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Today I started my new years "clean the room I am in" project. I had to move things around to make room for my new DVD shelving I got for Christmas anyway, so figured I would start the cleaning as well. It took me over an hour to put the simple shelving together due to not finding the correct screwdriver. My mum only found a crappy one that didn't drive in the screw,  just let it twist around. I finally used a flat screwdriver (the screw heads required a Phillip's head screwdriver) to work the screws in flush and have a blister on my right thumb to prove it.

Then I had to shuffle around shelving as I tired to fit the shelves in the small, cramped, room I sleep in. It looked like a bomb had gone off with dust flying everywhere as I emptied shelving and moved things around. I managed to shove the shelving for the DVD in besides the tv stand and put as many DVDs as would fit the shelves. It looks like I will be buying another DVD shelving unit because they did not all fit. Figures.

Then I moved posters around on my wall and put up the two paintings I bought from my friend Maz. She is a brilliant artist who has her own distinct style of painting as she is self-taught. Check out her paintings HERE. The paintings are not framed yet, but I wanted to get them on the can peep at them at HERE and HERE.

Then I started my clearing off the computer desk and shelves, dusting, and throwing out stuff I no longer need. I am only halfway completed with that and will continue tomorrow onward to my headboard, dresser, and bookshelves. So much crap gets shoved (or piled) here and there over a few months time. I cannot believe some of the stuff that collects that I don't really need. I filled a trashbag with it and will probably fill another tomorrow.

I finally got everything semi-back in place and vacuumed. It was  a good 6 hour job for just the corner of the room I cleaned. I am guessing the other part of the room will be the same. I still have to plot the cleaning the closet out and getting rid of stuff I no longer need in there. That will be done at a slightly later date!

Now I am a tiny bit stiff from doing all the shoving of furniture around. Reminds me of when I was at my grandma's house in San Diego...having to clean and move things around on my own. I shall have to do a bit of stretching before bed so I wake up and am able to not be with back/leg pain.

On top of that, I read three magazines, updated If You're Into It (my fashion blog), and answered a few emails. Yes, busy, busy, busy. Ever since I purchased the daily planner and have been writing things to be done everyday in it...I have been sticking to the program and doing the things I write down because then I can check them off as done. It's working well for a procrastinator like me. That extra little "check off what I complete" is the key I think. At least, it gets me actually doing what I have written down.

It was the perfect day to do the cleaning because we woke up to a skiff of snow on the ground, overcast skies, and it was foggy all day.  Not the type of day to be out and about. My mum ventured out, so I sent the Puma shoes I needed to return with her to drop off at the post office. The style and colour is back on the website but, of course, not in my size! Too bad because they are now $38 because of the semi-annual sale! Grrrrrrrrrr!

And with that, I think I will end this entry. I need to check a few other places online and then head off to bed.

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I have been busy updating my fashion blog and writing a blog for The Tastemaker Diaries. Glad to get that all done and hope my posts get accepted at stylefeeder. I shall have to wait and see.

It's been a cold day with the temperatures only reaching 20 (F) and a cold wind chill. The puddles outside are frozen solid and it is the kind of day best spent indoors, cuddled under a blanket, reading or watching movies.

I have decided to do a major clean-up of my room and to put together the DVD shelving I got for Christmas, this weekend. I need to de-clutter and get rid of the dust because I feel really crammed into this room which is not a good thing. I hate that "surrounded by clutter" feeling. It is time to try and remedy that a bit.

I managed to get another letter written to Birna in Iceland last night. It went on for 9 pages, so I was definitely in the writing mood! I popped it into the mail today and it is on the way to her. Hopefully, it won't take a month to get to her like my Christmas card did.

I have been listening to a lot of Sigur Rós today. Thought I would share the song that I keep re-playing on my Itunes by the band:

I am now off to finish up online because I want to not be online all night tonight.
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I did a bit of driving practice this afternoon and the whole time I was driving, I had this song in my head:

Yes, it is on the New Moon soundtrack which is quite good when it is not the craptastic, instrumental, 80s, cheese sounding, music they used to set the mood in the film. The instrumental music was godawful in this film. The songs from bands in the movie are really decent...and get stuck in my head.

I am not a fan of Death Cab For Cutie but enjoy this song...and it fits the weather and landscape of early winter that we have here now. I want to get my license so I can drive around listening to this soundtrack (and other cds).

