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I have had good "book contest winning karma" for the past few months and have won quite a few books through various contests. Today though...I won something beyond cool.

I won A Game of Thrones audiobook signed by George R.R. Martin (the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series) himself!

I had entered the contest after reading it on Martin's LJ blog. Yes, Martin has a livejournal that he blogs in! The contest was run by random House (his publisher) and I entered thinking, "Why not?" Never thought I would win but I did!

So, I shall be getting an autographed A Game of Thrones audiobook. I could have chosen A Dance With Dragons since they are giving away 3 of each to the lucky winners but I wanted the first book on audio.

This was definitely good book contest karma!

I also won a book from Penguin publishing today but I think that the A Game of Thrones audiobook trumps that!
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As many of you know, The US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo comes out in theatres soon. I have been on the fence about if I want to see it or not since I have the original Swedish version (of this movie and the following 2) on DVD and loved the books in this series so much. I am always unsure that the US versions of films will work since it is a 50/50 chance for successful adaption for the US audience.

Today, Trent Reznor (Yes, of NiN) released a 6 song sampler of the soundtrack to GWTDT since he scored the film.

Get it here: (Yep, it is free!)

I am loving it because it captures the mood of the books and (in my mind) fits the cold, snowy, landscape of Sweden where the film is set, and filmed.

The trailer even looks interesting.

I may have to head out and see it.
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My model for my superhero/comic book character photo project confirmed for Sunday and they way she did it made me smile.

"I will be there with bells on...ARGGGHHHH!!!!"

Yes, she is posing as a pirate character and it should be a lot of fun because she has a lot of personality. I am excited to be heading out to do my second photoshoot of project reboot! The weather is being beautiful and not to hot right now so I have the urge to get out and shoot photos.

I am almost done with the editing of the last shoot. I want to watermark the photos before posting them anywhere so will be doing that very soon. It takes me a lot of time to actually sit down and watermark them since I am not skilled at that option of Photoshop so have to follow the step-by-step instructions when doing this. I am also tweaking the final photos a tiny bit more before watermarking so, give me  a little time and a few will be shared here at LJ.

I am also heading to Spokane Comic Con on Saturday with my brother Russell. I have never been to this event before so it should be interesting. I am sure the people watching offerings will be stellar since this sort of event tends to bring out a lot of people who normally would not leave their homes. They will be having a costume contest at 5:15 p.m. which may be worth seeing. I shall have to see if we cannot hang out long enough to see it.

I am now reading A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin and loving it so much! It is the second book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series that the tv show Game of Thrones is based off of. It seems Martin is to be at San Diego Comic Con (according to his website) and I suspect it will be on the Game of Thrones panel. I am contemplating going to that panel since Wendi and Molly are all about heading to it. It will depend on what it conflicts with in the programming the day it is held. I am also contemplating getting the next two books in the series since I am so drawn into the story and want to see what happens next...and I am only halfway through the second book of the series!

And to end this entry...I found a "People of Walmart" song/video on Youtube...Enjoy!

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I took two days off from online life this week. Two days in a row in fact. I actually enjoyed the it me off and had to force myself ot get back online. What was interesting is I really didn't miss anything online when I was not logging on. Maybe I just do not have an addictive personality since some people seem to have this painful need to be online? Whatever the case, I am now really have to force myself to be online tonight and finish up with answering emails and all.

I ended up going to Orlando's with my mum and her friends yesterday for lunch. Orlando's is the restaurant at Spokane Community College run by the culinary arts majors so that they can learn all aspects of the restaurant/cooking business. This means the food is hit-or-miss and upscale to boot. i wasn't overly impressed by the food but I was not paying for the lunch so all is cool. I did love the bakery attached to the restaurant because it is 3 term students who do the baking so they are advanced in what they are doing. I had a yummy cherry pastry from there.

I took a break from editing photos the last two days as I am almost done with the first edit and it is easier after that...I just pick a few for the project and focus on them. I will finish up the editing tomorrow and then, probably, post one or two here. I was able to pitch my project to one of my mum's friends who has kids who may want to do this. I am hoping that pans out. We shall see.

