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It is freezing cold today 5 F (- 15 C) and the wind chill was -3 (-19) all day today. It was windy so it was biting cold. I decided not to attend the sketch meet-up because I just didn't feel the urge to leave the house. If there we people under 60 years old at the meet-up...I know I would have but I just couldn't be bothered to be around older people who whine about Obama and health issues on a cold day. So, I stayed home, read, napped, and plotted what to do with my photography for the next Caught Within Frame update, which will be mine.

BTW: Check up the new post at Caught Within Frame. My friend Birna lives in Iceland and is sharing photos from her hiking around in the wilds there.

I ended up watching 2 movies last night while snuggled deep inside the bed/comforter to stay warm in my basement room. The first?

The Other Son was a very good film and very moving. It must have been so shocking to the boys and the families to have found out they were switched at birth by mistake. To add to it, one family was Jewish with a father who was a commander in the military and the other a Palestinian family living in the West Bank. It is most definitely worth a watch and will make the viewer do a lot of thinking and feeling for the boys.

The other film was:

I was split on my feelings about On The Road. I wasn't sure if I liked it or was watchable but felt like it was overly long at times. I found all the male characters to be assholes. It fit the time period (post WW2 in the US) well with the beatnik generation starting to rear it's head in NYC. It just seemed...a bit odd. I wanted to slap the crap out of Sal because his hero worship of the huge asshole Dean really made me angry. I understood he was in a place in life that really had him looking for adventure but his blind hero worship of Dean was disgusting to watch. It made me curious about the book that the film was based from which I tried to read once when I was 23 and couldn't get into. I may give it another try now I am older.

Tonight I have a movie and a series to watch on DVD from the library. So more under the comforter watching of movies will happen.
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It was one of those days where it rained all day and I was tired so slept way too long. I had trouble sleeping Sunday night because of the furniture polish smell so, I crashed and slept long into the day today. I didn't miss much, juts rain and cold so, no lose of a day really.

I have another
The Tastemaker Diaries post posted at stylefeeder! I am glad it got accepted and glad to be ahead of the game there having turned in two posts for the month way ahead of time. Now to decide what to post about for next month...but that isn't a huge priority at the moment. I have time to think of some thing and my surfing of the Internet should give me ideas.

I haven't updated
my own fashion blog yet today but plan to before I log off. I just have to think of something to post about. I feel a bit like I am cheating since I am not really dressing up and live in track pants, tees, and a robe most days so far this year. I would like to hea dout of the house but, haven't a reason to or anything to do to drag me out. I do have to pick up my contacts that came in at the end of last week (my dad didn't tell me about them calling until Sunday) so that will be done sometime this week. I am also trying to arrange a meet-up or two next week with friends...let's see if they back out as usual. know...49 (F) and rainy means it is too cold to leave the house. *rolls eyes*

I am tired of people not calling and merely texting as well. What is up with this trend? I HATE texting and only do it if I am pretty sure the person is some where they cannot answer the phone. People carry on whole conversations via text...which disturbs me. I have a local woman wanting to meet up to see if we can hang out and be friends who refuses to do anything but email or text me which does not make me feel exactly safe since it would be nice to know, you know, that she is really female by hearing her voice. I am starting to feel that people who just text are very rude. Not only because they don't offer the courtesy of actually talking to you vocally but because they expect you to answer the texts instantly. Technology is ruining the social interaction skills of people.

I had a friend from junior high add me to Facebook and, my goodness, she is my age and looks 50. She has 5 kids (aged 21 to 14)  and dresses like a late 70s, farm, housewife now. Long denim skirts, turtle necks, embroidered with seasonal designs denim vests, pulled back into pony tail that is messy hair, and all. This from a girl in junior high who dressed pretty up to date. What happened? I don't get it.  It's like a large portion of women decide that they are old and dowdy by the time they reach 30 so dress the part. *shakes head* Ah well, I suppose I should accept this as normal since I live in semi-country eastern Washington at the moment.

Okay, I am off to finish up with online activities and then logging off to do some things before sleeping.

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I have been busy updating my fashion blog and writing a blog for The Tastemaker Diaries. Glad to get that all done and hope my posts get accepted at stylefeeder. I shall have to wait and see.

It's been a cold day with the temperatures only reaching 20 (F) and a cold wind chill. The puddles outside are frozen solid and it is the kind of day best spent indoors, cuddled under a blanket, reading or watching movies.

I have decided to do a major clean-up of my room and to put together the DVD shelving I got for Christmas, this weekend. I need to de-clutter and get rid of the dust because I feel really crammed into this room which is not a good thing. I hate that "surrounded by clutter" feeling. It is time to try and remedy that a bit.

I managed to get another letter written to Birna in Iceland last night. It went on for 9 pages, so I was definitely in the writing mood! I popped it into the mail today and it is on the way to her. Hopefully, it won't take a month to get to her like my Christmas card did.

