preachy when it is book length.

I have been loving Glasvegas a lot these days. haven't been dumped or depressed but, they fit the autumn weather. I have to say, their song Fuck You, It's Over is a definite must during break-up or aftermath of one. It's the perfect breakup song. Their music just suits the cold, foggy, leaves falling from trees, hints at snow to come, day. I had the song Geraldine on my Itunes for ages but heard the band mentioned in a interview I rea donline and did a little researching like I tend to do when i see a name of a band I haven't lots of knowledge about. I have now culled a lot of their songs to my Itunes because I quite like them.

Another band I discovered that I like are The Blakes. I have a real love for this song:

I am in a weird mood musically...I waver back and forth from bands like Jet, The Blakes, Gogol Bordello, and Glasvegas (postpunk rock) to Sigur Ros, Mew, Jonasi & Alex, and Lykke Li (which are more trippy sounding). It makes my Itunes playlist interesting to say the least.

Okay, I have rambled enough for tonight.
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I managed to get a blog written for stylefeeder tonight which is quite the accomplishment since the blogging site they use was bugging out tonight. I am hoping it was submitted okay and not all messed up if it did go through. I need to write one more blog for the site before the end of the month so will be thinking about that these next few days.

I received my Flight of the Conchords: I Told You I Was Freaky CD in the mail today. I buy CDs as back-up to albums I download on Itunes. Well, for that reason and because I like CD artwork and the stuff they include in it. The Flight of the Conchords always include a kick-ass poster with their CDs. So, I am enjoying that.

I downloaded the New Moon soundtrack album the other day and slowly starting to enjoy it. I downloaded it mainly because Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, and Lykke Li have songs on it. I suppose after seeing the film, whenever I do, I will like the soundtrack even more because I will know the context that the songs are used in the movie. I am NOT going opening day, and may not see the film at all in the theaters, due to squealing/screaming girls. They ruin my enjoyment of films when they shriek in a movie theater like they are at a concert.

I am to study the driver's manual before bed tonight since I will be trying for the learner's permit again tomorrow. Please, everyone, cross your fingers for me because I want to have it so I can get used to driving again to take the driver's test.

Okay, time to go and finish up with things online.

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I am trying to figure out what direction to go with my fashion blog. I want to still have fashion posts but want to also do something that keeps me interested in posting in it since I feel like I haven't much to talk about right now in it. I am sure if I lived elsewhere I would be posting in it a lot more but, Spokane has no fashion sense and posting about that fact would be a huge downer to me. So, I am trying to figure out what direction to head in with it.

This site: pretty much sums up Spokane fashion sense since everyone here talks like Walmart is the Mecca of stores. And yes, any one of the people in the photos on this site might as well be from Spokane because that is how the locals collectively dress. It is depressing.

Anyway, off  head to do other things.
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I submitted another post to Tastemaker Diaries and it got posted! I am trying to think of another post at the moment but am not quite sure as to what the topic will be yet. It can be difficult to think of what to write about for a site.

I updated my fashion blog with a "placeholder" post which means that I just posted a Youtube video to a song I am enjoying at the moment. It is so hot that I am not spending tons of time online and haven't been feeling like blogging much.

At least we had thunderstorms today and that has calmed down the heat.  It is suppose to stay cooler for about two days and then gradually heat up a little. It's nice to get a break from way too high temperatures and a hot house.

Started watching the second season of Flight of the Conchords on DVD. I got the DVDs in the mail yesterday and I am enjoying my Conchords fix. I wish they would do another season but if they continue to plan to not do anymore seasons, I totally understand. It is hard to think up episodes for tv shows sometimes and it take sup a lot of time.

Beyond that, rather quiet around here.

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I actually accomplished some things last night.

I submitted a post to Tastemaker Diaries and am waiting for it to get accepted and posted. I have been pretty good about getting two posts per month in there. It makes it harder to think of something to write but when I flows out easy. Heck, my "sandal bootie" post became one of the most commented on posts at the blog. Seems there is a lot of hate for the sandal bootie. :P

I updated my fashion blog If You're Into It as well. I have been a bit slack there recently with going to Seattle and not being in "shopping mode" due to saving to move by the end of summer. I have noticed recently that I don't not like "ohhing and ahhhing" over things in my blog if I am not in the mood to shop. I am going to try and post there more because it might keep the shopping impluse at bay.

So, I did accomplish something online last night which makes me feel good. Now if I could just get soem new photos added to my photography website. It is such a daunting task because something always glitches when I mess with my website...*sigh*
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I had weird dreams last night that I could not even begin to explain. Weird dreams disturb some people but ot me, they are more interesting.

I have been Twittering today and it is amusing to follow celebrities sometimes. I got to see a fight between two of them on Twitter. A serious argument. It's good to know they are human, have bad days, and argue over stupid shit too.

I posted a new fashion blog at If You're Into It and had one posted at Tastemaker Diaries. So that was eventful today.