Today, I got Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography by Adam Ant in the mail from my friend Maz in the UK! I mentioned how much I wanted to read it here at LJ. It is really interesting so far and even more intreesting since a lot of the punk rock musicians who were born in the 1950s has really poor upbringing. As in living in slummy buildings and having very poor families. Adam Ant is the of that beginning, as well as John Lydon who also wrote a book about his life called Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs that I purchased and read many years ago. I will continue to read Adam Ant's autobiography because I am sure it will get even more interesting as it moves out of his childhood and starts to address his being bipolar.

The weather has finally started getting warmer and I was able to wear my new sandals yesterday! I hope it continues to get warmer because we have had winter desperately clinging to Spokane for way too long. *crosses fingers*

And with that I am off to finish up online and get back to reading.

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I feel a bit accomplished today because yesterday I wrote two letters and they are waitng to be sent out in the mail. I have been thinking a lot about writing letters and only have about 3 to write so it was nice to sit down and write. It is weird that the older I get, the more I have to be in the exact state of mind to want to write letters. I mean it is something I love to do but I cannot force myself to do it, I have to want to do it. So, getting two done in one sitting was a great thing.

I have been reading a lot recently. I am liking being able to read and being able to just lose myself in a book. I am currently reading New York: A Novel by Edward Rutherfurd and really enjoying it. I am always a fan of historical novels and Rutherfurd does a pretty good job with the genre and his following family trees through history. I have read three of his other book: Sarum, Russkia, and London. All were fun to read and I need to read Forest next...because I missed it when it was released.

I am also awaiting the broadcast of the new series Game of Thrones. I have read the first book in that series and am wanting to read the second book as well. It is definitely a fun read and I am looking forward to the series on tv to see how it translated to screen. There are some aspects of the book I want to see if they make it to air since they are rather replusive to most people. Namely the twincest that goes on between two messed up siblings who are power hungry. If that makes it to air, even on HBO, I will be shocked. It is an important part og the story when it comes to the two characters because it sets off an important event or two and shows how deeply disturbed the two characters are. So, it should be an interesting series to watch and I hope it keeps my interest unlike the crappy Camelot where I was only liking Morgan le Fey, The actress that plays her is excellent...too bad the actor who plays Arthur is out of his depth.

And with that, I will end this entry and head off to do other things online.

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I have been a bit quiet lately but it doesn't mean I have forgotten about Livejournal. I just haven't been feeling very chatty online and have been chatty in real life instead. I have been updating my fashion blog though so check it out if you are so inclined.

We are still semi-snowed in here. They canceled school for the local school district yesterday since the buses could not get to pick up kids. Yeah, 5 days since the snow fell and the side-streets and some of the main roads hadn't been plowed. It was a mess of 12 inches of compact snow and ice on the roads. They just don't know how to manage snow here and it is laughable because it is more apt to snow here in winter than not snow. Spokane is just so mis-managed on all levels and they are talking of cutting police so there is .06 police for every 10,000 people in Spokane because of budget shortfalls. That's right...less police than is needed for the population. *shakes head*

I have been reading a lot and lounging around in pajamas since the roads make it hard to get around. The temperatures have dropped to the 20s (F) during the daytime again so walking anywhere is a cold endeavor. I do hope to trek to Walgreens sometime in the next week to pick up shampoo and check out the hair dye for the next time I dye my hair. I am thinking of dyeing it a shade darker this next time. So, if all goes well I will be getting out of the house again soon.

I have been living in the world of fantasy novels these days...with books by Patricia Briggs and other authors like her. Briggs is to be at Comic Con this year and if I make it to going there, I will sit in on her panel if it does not conflict with others I want to see. I am just digging her books a lot and she is local since she lives in Eastern Washington and writes about Tri-Cities in her Mercy Thompson novels.