I have been listening to a lot of Sigur Rós today. Thought I would share the song that I keep re-playing on my Itunes by the band:

I am now off to finish up online because I want to not be online all night tonight.
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We had clear skies yet again but only got up to 9 (F) today. It seemed colder when the winter wind blew. Today is a day where music like this fits well:

Hopefully, I will get some driving practice in tomorrow despite the cold. I will just bundle up and see if I cannot talk my mum into it.

I ended up sending yet another Christmas card. My penpal Valentina had vanished a few years back and got back in contact on Facebook. It seems she had moved from Slovenia to Luxembourg. She messaged me for my address to send a Christmas card and I got her new address to do the same.

My friend in Sweden, Ida, also got back in contact with me via Facebook and is writing me a letter. It will be good to hear from her again. She said life just blew up and she got totally caught up in it a few years back so lost contact me with me. It was so good to hear from her again.

I have started editing older photos of mine and putting them up on my account. Let me tell you...I HATE the upload process at that site. It is complicated and slow at the same time. Why anyone would rely on that site for all their "showing off of art needs" is beyond me. I am quickly being reminded why I abandoned that account and went over to Much easier uploads, none of the "you have to offer prints for sale" bs that deviantart has, and better presentation on the site is what Flickr offers. Flicker is much more professional looking. I don't think I will be hanging around devianart much. It just doesn't impress me much.

I got my shipment of fountain pen ink in the mail today. Yes, I have to mail order it because there are NO stores that sell ink for fountain pens here in Spokane. Yes, we have art stores but they just have calligraphy pen ink which is not the same and gunks up fountain pens. So, I order it from online. I had been out of ink for about a month and finally just bit the bullet and bought some more since I love to write with fountain pens. That will be my short project for tonight...inking up the 3 pens I have and getting them writing again.

I am making more progress in Goodkind's Naked Empire book. It has finally started progressing story-wise (half-way through the book) and that is a good thing. Goodkind has a habit of writing in a prodding fashion with too much character talk and little progression of story. I love his story he is telling in the "Sword of Truth" series but he sure could use a good cattle prod application now and then to get his stories going in his writing. I am thinking of reading a bit more of the Sagas of the Icelanders after finishing Naked Empire just to break up the sameness of the story before continuing in the "Sword of Truth" series.

Yes, I am still reading the Sagas of the Icelanders. It is a HUGE book and has many stories in it. It gets a bit overwhelming and "same same" in character as you read story to story so it is more the kind of book you read in bits in pieces when the mood strikes you. I am halfway through it which is quite an accomplishment for me since the book is 740 pages before you hit the Glossary. I LOVE the smell of this book by the way. It has this type of paper making up the pages that smells heavenly so it makes me enjoy reading it even more. I am weird that way though...I love the smell of new books and this book truly has that smell.

Okay, time to wander off and finish up my emails.
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Well, it got up to a balmy 15 (F) today. The skies were clear all day with sun but it didn't warm anything up at all. We are to dip well below 0 (F) tonight so, I will be trying to stay warm under the comforter while reading a book. It is suppose to stay VERY cold until the weekend so it will be a long, cold, week.

I got the email today that my Season 5 of LOST DVD set was shipped today! I cannot wait to get it and refresh my memory on this past season. I also am curious on what the extras on it will be. I heard talk of a "Day In The Life of Sawyer" documentary on the extras. That should be amusing to watch.

I am still pondering what to write about for my second fashion blog post. I am thinking on talking about tights since it is cold in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern, where it is turning to summer, there are still cool evenings in places where tights can be worn if they are the right weight. Then again, I may change my mind and write about something else.

My friend Maz, who loves oasis with all her heart, posted this demo of an oasis song on her Facebook today:

This is one of the cases where you can see the beauty in the song when it is stripped down to just vocals and guitars. Wow! If this is where this song started...I can see why the band was signed in the first place. It can almost stand on it's own without all the extras recording it in a studio add.

And with that, off I head to answer emails and surf the Internet for fashion blog ideas.
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Wake-up temperature was 0 (F) is now a balmy 23 (F). Hello Arctic Chill.

I am not feeling good today...have some intestinal upset going and am not happy about that. Hoping to feel better soon because it's not fun. Had huge amount of heartburn yesterday evening so should have expected this today. :|

Kaiya just killed a squirrel and brought it up to the lounge on the deck. Poor thing..too bad it had a deathwish and decided to tease her. It is no longer part of this world and she is carrying it around.

Finished yet another book and added it to my list of books I have read in 2009. I am making good progress on reading more this year.

Okay, off I head to get things done online so I can log off.
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Good Things Day #3: Snuggling in a warm bed on a cold day.

It only got up to 9 (F) today. Very cold and not that inviting for getting up and doing anything. It is only suppose to get colder and will be cold all week. Not fun.

We still haven't gotten a tree and the options for trees are less and less as the days go by. My parents don't care it seems. I hope they get one soon because the days are getting closer and closer to Christmas.

I now have gingerbread mix to make cookies with. I just have to choose a day to make them. It will definitely be sometime this week.