Have finished up season 1 re-watch of LOST and will be watching season 2 now. I am enjoying the re-watch and have to say, it is a good reminder of how much better the show is now. So, that should take up my evening.

I am also planning a huge "clean" of the room I am in...getting rid of things I no longer need and possibly investing in new shelves for my cds and books. I am just needing to change things around a bit and make my room suit me until I get moved.

Okay, time for me to finish up with online stuff.

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 I have a photoshoot on Saturday!

I am taking photos of my friend Cathryn and will be using them for my website and portfolio! They are to be outside/snow photos! I am so excited! I haven't had the chance to take photos that are portraits in a while and I really need to get back in the swing of things with them.

I should be getting a new computer...maybe after "Ghost Hunters" tonight I am offloading/burning a ton of stuff from the computer I have now. I need a new computer to be able to do what I need to do with my photography. The old one just is too slow, problem-filled, and brain-damaged.

I am talking to another person about posing for me but that photoshoot is less certain right now. It will be another shoot to "update the portfolio" and add to my website which will be going up as soon as I get the new computer. I need to add some photos to the site and a price list....and it is just too involved for my computer at the won't open the program/website and crashes. But, as soon as I get the new computer...the site goes up!

I got "Eagle vs. Shark" and "Once" on well as the book "The Kite Runner". I am so excited and will be cracking open "Eagle Vs. Shark" to watch it later tonight! I have been wanting to see that film for so long and it never came to Spokane!

I am currently reading "Atonement" and like the book. It is a bit slow moving but the writing style is so lovely that it keeps me reading. I think it helps that I saw the film as well...because now I can see the internal dialog of the characters and match it to what I saw on the screen.

It snowed all night last night and we got another 7 inches of snow! We now have over a foot of snow on the ground! My dad is actually buying a snowblower because he is not into shoveling now...he is too old and it tires him out. So, that will make the whole "snow removal" a lot quicker. Who knows how much it will snow next year but this just has dumped snow on us and there is a lot more to come.

My room is now clean and the downstairs bathroom. I also did all my laundry. It makes me feel accomplished. It was nice to clean my room and feel like I started afresh in the new year since I cleaned it, got rid of crap, trashed trash, ect the third day of the new year. The cleaning of the horribly messy bathroom (happens when you share with a brother...the mess does) just was freeing as well. As was conquering the mountain of dirty clothing. I must have been in a cleaning mood.

Anyways, that is my news of the day. Off I go to shower, eat dinner, and watch "Ghost Hunters" on tv (which has new episodes).
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I vacuumed my room, which included moving furniture to get cobwebs and dust hidden behind them. It took me all evening but now I feel quite accomplished. I also changed the bedsheets and straightened the piles of stuff in my room so they don't look so shabby and all over the place. 

I feel quite accomplished. Go me!
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I tackled the really dusty corner of my room tonight and got it all cleaned up and least as much as it can be straightened with lack of space I have since I live in one room. I need to vacuum really badly but that involves moving furniture since I want to make sure to get any hidden spiderwebs. I think that will be my plan for the next week. I will clean the rest of my room and vacuum really good because it has been ages since I have done either. 

I also need to go through my books and see if there are any that I no longer want that I can sell on I like having a lot of books but there are some I know I will never read again. Why keep them around when they could be sold to other people who would enjoy them more than I do? I am definitely not a "hoarder" anymore since I ended up in my Grandma's house for 9 months with all her crammed to the ceiling stuff and useless stuff she had bought packed tight into shelves. It cured me of the need to hold onto everything forever. So, I will continue to get rid of stuff I no longer use or need no matter if it is in good condition. Heck, if someone else likes it and uses it, it's better than me hanging onto it and it being wasted on a closet shelf, never used.

Need to get a few letters written this weekend so I can stay ahead of my mail more this year. I am making an effort to stay in contact with people more and not let letters stick around in my "need to answer" pile forever. So, that can be a thing to do for me this weekend. I need to dig out the cool stationary to write letters because I haven't in a while. I have been in the mood to use regular, lined, paper. It is easy and has a lot of writing room so I just haven't bothered with pretty stationary even though I have a ton of it. It's what is in the letter that is important anyways...not what the paper is like it is written on. At least that is how I feel about it.

Anyways, I am off to get caught up on some sites online.

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