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Winter has revisited Spokane with a venegence. We got about 15 inches of snow last night and the temperature is currently 14 F (that is around -18 C) with a cold wind making it colder. All the schools are closed and we had the plow go down our road at 4:30 a.m. I hear that the city streets are unplowed and a lot of places are closed instead of being open for business today. I had plans to meet up with someone downtown but I am thinking that is not going to happen today. Especially since we have a blizzard way. So, winter is still around for a while longer.

Sheba is still around as well. He seems to be doing a little better despite the lump in his side and my mum is worried if she takes him to the vet that he will have to be put down. So, we are waiting and seeing what happens. This is nice because he is a sweetheart and we can tell he feels ill from time to time but he is still walking around. He badly wanted to go outside today in the freezing cold and snow for some weird reason. Sheba and Sims are indoor cats so that wasn't going to happen of course.

Nothing much else is going on here and I had writtena lot more in a post earlier that LJ decided to eat. So, I will try and post this again and hope LJ doesn't crash when I try and post it like it did earlier.

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Well it is a balmy 20 (F) today. That was our high. The temperature is only going to head further down to about -12 (F) over the next few days. We got a very little bit of snow but that has stopped because it is now too cold to snow.

The wind has picked up and is blowing very hard as well. I would have taken photos but it got dark around 4 p.m. and I was not moving out of my bed today because it was so warm. I lazed and read books instead since I had nothing to get up and do today.

I got a LOT of mail today and will be adding those to my "Thanks" entry a few entries back. I got a surprise package from a member of [ profile] holiday_wishes that had some fun "Engrish" writing paper from Japan and stamps to add to my collection. I also got two magazines which was nice! Now I have Elle magazine and Entertainment Weekly magazine to read. I also got a long letter from my German penpal Christina and I will be writing her back rather soon. There is nothing that makes me happier than a "lots of mail" day.

This was my Day #2 Good Thing: Receiving lots of mail and surprise gift!

I still have the urge to make Christmas cookies and I would have walked over to get the pre-made dough and all at the store but had no desire to walk out in the cold weather. I will have to tag along with mum next time she goes to the store and buy the things I need...and also have her stop at Wallgreens (The drugstore a few blocks away) to see what they have as gifts for animals.

My parents have gone to my dad's company Christmas party, Dana is at a birthday party, Russell is at work, and that means I am by myself this evening. I get to make myself some dinner and relax in a house without other people in it. It's nice. :)
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 I stayed in bed most the day because it was so cold. We barely got above 20 (F) today and had a cold wind that still continues at this hour.  I would wake up..stick an arm out of bed and go "Brrrrrrrrr!" and then snuggle back in the comforter/blankets and snooze some more over and over again. We are to slip into the single digits tonight and with the wind that is sure to slip below 0 (F).

It snowed yesterday but I still managed to get out of the house for a few hours to go to Shaun's and watch "Eagle vs. Shark" on his bigscreen tv. We also ate at Panda Express which was nice since I hadn't had Chinese food in a while and am a fan of the Panda Express food. 

It is so weird to have a quick moving computer. I can write emails quickly and it takes only 5 to 10 minutes for me to do all my usual checking around online. I also get photos edited a lot quicker when they are not in huge numbers. It is amazing to have a computer that moves around so fast online. I am getting a chance to watch short films online and just Stumbleupon all kinds of cool sites.

I am waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, and not be rainy, to schedule another photoshoot with a local person. I keep reminding him and he says, "Cool...I am still up for it." so that is a sure thing for when the weather is nicer. I don't want to freeze to death around sunset or be wet + cold when the photoshoot is going on. That would be unpleasant for the model as well to be out in the cold and/or wet.

I have been taking one photo per day with various cameras...yesterday with was my Holga with black/white film. I will be getting two rolls of film developed soon so if anything good comes out of that I will share. I just need ot keep shooting and shooting photos so I don't get bored....even if they are just snapshots. 

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King school is out for the kids and many places are closed. There is to be a peace march downtown tomorrow morning but it is so cold I am not planning on getting up for it. Russell was invited by his friend Chris, but he isn't sure he wants to go. 

Anyways, off I go to Stumbleupon new sites.

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It got down to -10 (F) last night! Very very cold. We are only suppose to get up to 19 (F) today and it slowly will warm up to 32 (F) this coming week. Yes, it is winter and the Arctic freeze has settled in.
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I have been taking a lot of "day to two day long breaks" from the Internet. I am just not that focused on online things recently. It helps that I have swapped my "staying up all night" around for "being awake during the day". I feel less like going online during the daytime hours. 

I watched a few movies over the day break from the well as finished up season 3 of "The Sopranos". They are now airing "The Sopranos" on basic cable tv but with the swearing edited out and the nudity taken well as editing down some of the violence and sex scenes. It takes the guts out of the show and I prefer viewing them on DVD in their original form. American tv....they can show crap reality tv but cussing or sex please....and no naked people!

The movie that really stuck out in my head that I saw was "
Idiocracy (2006)". It was funny but scary at the same time because I could see it happening...where the morons populated the earth and the smart genes were lost. It was a very twisted movie but I enjoyed it. I have a weird sense of humor so it appealed to me a lot.

It is 8 (F) outside right now and it get below zero tonight. We have an Arctic freeze going on! It is suppose to stay this way all weekend...and the snow on the ground and wind add to the cold. I am currently in my room and am surprised I cannot see my breath it is so cold in here with the cement walls!

Beyond that, life is rather dull at the moment.

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