Beyond that...things are dull. Not much to write about today at all.
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I re-upped my library card online but doubt I will use it since the only library I have access to has an abundance of crappy romance novels and "checkout line at the supermarket trash" novels but not much else. I checked online and put books into the search engine and they either didn't have what I was looking for, had a long waiting list for it, or had to go dig in some storage basement for it so it would take (3 days to a week) to get it. I have no access to the downtown library in Spokane because county living people like myself, are not allowed to check out books from the city library. This rule has been in effect since I was 21. Sadly, the downtown library has all the good books and is 3 stories high while the one I can access is the size of a small house.  Yet another reason Spokane sucks.

It's extremely cold again. I wish it would warm up because my toes, even in socks, are always freezing in the room I sleep in. Not a pleasant experience.

Anyways, I have DVDs to watch and need to look at a couple different things online before I do, so will wrap this up here.
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I finally had a Christmas card arrive in my mailbox today that looks to have been posted way back in Oct! The postmark is a bit hard to read but it certainly says "2007" as the year and has a "10" where the month should be. It is not horribly beat up...just a bit scratched so it makes me wonder where it has been hiding out to avoid the postman delivering it to my mailbox. the card was from the Netherlands so it should not have taken 3 months ot get here. It's a mystery.

It was a balmy 9 (F) yesterday and at 8:30 a.m. yesterday it was -5 (F). That's around -21 (C) for people outside the US. Definitely a cold day and not many people were out and about unless they had to be. I really wish it would warm up so I could schedule my second photoshoot since it is to be outside and I don't want the subject freezing his butt off....nor to freeze myself while it is going on. So, warm weather...please come my way!

I had my brother Mark's friend, Bogdan, contact me on Myspace and ask if I was interested in being a "stills photographer" on the set of his short film he is shooting in April. I said "Hell yes!" of course and told me to definitely get talking to me when he is finalizing the preps for the film because I would love to do the stills on the set fo him. My brother pointed in my direction so kudos to Mark for that! now to see if it really happens or if the film falls through or something like that. Not sure if $$$ is involved but it is experience I could put on a resume and something I would LOVE to do since that is something I have always wanted to do. Cross your fingers, and toes, for me.

Have attempted to work on my website but have forgotten how to do certain things so will be calling Shaun with a "Help! I forgot how..." request. I am hoping to get it totally finished so I can upload it and have a website online that is mine.  The photos of Cathryn created a lot of really good "buzz" so I need to get a website up and running! I shall try to get a hold fo Shaun tomorrow and have him talk me through the things I need a "refresher" on tomorrow night. I feel bad asking Shaun for help but, he is the most knowledgable computer friend I know since he works on servers for a bank and builds websites for $$$ on the side. So, I will give him a ring tomorrow.

My mum almost bought Sheba, our cat, a cat bed at Target today. Sheba sleeps in a cardboard box with puffy blankets in it, and always has. The bed is actually a dog bed but is would work for Sheba since he is a larger cat. He is getting arthritis in his right knee so my mum worries about him. She might go back and buy this bed for him because I think he would really love it. Kaiya has one of these in her doghouse outside so snuggles in there for the night. Sheba needs a cool sleeping bed so hopefully, mum will get him one.

Anyways, off I go to finish up online and then watch a movie before I sleep.

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I braved the frigid weather (it got up to 15 degrees F) today to go and see the movie "Cloverfield" and was not disappointed by it at all! It was produced by J.J. Abrams of  "LOST" fame so I expected something really good and it delivered!

It is an update of monster movies and you do see the monster though it is in shaky camera shots since the whole film is shot on a handheld, video, camera. You never know more than the characters that have the person holding the camera with them so a lot is left unexplained but, I can say, it is an "anxiety " film where you feel anxious because you are with these characters who are constantly have to run and have no idea from what exactly they are running, only that they will die otherwise.  It is well made and definitely worth a view if you like films like these. 

I cannot say much more without totally spoiling people and having them rage at me about how they were going to watch the film but "OMG!" I "ruined it" for them. As much as I roll my eyes at these people because they are so silly about their "being spoiled" I will shut up now and just say, I want to see this film again so I can see more of what is going on. I am sure I missed things.

So, that was my day today....trying to stay warm and seeing a kick-ass  monster movie. 

I cannot wait for "LOST" season 4 to start now. 11 more days!
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Today I received my first three X-mas cards. 

Arwen, Thanks so much for the lovely card! I am working on writing a letter for yours before I send it.
 It may be a tiny bit late but it will reach you. :)

I also got X-mas cards from Angela (My Netherlands penpal) and Kevin (imagine that). 

We got snow last night and it is cold. According to the weather/temperature reader my dad has...20 (F) outside right now. I am missing the San Diego temperatures!

I keep putting off working on my trip photos because the computer is acting up. I need to get working on those tonight no matter how much a pain my computer is at the moment.

Anyways, off I go to finish up on things that I need to use the family computer for.


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