As for Comic Con, the server to sell the passes keeps crashing so they have been unable to sell passes as of yet! I have a pass set aside for me but no confirming email probably due to the servers crashing. This has me a bit worried because until I get confirmation, I am worried if I truly have a pass. We will have to wait and see how it all shakes out after they figure out the server issues and are able to sell passes.

Other than that, all is a bit quiet here and I have been trying to relax and figure out how to learn to snow shoe....I have been wanting to learn for ages and would love to give it a try this winter since we have an abundance of snow and more to come.

Now, off to finish up writing a few fashion blog posts in advance.

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It is the second day in a row online and that is a bit rare for me these days. I am just doing a lot of offline things and thinking. Nothing really worth writing about because I would not sound coherent if I did.

I am thinking of typing up a few letters on the computer since a few of my penpals have been waiting a few months for letters and I want to be speedy in answering them right now. It can be so much faster to type everything up instead of handwrite pages and pages of letter. So, that will be my project for the day and the fact I have plenty of printer ink makes it appealing, as well as doable.

I have some projects I am starting work on since the weather is getting bad and I am getting no model requests because of it. I am going to have to do another ad for the joint project for models and specify "Must be available to pose outside in colder weather" because that is what the weather is now. I am also working on getting that "kick start" to my art going that I planned for this year. I printed out some of my nature photos and may (still a huge may) use one to work on a painting in my weird abstract/impressionist style I do. I also have a project for my fashion blog which I will be working on next week when the object for the project arrives.

I am working my way through a book but haven't finished it yet. I haven't been in a 'reading' mood much lately which is odd after the amount of books I read over this year. I joined Goodreads so if you are on there feel free to add me.

I thought about trading books through Goodreads but it seems that people can just request your books and you get nothing in return. I got highly suspicious when a woman requested ALL the books I had listed at one time. Then offered nothing in return. I turned her down and delisted my books for trade. It was just totally unfair and I refuse to add to someone's collection like that and get nothing in return for my sending books. I am still looking for a good, free, site for trading books but am unsure of which is a good one where the trades are fair and horders of books do not take advantage of people who want to trade.

Other than that, things are a bit quiet here. I am liking that and trying to remain unstressed....and not online all the time.

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I have this huge urge to go thrift store shopping and no one to go with. I want to see what Value Village has to offer though I know it is mostly polyester crap from Walmart that ends up in thrift stores here in Spokane. Thrift store shopping is always more fun with a partner in shopping crime because you can both laugh over the horrible clothing that no one would wear that you find on the racks. I wish I had a shopping buddy for this urge because it has the possibility of being a fun outing. I just cannot get excited about thrifting alone.

I managed to update my website with only minor setbacks. I had trouble remembering how to move the files at the upload application but sorted it out without too much trouble. I still need the contact page and front page updated but have no idea how to go about it. Yes, I may be creative but just haven't the desire to spend hours online trying to figure out html and flash. I shall have to bug some of my website making suave friends for tips and hope they are forthcoming with them. If you want to see the updated photo areas in the website check them out here:

I received the book Never Let You Go by Kazuo Ishiguro in the mail today and will be reading it soon. The trailer for the movie version of this book really caught my interest so I ordered the book. I will be curious to see what the story is and I also want to see the movie.

It is still cooler than it has been in past weeks though that is set to change this weekend. I am enjoying this break from high heat and it is allowing me to get caught up with online things. I even answered all my email...which is a bit amazing for me. I am one of the worlds slowest email writers usually.

And now I am going to try and wrap up my online activities so I can head to bed.

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I fell into a letter writing mood last night and wrote letter to Ann (UK) and Arwen (Scotland). I have one out in the mail and the other going out tomorrow. I got heaps of mail today and that made me smile. A book to read from a swap, a magazine, and a postcard. I got junk mail as well but quickly threw that all away.

I forgot to mention but the hassle with my credit card was cleared up last week. I am so glad to have that behind me and to be paid back the money that was overcharged on it. One less thing to worry about!

