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I drove my dad's jeep/SUV today for the first time and don't really like how it handles. You practically have to stomp on the brake to have it work and the steering wheel requires more turning effort. I did do well driving it because it holds speed well and doesn't react to every bump in the road. My mum now says I just need parallel parking practice and I am ready for the driver's test. I am ready, just need the parallel parking practice.

I have a photoshoot scheduled for Saturday and I am hoping it goes well. I am liking being busy and doing what I love to do.  Another thing photography related, a guy asked me when I will be in Seattle (will it be by later this year?) because he is willing to pay me (good money) to take photos of bands that need press packets! This is the second job offer in Seattle in the last two months and it gives me much hope for after I move. I get nothing but crickets chirping in the lack of work I get offered here in Spokane. I am definitely in the wrong place.

I am still in the middle of editing last Sunday's photoshoot. I am doing it in small amounts because I have other things going on and it is not paid. Joe, the model, totally understands so all is cool in that area. I hope to finish the edit by Saturday in time for the editing of the shoot on Saturday.

Beyond all this, things have been quiet and I am enjoying it.

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I made the trek to the post office and got my Christmas cards mailed. Still have a few "pending cards" I may send if I get cards from a few people. You may have guessed by my waiting that I haven't heard from some people in ages and am waiting to see if they are "still alive" so to speak. I still have a lot of stamps...I bought a TON of stamps to make sure to cover all the can relax and have a bit of fun. Maybe hit up people on [info]holiday_wishes who want to received Christmas cards. It would be fun to brighten someone's Christmas that way...especially with so many people losing jobs and having slim Christmas' because of the economy.

I did quite a bit of driving this afternoon and saw so many deer. The deer were really out in force today because it was overcast and very cold. We only got up to 25 (F) today and are to dip down to 0 tonight. I am starting to relax again when driving and this weekend and next week I will be driving more...and practicing parallel parking.

I got yet another person addicted to True Blood. My friend in California who was bored online and Immed me asking if I knew of any tv shows he could watch since he had seen all the ones he knew of and liked. I suggested True Blood and he is now hooked and can't wait for the new season. It's amusing to log on to IM and have a message from him saying something like "OMG! A big ass egg in the middle of the bed????" I makes me laugh.

I am almost doe with season 2 of LOST in my rewatch before the finale season starts in Feb. The show really got vastly better in the second season when Ben Linus was introduced and with all the happenings with the tail section survivors. I cannot wait to head on to the third season and watch it again.

I gifted myself again this Christmas season with these two items:

I love the read colour and the snakeprint pattern on the wallet.


The red floral pattern will brighten up the winter wardrobe I have of greys, blacks, and browns.

So, I am looking forward to receiving both those two items in the mail. They also remind me I have a major wardrobe purge to do and probably should do it this weekend.

Anyway, off to get done with online many emails and so many things to get caught up on. Hopefully something interesting will be waiting in my inboxes.

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I did a bit of driving practice this afternoon and the whole time I was driving, I had this song in my head:

Yes, it is on the New Moon soundtrack which is quite good when it is not the craptastic, instrumental, 80s, cheese sounding, music they used to set the mood in the film. The instrumental music was godawful in this film. The songs from bands in the movie are really decent...and get stuck in my head.

I am not a fan of Death Cab For Cutie but enjoy this song...and it fits the weather and landscape of early winter that we have here now. I want to get my license so I can drive around listening to this soundtrack (and other cds).

Have finished up season 1 re-watch of LOST and will be watching season 2 now. I am enjoying the re-watch and have to say, it is a good reminder of how much better the show is now. So, that should take up my evening.

I am also planning a huge "clean" of the room I am in...getting rid of things I no longer need and possibly investing in new shelves for my cds and books. I am just needing to change things around a bit and make my room suit me until I get moved.

Okay, time for me to finish up with online stuff.

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It was a bit windy today so we postponed the driving practice until tomorrow since I will be trying to paralell park the whole time. Better to not have high wind gusts to deal with when learning that.

Instead I curled up on the couch with a book today and just read. I added it to my list of books I have read this year and was shocked to see I have read over 77 books this year, so far! I guess this year is just a year that I read quite a bit. I will continue to add books I read to it and it will be interesting to see how many I read by the end of the year.

Other than that, it has been a really quiet day. It's sort of nice to have a quiet day every now and then.
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The world amuses me.

Seriously. I am always surprised at the jumps to conclusions people have about people they do not know and the assumptions they make. The internet is full of this and it never ceases to amuse me. It can be annoying when it is directed at me, the assumptions and conclusions, but I see the humor when it is directed at someone else. It seems logic is left at the door when some people log onto the Internet. I always remind myself of this fact whenever I blunder upon a speculationfest in progress. is always surprising as are the people in it.

