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I may have a photoshoot in the works. Not paying but it will give me images to add to my portfolio and website. That is always a plus!

It would be nice to get some paying portrait shoots but no one is going for that right now it seems and that is frustrating. Time to move...wish the economy would look up so I could. Until then I sit  tight and suffer from some airborne allergen in the house that affects my face through skin contact. Frustrating.

Have mass amounts of laundry to do tonight after hauling "the leaning tower of dirty laundry" to the laundry room. Fun stuff.

Yeah, my life is so exciting right now...can't you tell?

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I finished reading Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind AND wrote a new fashion blog. So I am feeling quite accomplished least when it comes to online stuff and reading.

I ordered the second book in the series by Terry Goodkind: Stone of Tears with a birthday voucher from Borders. To hold over until that arrives I am reading No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy since I enjoyed (and own) the movie. I got the McCarthy book through swaptree the other day.

I have seen 12 movies in the past few days but nothing really exciting though The Duchess was not bad (but better as a book) nor was Eagle Eye boring. I am looking forward to viewing Appaloosa since I have a soft spot in my heart for western films.

So yeah, that is what I have been up to the past few days. I did go out for birtdhay dinner but didn't do the singing hat thing this year. Is it weird that when it came down to it, I just didn't feel like celebrating my birthday? If I had a huge party with lots of friends I would have felt celebratory but since I didn't, it felt a bit less than fun. Maybe next I always say.

Anyway, off I go to get caught up online.


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Destry had to cancel going to the movies tonight because he is heading out of town this weekend so getting ready for that. Sigh...people seem to like to cancel hanging out way too much here in Spokane. I will glad to see the backside of this place.

It's probably just as well since I have major cramps and feel drained of energy. I ended up sleeping long today because of it and I just don't have the energy to do much of anything. I hate that but, not much I can do about it besides take an Aleve (pain pill) and trudge onward into the day.

Still struggling to get another photoshoot lined up. I asked two people if they wouldn't mind posing for free and that they would get a free disc of images out of it and I have heard NOTHING back. I am so tired of this and Spokane is notorious for this sort of flakey reaction. It's like...fine then don't help a friend out...see if I am there when you need a hand in something. Get stuffed! I need to move like whoa!

It's a hot day today and will be hot all this weekend. At least it is not affecting my eye which is even closer to normal. So close to normal I am starting to forget it has/had issue. This is a good thing! I can enjoy the hot day without major goofing up of the eye and that is what I want! We will see how it reacts to 4 hot days in a row without a/c.

Been watching a bit of the Olympics and movies on DVD. Saw
Bikur Ha-Tizmoret (The Band's Visit) last night and really enjoyed it. It is a sweet film with great acting about an Egyptian police band that ends up in the wrong town in Israel. They are on a cultural exchange to play an Arab Center opening and end up in a small town in the middle of the desert. A Jewish woman takes them in and the band, and the town's people that they interact with, touch each other's lives in small ways that mean a lot. The most refreshing thing is it shows a cultural exchange between Jewish and Arab people withou shoving it down your if it is totally normal to the world (which the way it is show it is) and not all "look look how we are showing this forced political situation" like a lot of the films with such exchanges can be.  I can see why this film has won many awards worldwide.

Anyway, off I go to get caught up with online things.

I Got Paid!

Aug. 4th, 2008 07:03 pm
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I got paid by Destry for the photos! Yay! Money in the bank! Unfortunately, I will probably use it to go to in plane ticket back, food while in Seattle, ect. :|

I had another newer penpal dump me citing that she has to cut back on penpals. I really am loosing interest in penpalling at this point because it just seems I am wasting postage. The second "sorry but I have to dump you" email in a week. Sometimes I seriously wonder why I bother writing letters at all...despite the fact I have some great older penpals. Makes me wonder why people who are "over-stretched" in the penpalling world continue to take on penpals. Ah well.

Cheryse, the past Netherlands exchange student that stayed with us, is coming back to visit us in two weeks. That should be fun and interesting to see how she has matured since the time she has lived her. According to my mum Cheryse "found the Lord" and is very devote religious. Interesting. It will be interesting to see what she is like now.

Still thinking of what Destry photos to put up on my website and how to design my business cards. I also have to start on the touching up of old photos for a friend of my mum's. And there is always the taking "street fashion" photos which I may do this weekend or a little before.

I am headed to see "
Pineapple Express" this weekend. Destry will be going with me if all goes well. I am looking forward to a completely stupid/funny film and I hope this film is as funny as the trailer makes it to be.

My days and nights have been messed up when it comes to sleeping. I just am having trouble swapping them back around. I need ot do this because there are things I need to do during the day. 

Enough I go.

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