The weather has finally cooled off so I am enjoying that! It is suppose to heat back into the 90s (F) by Friday but a short vacation from a super heated, uncomfortable, house is always good. I used the afternoon to clean the bathroom since it would not lead to me overheating.

I can sleep least if I wasn't reading "The Strain" which is creeping me out a little. The description of the virus carriers in the book is similar to shadowy creatures one freaks out about as a child thinking you have seen them watching you in the dark as you lay in bed and that has me creeped out. It is silly to be creeped out by it but the description is so dead on that is can be a bit disconcerting. It is a good book though.

Okay, time for me to head offline. I am not going to be sitting in front of the computer all evening like I did last night waiting for True Blood to leak to the Internet.

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I have been relaxing and watching the World Cup the last two days. I was shocked at the bad reffing during the US game and that the goal was taken away when there was no penalty. I have also been shaking my head at all the "diving and crying" that players (from many countries) are doing. Just pathetic. Still, I am enjoying watching the games even if I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch them.

It was nice and sunny for two days, now we have a downpour going on as I write this and have all morning. It has given me a chance to write more letters and read my new books I got yesterday. I was able to get letter written to Maz (UK), Helena (UK), and Naya (Finland). This means I am a bit more caught up on letters. I hope to write another while I wait for True Blood to end up online tonight. I also read a book (Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson) and will be reading "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" next.

Other than that, it has been quite quiet here. So, I have nothing else to write about.

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I did manage to get out on Friday night and get to the movies. Destry got back to me almost last minute and picked me up. His newest, I would guess 25 year old, girlfriend came along as well. We were aiming to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but it sold out on it's only showing for the night while we stood in line! HUGE BUMMER! So, we regrouped and went to see Kick Ass instead which was delightfully politically incorrect. I still want to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo...just have to figure out when and how.

Destry's girlfriend actually talked to me which was nice. She is very mid-20s in her personality and all though...and that was amusing a little. It was nice to not be ignored like I was someone who would just go away if the woman ignored me enough. I never did catch her name though...which is a bit odd. I actually got a compliment, out of the blue, from Destry where he stated I had "Great taste in music" when we were talking about music snobs. That felt good and struck me because it has been ages since I had a friend compliment me so out of the blue. So, it wasn't an awkward meet-up at all and the movie was quite enjoyable even if it wasn't the one I really wanted to see.

I am glad Destry's girlfriend was over-ruled when she pushed to see Hot Tub Time Machine because there would have been no way in hell I wasted money on that crap movie. Destry wanted to see Kick Ass and I backed him on that....the girlfriend was not opposed so that is what we went to see.

Now to figure out how to get to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo...

My photoshoot this weekend got rearranged and will be happening this Friday instead. I am actually glad of this because I screwed up the days and thought it was yesterday, gave the model a heart attack saying I was on my way, and remembered halfway there it was sceduled for today. So, we both agreed that Friday would be better. More time to prepare and get done with the second edit of the last photoshoot.

Since I was out and about yesterday, having started my bus travel to downtown before remembering that the shoot wasn't Saturday...I got off the bus and went to Borders Books and bought a few books to read. I have discovered the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs which is a werewolf series (the main character is "skin walker" who phases into a coyote but was raised by werewolves) that is set in eastern Washington. In Tri-Cities actually! It is as good as the Sookie Stackhouse series and it was amusing to read of places I actually have been frequently, like Coeur d' Alene and Pasco, and Spokane is even mentioned. I have just read Moon Called and now want to read all the other books (all 4 of them) in the series. They are fun, have humor, and Briggs' writing style actually held my attention from beginning to end. Definitely worth a read.

Russell and my dad will be back home tomorrow afternoon after a week in Davis, California. It will become stressful and noisy here at home again. :| Russell was stupid and didn't put on sunblock when they attended the Oakland A's baseball game and now has a horrid sunburn on his arms. To the point where his hands are puffy and cracking. *Shakes head* Sunblock...have to use it.

Anyway, I am off now to finish up online and get reading. I am in an "not feeling like being on the computer and wanting to read" mood.