I need to add a few Orion photos to my professional website but can't be bothered tonight because it can be such a headache to do that without causing glitches I will have to spend time working through. I have to be in the right mindset for that.

Messing with my Itunes in prep for uploading songs to my ipod. Time to switch up the playlists as I am bored with them. I will have to "kill a few babies" otherwise known as "songs I like but find myself skipping in the playlist more often than listening to". It will be a hard task for me to do because I always think I will miss the song once I remove it.

Today was almost 80 (F) for the first time this year. Nice to have the warmth and hope it stays around.

Okay off I go.

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Still working on Leavenworth photos and have a photoshoot tomorrow that was quickly set up last night. So that will keep me busy.

I may be heading to see
Adventureland this weekend at the movie theater and I got my haircut today (and coloured).

I am getting annoyed with local people acting like I should "get a real job" because "Photography is silly". Excuse me? Talk to my middle finger local idiots. I can make more per photoshoot than you could make a day at work locals, so piss off! I need to move because I am tired of the idiot locals and their low brainwave ideas.

My post is up at
Tastemaker Diaries and I have been updating my If You're Into It

Okay, off to charge up those camera batteries and watch LOST.

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Made a few post updates to my fashion blog, If You're Into It. Feel free to check it out.

Also watched Heroes and decided I am so over it. I skipped the airing on TV and watched it online because I was so not into seeing it and was BORED as I watched it. I think it is time to stop caring if I watch it right away and only watch it if I am bored.  A perfectly good show ruined by lazy writing.

That is all for now.
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I have been updating my fashion blog If You're Into It this past week and also submitted a new blog for approval at Tastemaker Diaries. So i have been busy with the blogging.

The Oscars were on tonight and I like how it was run but wasn't so thrilled with Hugh Jackman as host. He just seemed out of his depth. He did well with the singing and dancing but otherwise was a bit flat. Hope they pick someone else to host it next year.

I did like that Kate Winslet won Best Actress and Danny Boyle won Best well as Slumdog Millionaire winning Best Picture. Dev Patel, the star of Slumdog millionaire was so shocked that the movie won and looked like he would faint. His first really big movie and it wins Best Picture. Patel has come a long way from Skins and will go far in the future.

I finished yet another book last night so my reading frendzy continues. It's nice to be reading again. :)

Other than that, a very quiet day.
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I took a day off from online and read a whole book. I had a sinus headache so staring at a computer screen was not a good idea...but reading worked okay. So, Now I have read 9 books since the start of the year and am making good progress on my increasing my reading for 2009.

Valentine's Day was a huge bust! I got the same candy hearts and a card from my parents as happens every year. Only the card changes design. At least this year I did not get weird a Valentine card from a guy that was confusing. That happened the last two years and always had me scratching my head. Hoping the next guy in my life is more straight-forward in how he acts. I am tired of the "puzzle men". They are way too confusing, hard to figure out, and all together too much work!

I am thinking about my next post for Tastemaker Diaries and think it will be shoe centered since shoes are my favorite thing to buy when it comes to clothing...followed by purses, jewelry, and make-up. So it would make sense to make a post featuring shoes. I am thinking it will feature more expensive shoes that you can make investments in while wearing less expensive clothing. I always buy more expensive shoes and handbags because I like having shoes that do not fall apart quickly and can be worn for years...same with bags. They are two items of clothing you want to last. Just have to decide how to write the blog.

Received two more books from swaps through swaptree. I now have plenty of books to read so am excited about that. It is better than wanting to read and not having any books to read. It just makes it a bit hard to decide what to read next to have a pile of books waiting. :)

Okay, time to go and get caught up online.

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LOST was great last night. Really am happy with this season and where it is going! It makes me excited to see the tv show every week.

I am still reading Soul Mountain and making progress in it. It is very descriptive and can go on a surreal tip when it comes to the writing style every once and a while but, I am enjoying it. I am already trying to figure out what to read next. I tend to do that when I get about halfway through a boot because I know I will only pick up speed in reading as I near the end.

Managed to get a letter written to
[Bad username or unknown identity: goddessofchaos] last night. It was nice to sit down and write a letter. I need to start answering letters again since the holidays has given me a small pile of letters that need to be answered. I am starting to run low on the Japanese stationary I bought in Seattle so may have to find some online that I like. I found a cool site for this type of stationary but I will hold off a bit in buying any until I am almost totally out of the stash I already have from Seattle. Maybe I will get over to Seattle and hit up Daiso again for stationary before I have to order some online.

I feel like I am doing quite a lot and not a lot at the same time when it comes to my life. I have accomplished cleaning my room, cleaning the bathroom, doing all my laundry, going through my clothing, watching all the movies I had waiting to be watched, started reaidng the pile of books that were waiting to be read, blogged for
stylefeeder, and have started answering letters. I just feel like it is not enough sometimes. I would like to take photos but I haven't the chance to. I want to take portraits and there is just no one to take photos of for this. It leaves me feeling a bit creatively dead because I cannot do what I am good at. It is frustrating.