I am probably going to take my written driver's test tomorrow or on Tuesday. I am pretty sure I will pass it. I will then concentrate on driving and learning the skills for the driving test so I can move asap. I have hit boredom level with my life and I need to shake it up and change it. That includes a change of scenery. Wish me luck.

Some music to play into the night:

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I suck at parallel parking. I worked on that for an hour today and just get too far from the curb or hit the curb. I have to take my driver's test this week so this is extra sucky. Ugh!

I have started reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer...and am snorting with amusement already and I am only a few chapters in. The woman has the WORST storytelling style ever and writes like a silly fangirl would write bad fanfic. I figure if she can write a book and sell millions of copies anyone can. True fluff and poor writing.

And what's up with the stalker Edward the sparkly vampire? He isn't sexy...he is CREEPY.  He also "sparkles"...excuse me while I laugh long and hard at that! I hear his stalkerish activities get worse as the book progresses. I predict lots of laughing in my future at the stupidity of Bella getting involved with him. Bella he is creepy, stalkerish, and manipulative.

No offense to Twilight fans...I just find the book laughably silly and badly written. I have to read it t see what the fuss is about since a movie has been made of it.  If you like the book, cool...glad you enjoyed it.

Okay off I go to answer email and do other things.
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 Went out driving today for the first time since the eye issue. It went well...I was a bit rusty at first but it got easier. My eye is still not 100% but I can drive without issue...just have the left eye work harder than the recovering right now. 

Decided I needed to get back to driving to move faster. I need to get where I can make money, support myself, get a social life going, meet a decent guy, and far away from the house of stress. If I stay here my life will probably always be like it is with more health problems added to it from stress and my surroundings. I will also always be single here...and I DO NOT want that. I need to make the move and it will be sooner instead of later.

I will be in Seattle for a few days at the beginning of next week. I am going to ride back to Seattle with Mark after he comes this weekend and then stay there, at his place, until the concert...and then fly back home the day after the concert. It will be a break from my parents who are constantly arguing and my mum who my dad now calls "Queen Whiner" when she isn't around.

Got a new cd this afternoon from was on sale and has new wave songs on it from back in the day. So, will be listening to that.

I still watch a bit of the Olympics but avoid gymnastics because the whole thing is almost as drama-filled as figure skating is. I am not into the drama of the personal lives of athletes and wish they would stfu about it and just show the competitions.

My going to see "The Pineapple Express" has been moved to this coming weekend. Destry had to work to a deadline at his second job and so we had to postpone the seeing the movie. He made me promise not to see it without him.

Okay, not much else going on at the moment. So, off I go to finish up online.


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:04 am
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...I haven't much to write about today.

I have sent out letters to Birna in Iceland and Conny (who sent me her new address, thank goodness!) in The Netherlands. I got a cool letter from Sebbie in Finland with a copy of a Finnish 1930s movie included! I watched that last night and enjoyed it. I will soon be writing to Anatasia in Greece and then i am caught up to letters I have received in the last few weeks. 

Went driving earlier and saw a few deer plus just got some drive time in. I still have to be taught to parallel park, and my mum has to get the crack fixed in her windshield, before I can attempt the driving test. I am so ready for it and want to be able to just jump in a car and go out taking photos without having to take the bus or be driven where I want to go. Just get away and take photos...sounds like heaven right now.

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn colours for Fall. I am sad about this because it means the warm days are numbered. I am so not a fan of cold weather and snow. :(

I have been spending too much time on Facebook and stylefeeder. It takes up most of my online time at the moment. It probably will until a new interesting site comes along and catches my eye. I am so fickle like that.

That is all. I am off to wander the Internet.

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Went driving this afternoon with only a few minor mistakes. I am to be taken into the city soon and start the traffic driving. Yes, it is time for that part of my learning to drive. I am getting a bit more comfortable at driving...that is a good thing.

Hoping to take a walk after dinner...I need to start walking again so I can feel more energized and more in shape. The weather is perfect to start this off. I really want to get back to feeling in shape.

Hot Fuzz" has moved to the newer theatre that is about 4 blocks away from my house. I must try to get there and see it before it leaves the theatre. I want to see the extras when it gets on DVD but I want to see it on the big screen and not skip on that like I did with "Shaun of the Dead". Pegg, Frost, and Wright are great at making funny movies/tv shows and I want to give my bit of money to the movie while it is in theatres.

Anyways, off I head to check up online and see what is going on.
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Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

You're comfortable with your life now, but try to stay open to new experiences.

So my mum took me out driving yesterday. I did okay except I am awful at making turns onto roads from other roads. I think part of the problem was she took me to back country roads where there was little traffic and the roads were really narrow. It was so bad with my turning onto these thin roads that my mum woudl switch with me and then turn onto the road...and switch back. It was my first time behind the wheel so of course I was going to have some issues. 

I wasn't nervous at all about it and just worried about giving cars enough room when they appraocehd on the opposite side of the road from me. 

Definitely doing this again soon.

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