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I finished up Confessor, the last book in Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series last night. Reading the whole series was a long slog and I almost gave up halfway through when Goodkind got preachy and most his books were the characters sitting around talking about doing things but not doing anything. I pushed on and the last book...was so good! It was hoe the other books should have been and how they were through the first three books. It is like Goodkind got his writing mojo back for the last book. I now am a bit sad the series is over and will miss the characters in it.

I have been getting books that I swapped a few books for. So, I have a pile of books to read through which makes me happy since I am in a reading mood. My mum also got me Twilight in graphic novel form because she knows I like that sort of thing. So, I should breeze through that tonight since the pictures tell most of the story.

I ordered the movie In The Mood For Love because I have been dying to see it for ages and a guy who writes a blog I read wrote about it, and added a sequence from the movie via Youtube to his post. It made me buy the movie because I love Chinese films and this one looks stylish and beautiful to look at. I cannot wait to get the movie and watch it!

My worries about where to stay for Comic Con this summer in San Diego have ceased. My original place to stay fell through and Carlo, the friend who is the comic book artist, offered to include me in his group or have me stay at his mother's house with his sisters. I was so relieved since it is a 5 night stay and $749 for a hotel! Now to cross my fingers that that all goes smoothly for me.

Okay, time for me to get some food and watch Ghost Hunter and Destination Truth. :)

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My brother Mark got part in a short film called Stella: A Short Film. He plays a bartender and is in every scene.  he is a bit nervous about that but, also very excited. The film is still in development and casting...and they are accepting donations to help pay for the filming. Check it out Facebook is you are interested.

I will be heading to Seattle for three days this Friday. I am looking forward to the "big city fix" and shopping. We, my mum and I, are headed there both as a late, late, birthday present to me and to pick up Henriette (our past Norwegian exchange student) and her friend who are now stateside and traveling. They are going to use our house as a "jump off/homebase" for their travels.  So, this means we will have house guests off and on this month.

I am trying to get a jump on posting in my fashion blog this month by writing a few posts at a time and slowly publishing them. I also have to think up two posts for stylefeeder. So, that will keep me a little busy this month.

The weather is getting nicer so I am going to try and get out more now that the Winter Olympics are over. I was a bit sad to see the Olympics end because I have this fascination with watching people perform winter sports since I could never get into any of that myself. Today, the temperature hit 54 (F) and it was like summer....almost. My dad even mowed the lawn because we have no snow on the ground and only had dusting of snow all winter. Looks like spring my hit us early this year which is wild to think about since the Northeast, lots of the middle US, and Europe are covered in snow at this moment. I guess we get a break after two very heavy snow filled winters before this one.

I am going to work on answering a few letters that I have piled up starting tonight. I have only 5 letters waiting to be answered but, there are others on the way to me so I want to stay ahead of the postal mail. I have also started participating in postcrossing a bit more again. I had taken a break for a couple months and have slowly started sending out postcards through there again. So, I should be getting good postal mail in the coming weeks.

I am still trying to read more often but, I am coming up with no trades that go through at swaptree these days. I will keep trying and adding books as often as I can because I am not a fan of the local library because they never have the books I want and we are not allowed, as county residents, to check out books at the main library downtown. I also like to take my time reading books and can never tell how fast I will finish a book so the library is not the best place for me to feed my book reading obsession. I am in the middle of reading Phantom by Terry Goodkind and halfway through John Keats' Endymion poem. Hopefully, a trade will go through while I wait for my books I ordered from Amazon.

Okay, I am going to head off and clean the bathroom..if the mopping job on the bathroom floor is dry now.

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I have two plans for the new year that are not major but just things I need to do.

#1: Use a daily planner (the one I posted photos of here) to be better organized.

#2: Get back to doing it painting, drawing, or whatever.

Both are things I used to do quite often and have fallen by the wayside about 5 years ago when I got busy with college. It's time to bring them back.

