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I contimplated if I really wanted to see Super 8 for months. I kept almost putting myself on the "hold list" at the library for it and then thinking, "Nah..." Well, I finally gave in and I ended up watching it last night.

Teaser Trailer:

I ended up really liking the film. It was a bit rushed at times but the kids were great in it. Especially Elle Fanning whom I was shocked to learn was only 12 years old when the film was made. She is going to turn out to be a great actress as she grows up if she really focuses.

The train crash was amazing! Of course, I would not expect less from J.J. Abrams who did the massively effective aftermath of a plane crash in the pilot of LOST. 

It also made me a bit nostalgic for my childhood in the late 70s which was when the film was set. I loved the whole idea of the film but had to admit I got a bit annoyed with Abrams love of "lens flare" effect in his films. It just was a bit distracting. 

I definitely say watch this if you like kid centered films that have government conspiracies and aliens in it.

The film also made me realize that we don't really get out and meet people anymore. Kids these days are missing the connections like the kids in the film had. They don't get together and make films or have adventures on bikes anymore. Instead they are stuck inside, by themselves, and I really don't think that is a good thing. Maybe we need to "disconnect" from technology more often and engage in life and building real relationships more often. Just the thought I had after seeing the film and remembering my childhood.

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I have been so focused on LOST coming on tonight that I had forgotten it was Valentine's Day...for some reason I thought it was yesterday.

I also rented a ton of movies including "Becoming Jane" and "Across The Universe". So, after I watch LOST I will be watching movies!

Hope everyone's day has been a good one. :)
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 I got my haircut today and talked about getting a new style next time. The stylist I see is up for it and agreed with my changing my hair colour back to brown. It's time for a change for me and brown is easier to upkeep since I am naturally brown-haired...I just have to dye it to cover not change the colour drastically. So, that was a positive.

Found out my learner's permit has expired so have to dash to the DMV tomorrow and get it extended. I need a tiny more practice and then I will take the test. I am ready for that so am only a bit nervous that I will pass it the first time. I want to take it only once so not to waste money.

I ordered the first season of
"The Flight of the Conchords" since I do not have HBO and want to see it. I have a feeling I will like this show so took a chance since the first season was only $17.95. I am keeping my spending down as much as possible these days but want to see this show and since we do not go to the DVd rental store often these days...buying the series was the easiest option. 

I did hit the rental store today and got the next two DVDs of the
"Band of Brothers" series and 3 other DVDs ( Mighty Heart, Daywatch, and Deathproof) as well. There is nothing I want to see on tv tonight and we get a 50% discount in rental because we moved to the store we are at now after the usual place I went closed. So, I will have movies to watch tonight. :)

Anyways, enough rambling.
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I broke down and ordered both "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Tron" on DVD. They are favorites from my childhood and I felt like getting them to pop into the DVD player on nights when I am not able to relax or need a "comfort" movie before I can sleep. It's weird how a movie can make you feel better and capture a feeling from my childhood. I watched "Smokey and the Bandit" the other night and cringed at the censoring of the swear words for tv, but also remembered the feeling of carefreeness I had as a child, around the age I used to watch the movie over and over again on HBO. It inspired me to get the DVD and I got Tron as well because I haven't seen it in ages. I would have ordered "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" but it is no available on DVD so I got "Tron" instead. I cannot wait until they show up so I can snuggle into the comforter and watch them.

LOST is on tonight and I am hoping it gets a kick in the butt to progress the story more. I am not inspired to stop watching my recent shows but would like to see the show progress more. I guess I will see tonight. Looks like, from the previews, they will answer a few questions like "What happened to the people taken by the Others." I cannot wait for that.

I saw "
The Prestige" last night and it was pretty good. I totally guessed the ending long before it happened so, there was no surprise ending for me. I loved David Bowie in it...I had forgotten that he is a pretty decent actor. He seemed so "at ease" in this character and I was disappointed that he didn't have more screen time. Bale did a good job as well being an unlikable character that is that way for a reason. Jackman did a good job as a man obsessed with being the better magician. Johannson had a pretty decent British accent and I enjoyed her acting as usual. I think she is my favorite, under 30 years old, actress at the moment. She just has the acting chops and is pretty. I heard this movie started as a book and am curious about it....need to go and check Amazon. 