I have become a bit addicted to
Twitter. It is like that "What are you doing now?" blurb you write on Facebook except you can interact with all sorts of people and share links and ideas. I have a lot of fashion careered people I follow as well as artists. It is like a shorter version of the old "post chat" that was around before javascript chatrooms. The fun thing is you can "tweet" (comment on Twitter) from you cellphone. It's not for everyone but I quite enjoy it because it is interactive and you can choose who you "follow" (friend to interact with). There are quite a few real celebrities that are on Twitter as well. So, that is something new I am currently interested in.

I still have the Yahoo! group I am owner of on moderated posting. Things have calmed down there now but I want to wait to take it off moderated until a month or so has passed since the unpleasantness. Give it ample time to stay settled down. I had to ban about 10 people and three left in a huff. It got really bad because the original "shit-stirrers" got others worked up about other things so it became a "finger pointing about any little offense real or imagined" frenzy. After the women involved where either banned or left....things quickly quieted down. The three that left I have on ban as well in case they try to rejoin using the same Yahoo! id in the future. Stuff like this happens in varying intensities every few months. It's like the people who are always online get paranoid or bored (or both) and decide to create drama to amuse themselves. Thank god this wave of trouble is over there at the group.

I am still trying to think up another post for
Tastemaker Diaries. I have ideas but none of them have solidified yet into a post. I am leaning toward a "shoe" post because there have been a lot of cool shoes I have seen out online. But, we will see what I end up posting about next when I sit down to actually write the post. I will try and write it this weekend. It is so daunting to think up a post and now stylefeeder wants two a month per contributor. I know that isn't hard to do but it makes it a bit hard to get ideas sometimes when there is expectations like that.

Okay, I must wrap this entry up and get on with my day. I have a few things I need to do.

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Trying to think up a post for Tastemaker Diaries. They are now requiring 2 posts a month from posters and it makes it so much harder to make a post when you have requirements.
I am thinking something about jewelry (necklaces) that are not too expensive but cool/in style. I just have to figure out how to phrase the post. I also have an idea about a post on shoes....that will focus on more expensive, funky, shoes. So, I will be milling those ideas over and then posting when they solidify.

Got the new Sephora catalog in the mail today and am drooling over make-up. Opi has new nailcolours at Sephora and they are bright and cool. I am looking at them and liking them more and more.Must not buy them....must not buy any of them.

I am done with No Country For Old Men and have started on the book Soul Mountain by Xingjian Gao. I have a love for  Asian authors because they write in a very different way than western authors do. They can create word pictures and Asian writers are the only authors whose descriptions of landscape in books is not boring to read for me. I am enjoying the book and like how it is basically a story fo self-discovery in China. I am not that far into the book yet but can see myself reading it rather quickly despite it's length.

Looks like the wacky octuplet's mother doesn't take care of her own kids and HER mother is upset by the birth of these babies because they will be raised by their grandparents since their daughter has no job. Really, I can understand this. The woman who had these kids needs mental help. She uses them to fill the void of loneliness. She flat out refused to marry the father because she "wanted to raise the kids on her own". Ummm, her mommy and daddy are raising the kids...not her. Someone tie this woman's tubes please.

Okay, off I head to do some things around the house and think of what to post to the style blog.

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I am trying to arrange a girlie meet-up with local female friends within the next week. It may have to be more than one meet-up instead of as a group. It just depends on schedules. I am just craving girlie talk and not having to have another instance of guy friend acting shady about other girls in my presence as happened last time I hung out with a guy friend. That gets old fast. I want to hang out without this added b.s. thrown in. Not much to ask for, but so hard to have happen here in Spokane.

I also have been updating my fashion blog If You're Into It a lot recently.  I need to submit another post to The Tastemaker Diaries, but am at a lose for what to write about at the moment. Maybe alternatives to the regular Fall boots? That has been running around in my mind since yesterday ever since seeing all the boring knee high heeled boots and booties on

Have pulled together 4 street fashion photos (drawing from photos I have taken in the past few months) and need one more before I submit to the UK website. I may try and take photos of store widows as well but that is a bit more iffy since the local store windows are not anything to write home about. The only stores that really does window displays here is Macys or Nordstorms. The rest don't even face things toward the window or have displays inside the stores because they just are not into it.

I had a lady from my Yahoo group I own/run email me about another lady who put her birthday every day/week with a list of presents to send to her, on the group's calendar. She said group members get annoying birthday reminders with it often and she, and some other ladies, say they will leave the group if something is not done about it. I don't get the reminders myself so had no idea it is going on. I have deleted hthe lady off the calendar, but cannot find her in the group. I would love to block her/ban her. People who beg for money, gifts, ect from others in groups are human trash in my eyes. They think they are entitled to things from strangers. No time for them and if I find her id in the group, she gets banned. I go to do other things.

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