And I managed to read a lot of books this past year! I am surprised at how many books I have read. I guess having ample time and joining a book swapping site really helped out on getting me back to reading.

Books I have read 2009 (without cut because the damn lj cut wouldn't work for me):

1: Twilight- Stephenie Meyers (reread)
2: Eclipse- Stephenie Meyers
3: Revoluntionary Road- Richard Yates
4: Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyers
5: Dispatches From The Edge- Anderson Cooper
6: Wizard's First Rule- Terry Goodkind
7: No Country For Old Men- Cormac McCarthy
8: Soul Mountain- Gao Xingjian
9: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions Of A B Movie Actor- Bruce Campbell
10: Scar Tissue- Anthony Kiedis
11: A Long Way Down- Nick Hornby
12: The Namesake- Jhumpa Lahiri
13: Blood and Chocolate- Annette Curtis Klause
14: The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao- Oscar Diaz
15: Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers- Mary Roach
16: Middlesex- Jeffrey Eugenides
17: The Golden Compass- Philip Pullman
18. Stone of Tears- Terry Goodkind
19. Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton- Diane Wood Middlebrook
20. Water For Elephants- Sara Gruen
21. Everyone Into The Pool: True Tales- Beth Lisick
22. Nightwatch- Sergei Lukyanenko
23. Blood of the Fold- Terry Goodkind
24. Twilight: Director's Notebook: The Story of How We Made the Movie Based on the Novel by Stephenie Meyer- Catherine Hardwicke
25.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance Now With Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! - by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
26. The Subtle Knife- Philip Pullman
27. Out: A Novel- Natsuo Kirino
Let The Right One In- John Ajvide Lindqvist
Temple of the Winds- Terry Goodkind
Soul of the Fire- Terry Goodkind
Blindness- Jose Saramago
Wishful Drinking- Carrie Fisher
Istanbul: Memories and the City- Orhan Pamuk
The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger
Dead Is The New Black- Marlene Perez
Disquiet- Julia Leigh
Faith of the Fallen- Terry Goodkind
Dead Is A State Of Mind- Marlene Perez
New Moon- Stepthenie Meyer (re-read to refresh memory due to trailer)
Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer (had to continue my re-reading of series)
Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer (re-read to complete series re-read)
Confessions of a Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella
Soiled Doves: Prostitution In The Early West- Anne Seagraves
The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle- David Wroblewski
The Glass Castle: A Memior- Jeannette Walls
The Ridiculous Race- Steve Hely & Vali Chandrasekaren
Youth In Revolt: The Diaries of Nick Twisp- C.D. Payne
City of Thieves- David Benioff
Silver Wedding- Maeve Binchy
Russka- Edward Rutherfurd
Be Your Own Matchmaker- Patti Stanger and Lisa Johnson Mandell
The House of Medici: Its Rise And Fall- Christopher Hibbert
The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening And The Struggle- L.J. Smith (TERRIBLE!!!)
Pillars of Creation- Terry Goodkind
Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper (a Memior) - Diablo Cody
Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgina Nicholson- Louise Rennison
A History Of The Vikings- Gwyn Jones
Remember Me?- Sophie Kinsella
Dead Until Dark- Charlaine Harris
Living Dead In Dallas- Charlaine Harris
Club Dead- Charlaine Harris
Dead To The World- Charlaine Harris
Dead As A Doornail- Charlaine Harris
Definitely Dead- Charlaine Harris
All Together Dead- Charlaine Harris
From Dead To Worse- Charlaine Harris
On The Bright Side, I'm Now The Girlfriend Of A Sex God: Confessions of Georgia Nicholson- Louise Rennison
Dead And Gone- Charlaine Harris
A Touch Of Dead- Charlaine Harris
Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases Of The Atlantic Paranormal Society- Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson
The Vikings- Else Roesdahl
Grave Secret- Charlaine Harris
Shakespeare's Landlord- Charlaine Harris
Grave Sight- Charlaine Harris
The Lightning Thief- Rick Riordan
Grave Secret- Charlaine Harris
An Ice Cold Grave- Charlaine Harris
Naked Empire- Terry Goodkind
Soulless- Gail Carriger
99 Coffins- David Wellington
Dark Assassin- Anne Perry

So, quite a few and I will be making a list for the coming year as well. That way there is no pressure in having a number of read books I must reach. I can read when the mood strikes me.