Oh, and Ricky, you have to see this movie if you haven't. :)

I also saw "
Half Nelson" which was a bit of a letdown after I had heard so many good things about it. The story was about a high school teacher who is a crack addict and his relationship with a student who finds out about his addiction. Ryan Gosling did a great acting job as the teacher but the story just didn't seem to go anywhere. The ending was a huge, "Oh...whatever" which took away from the story. Golsing was nominated for an Oscar for his acting in this film but, I doubt he will get the award because there were more impressive acting turns in other movies from other people. I was glad I saw "Half Nelson" but probably will never watch it again.

I am going to watch "Babel" tonight. I am really looking forward to it becaue I love the director Alejandro González Iñárritu and his movie directing style. The whole wandering 3 storylines that end up being connected by an event that is shown at the ending. He directed one of my favorite movies, Amores perros, which I love to death! I cannot wait to see this film. :)

Anyways, I need to check out a few sites since I wasn't online yesterday. Off I go. :)
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I have been doing it again...the staying up all night and then sleeping the day away. I cannot explain why I am doing it since I am not depressed or's like I just needed something different in my life and switched my days and nights around for a certain period of time to break a boring life pattern. Probably because the days are boring since the weather is crap, I cannot practice driving because the weather is crap, and there is nothing on tv during the day. At night I can surf the Internet, play movie trivia, watch late night movies, or messenger chat with people on the other side of the world....all without my parents bugging me. So, I am staying up all night again just for a change in life pattern...and will probably do this for a week or a few days just until it gets totally boring. I can already feel the boredom creeping into my night-time activities. Is it time for me to move yet?

I had some weird occurrences in my life this past week...and I won't be talking about them here because I don't feel the need to share them yet, if at all. I am deciding to keep some things to myself so that I have a clear head about them and not a lot of people telling me what I should do in the instances. Sometimes people telling me their opinion about situations leads to issues because what they say to me is in the back of my mind, nagging at me. I need to just go with the flow. No offense to anyone here, just a need I have at the just flow.

All the things I ordered from the Internet on Monday when I had to buy some needed things that were not in the stores are now in transit to me....a photo holder for some photos I am selling to Russell of himself, two stamp albums to use in my ever growing stamp collection (it's impossible to find them in the stores here!), a book for myself and for a friend's b-day, and the shoes I ordered that I could not find at the mall. It will be nice when they all arrive. 

I am feeling a lot more "giving" and "wanting to connect" with my friends and penpals these days. It's weird how that is...after a long time of feeling disconnected. I don't know how long the feeling will last but it is nice while it is here. I have already set up e.birthday cards for friends who have birthdays this month, I have sent three b-day cards in the mail, and I have caught up in my letters to the point where I only have two letters to work on that I received in the last two days.  I just feel a bit more connected with people and open to meeting new people who could be contacts or friends....replacing friends I have had to let go of. It is a nice feeling.

I am currently reading "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" by Dito is a rather strangely written book, a memoir really,  but I am enjoying it even if sometimes I feel the author speaks a different language. There is a strong emotional thread throughout the book and I get the emotional memory place that the author is writing from. I teared up in a few places while reading because the emotional thread was so strong in the narrative. This book is coming out as a movie...directed by the author and I am curious to see it and how the book gets shaken into a story that can be understood on screen. I am halfway through the book and it will be a bit sad for me when it ends even if sometimes I have to figure out what exactly the author is talking about in his writing. 

The movies
The Science of Sleep and Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles have come out on DVD and I want to rent both of them. They are two movies I have really been waiting to see. I guess I will have to make a trip to the DVD rental store this weekend.

Off I head to check my e.mail.
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So, I went on my computer to start copying files last night to disc and I got a sudden download from the DSL provider and now, my Internet connection works again. So, my computer has gotten a second wind and it gives me more time to shop for a new one. It even moves faster than it did pre-problem.

I still need a new computer because this one is just having way too many issues. I want a DVD burner next time so that I can save things to DVD and work more with that side of things. I just have to find the one that suits me, my photography needs, and my Internet needs. Maybe even have movie capabilities in case I start getting into video and movie making.

Went to the DVD rental store and rented a ton of movies including the scary documentary "Jesus Camp" and "Equilibrium". I am in the mood to watch some movies tonight and there is nothing good on tv. I will, of course, write about any of the movies that capture my fancy. 

Nothing much else really happening here today. Off I go to surf the Internet.

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