Okay, off to get finished with online things.

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I finished Soulless by Gail Carriger and quite liked it.

My only beef with the book was the "steampunk" stuff was so annoying. So many youngsters jump on the steampunk bandwagon due to anime loving subculture and it really is sad to see Victorian England always having to be "steam punk" in style in stories these days. I find the use of this style really dull and done to death.

Other than that, loved the book! The characters were fun and the romance just the right kind to make me giggle with glee. Lord Maccon (the werewolf) sounds extremely hot and I pictured Gerard Butler when reading since he was also Scottish. So, that made my reading extra fun.

Soulless is a great fiction book that deals with the supernatural and worth a read. Now I am on to finishing a book I have been reading (one of Terry Goodkind' got slow so I needed a break) that then starting one of Anne Perry's William Monk mysteries.

I am nearing 80 books read in 2009. I will definitely be keeping a list for 2010 though I will probably be busy so not reading as much. It just is fun to see what I have read (and reread) in the year.
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I have been taking some time off from online and diving into the world of LOST rewatch on DVD. It is nice to not be tied to online at the moment since people can be at the most attacking around the holidays. I want to avoid that because I saw it starting up at sites around the Internet. With all that is going on with my immediate family...I don't outside stresses.

I am almost done with the LOST rewatch and watched it for a long time yesterday ot the point where I am almost done with season 5. I am picking up on things I never saw the first time around. That makes the rewatch fun. :)

I also made a sell and a trade with two of my books. $5 will be added to my account for the book sell and the book I traded will be added to my "To Read" stack. I have quite a few books ot start reading when I am done with the LOST rewatch and am looking forward to it. It should help on snowy days which are forecast for the days around Christmas.

I did some driving yesterday in 12 (F) temperatures and will continue to do so...even after the snow falls. Probably after the streets get cleared. I am aiming to move after the holidays so aiming to get my license before that. Wish me luck and cross you fingers.

Okay, off I go to get a little caught up online before diving back into LOST.
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I finally got my shipment of books and now await my LOST season 5 to show up. I now have plenty of books to read so that should keep me busy. I am glad that the boxes are not showing up on the same day...a little less comment is made on them then.

I found my long-lost "master" address book this evening and spent it updating address, as well as adding new ones to it. It has more room than my other address book so I will be using it as the master address book again. Hopefully, it won't go missing again.

Beyond that it has just been a slow, cold, day.

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We had clear skies yet again but only got up to 9 (F) today. It seemed colder when the winter wind blew. Today is a day where music like this fits well:

Hopefully, I will get some driving practice in tomorrow despite the cold. I will just bundle up and see if I cannot talk my mum into it.

I ended up sending yet another Christmas card. My penpal Valentina had vanished a few years back and got back in contact on Facebook. It seems she had moved from Slovenia to Luxembourg. She messaged me for my address to send a Christmas card and I got her new address to do the same.

My friend in Sweden, Ida, also got back in contact with me via Facebook and is writing me a letter. It will be good to hear from her again. She said life just blew up and she got totally caught up in it a few years back so lost contact me with me. It was so good to hear from her again.

I have started editing older photos of mine and putting them up on my account. Let me tell you...I HATE the upload process at that site. It is complicated and slow at the same time. Why anyone would rely on that site for all their "showing off of art needs" is beyond me. I am quickly being reminded why I abandoned that account and went over to Much easier uploads, none of the "you have to offer prints for sale" bs that deviantart has, and better presentation on the site is what Flickr offers. Flicker is much more professional looking. I don't think I will be hanging around devianart much. It just doesn't impress me much.

I got my shipment of fountain pen ink in the mail today. Yes, I have to mail order it because there are NO stores that sell ink for fountain pens here in Spokane. Yes, we have art stores but they just have calligraphy pen ink which is not the same and gunks up fountain pens. So, I order it from online. I had been out of ink for about a month and finally just bit the bullet and bought some more since I love to write with fountain pens. That will be my short project for tonight...inking up the 3 pens I have and getting them writing again.

I am making more progress in Goodkind's Naked Empire book. It has finally started progressing story-wise (half-way through the book) and that is a good thing. Goodkind has a habit of writing in a prodding fashion with too much character talk and little progression of story. I love his story he is telling in the "Sword of Truth" series but he sure could use a good cattle prod application now and then to get his stories going in his writing. I am thinking of reading a bit more of the Sagas of the Icelanders after finishing Naked Empire just to break up the sameness of the story before continuing in the "Sword of Truth" series.

Yes, I am still reading the Sagas of the Icelanders. It is a HUGE book and has many stories in it. It gets a bit overwhelming and "same same" in character as you read story to story so it is more the kind of book you read in bits in pieces when the mood strikes you. I am halfway through it which is quite an accomplishment for me since the book is 740 pages before you hit the Glossary. I LOVE the smell of this book by the way. It has this type of paper making up the pages that smells heavenly so it makes me enjoy reading it even more. I am weird that way though...I love the smell of new books and this book truly has that smell.

Okay, time to wander off and finish up my emails.
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I managed to get an entry to the Tastemaker Diaries done and sent in for submission. It is a post on scarves and it should get the okay within the next few days. I now have to think up another post so will be surfing the Internet for ideas.

I re-discovered the clothing site and need to keep it in mind for the future. They have great fashions on there for pretty deeply slashed prices. It is definitely a site for me to check out in future "I need a decent dress" moments. Any online outlet for fashionable clothing at not too steep prices is a site to add to the favorites for me.

My books I ordered yesterday are on the way to me form I ordered Soulless, an Anne Perry Thomas Monk mystery, and the next book in Goodkind's "Sword Of Truth" series. So, I will have books to read to carry me into the new year. Definitely something I need now the weather has gone bitter cold.

Beyond that...not a lot going on today. Everyone stayed inside because it was windy so, the 20 (F) temperature felt like -4 (F). Not a day to venture outside for very long.

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My first Christmas card made it to the receiver today! Yep, one day after I sent it! It was local but still surprising since local mail can take a week to get places in town sometimes. I am guessing I made the days maildrop cut off yesterday. That means that most my Christmas cards are currently on the way to people...except for the few I sent today that were to people who emailed me to tell me that they sent cards.

I got Christmas cards from [ profile] goddessofchaos today (it spent the night on the ground outside due to my dad being crap on bringing the mail in and dropping things.) and from Marina in Belgium. I already have Christmas cards from Birna in Iceland (my first card of the season) and Maz in England. I am pondering doing a list of cards I have received here in my LJ so I can keep track better. I think I will after I finish this entry.

I spent most the day snuggled in the comforter since the temp only got up to 20 (F) today. We are suppose to drop down to highs in the teens for the next week but be dry without snow except for a dusting here and there. Such a big change form last year when we were already housebound for the holidays by now when we got over 12 feet of snow in a 24 hour period and more over the days after. Still, the cold temps make me want to snuggle in the comforter and read...not do anything important.

I have started on the 3rd season of LOST and am enjoying it. The 5th season is to come out on DVD next week and I pre-ordered it months ago so will be watching for it to turn up in the mail. It will be fun to get my mind refreshed on what went on and ready for the season premiere in Feb.

I am currently reading Naked Empire (a book in the Sword of Truth series) by Terry Goodkind. I am nearing the end of this series and have enjoyed it though it does get a bit "preachy" here and there. I have many poeple telling me I need to check out Soulless by Gail Carriger. It is suppose to be an interesting new vampire/supernatural novel series so I am definitely going to check it out.

Okay...time for me to head off into the world of the Internet and get some emails answered.

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