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I managed to get an entry to the Tastemaker Diaries done and sent in for submission. It is a post on scarves and it should get the okay within the next few days. I now have to think up another post so will be surfing the Internet for ideas.

I re-discovered the clothing site and need to keep it in mind for the future. They have great fashions on there for pretty deeply slashed prices. It is definitely a site for me to check out in future "I need a decent dress" moments. Any online outlet for fashionable clothing at not too steep prices is a site to add to the favorites for me.

My books I ordered yesterday are on the way to me form I ordered Soulless, an Anne Perry Thomas Monk mystery, and the next book in Goodkind's "Sword Of Truth" series. So, I will have books to read to carry me into the new year. Definitely something I need now the weather has gone bitter cold.

Beyond that...not a lot going on today. Everyone stayed inside because it was windy so, the 20 (F) temperature felt like -4 (F). Not a day to venture outside for very long.


Jul. 4th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I made two posts to my fashion blog tonight:

So that has kept me busy.

I also have been in the mood for this song:

"Alright" by Supergrass

That is all. :)
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Yes, my exciting night consisted of doing heaps of dirty laundry. This means I have been sitting here with my room door open, listening to my Itunes, chatting with two friends on messenger a little, surfing the Internet, and having Sheba sit at my feet as he was listening to the music and kneading the air. Just a calm night.

I have been watering the front lawn of the neighbor across the street who is away biking for a month in Switzerland and France. Her cat is getting lonely and I had to sit with it and give it attention. I get paid for watering the lawn so that is cool.

I turned in a few fashion predictions for fall to the website I blog for....and they may or may not be used in a publication. The person in charge was getting the bloggers at the site to put in their ideas of what will be popular in the Fall. let me tell you, it was hard to figure out because it is so early in the season. Fall clothing is just starting to get into the stores, magazines, and online stores here. So, I did a total "shot in the dark" with my predictions. It will be interesting to see if anything I mentioned end up popular this Fall.

I have to head to the hairdresser's this Sunday to get my hair cut and is way too long and the layers just look fuzzy now...and too much root is showing. It's time to get it cut and coloured.

Anyways, off to watch "In Bruges" on DVD.

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Today was the day of thunderstorms. We had a major one this afternoon with a ton of rain that was dumped on us with it. We had to bring Kaiya in because she is not a fan of rain. The storm was just way too much rain for her to be happy outside. We are to have thunderstorms off and on all evening. This is why I am on in the early evening writing my journal entry and doing online activities. I am trying to get things done before the next storm.

It is so weird to be hovering in the 50s (F) when New York City and the rest of the country is suffering through a heatwave. While we got up to only 56 (F) today, NYC was 100 degrees. Yes, Spokane is in the cold pocket. So much so that tonight there is a warning for snow in the mountains! I am beginning to wonder if we will have a summer this summer or will just be cold all summer. That has happened before.

I saw on the news that NASA is practicing for a moon landing in Moses Lake, Washington. That is about 2 hours from here. I guess the soil there resembles the surface of the moon. I guess NASA has been planning to head back to the moon for quite a while because they want to conduct more experiments while there with more modern technology. That makes sense to me. I would rather the government spend more money on space exploration than the war in Iraq.

Also in the news, gas has hit above $4.00 a gallon. I predict it will be above $5.00 by the end of summer. Seriously, we need to explore and start using alternative fuels. No more complaining about how much the switch will cost and the testing. Start doing it! Fossil fuels are not going to last us forever and being reliant on oil makes it so that everyone gets gouged at the fuel pump. It's a big "DUH!" that we need to find an alternative fuel source and seriously start using it. No matter what the cost the switch from oil will cost. Why we need to get the old school out of government office and get someone with fresh ideas in there who isn't afraid to makes changes...and doesn't have friends who own oil companies like Bush and Cheney do.

And my post at Tastemaker Diaries is up! I now get some time to think of my next post....I am still kicking around the sunglasses idea but I had to post about those beautiful, hot pink, bowed, shoes.  I still wish I had the money for them because they are so bright and beautiful.

Anyway. off I go to surf the Internet before the next thunderstorm.

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Well, didn't get to go out for sushi because the person who was interested, never got back to me on a time and day. Needless to say, I won't be planning anything with them anytime soon.

I did write another journal entry for The Tastemaker Diaries which is now awaiting approval by the site. It was about pulling together an outfit based off one this case a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I really hope that the post gets approved.

I started off a post with the same shoes in my own fashion blog If You're Into It. I have been posting there quite often and enjoy just posting a photo of what I like (or don't like) in fashion and getting all girlie excited about it. No one I know in real life, here in Spokane, likes fashion so it leaves me with all these fun fashion finds running around my head. Why i use the fashion blogs and stylefeeder as an outlet. 

If I got excited about things like those Christian Louboutin shoes and tried to tell someone here they would instantly go "They are too expensive." and end the conversation. DUH! Of course they are expensive but it doesn't mean I can't like them and wish I had a pair! I swear the people here are killjoys on purpose.

Anyway, off to surf the Internet a little bit.


May. 13th, 2008 02:11 am
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The blog entry I contributed to stylefeeder's blog is up! Yay!

Well my intro blog at least.

Clickity Click to see it.

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A little known fact about me: When I was 17-21 years old, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Some thought that strange since I was Gothic at the time but I have a huge interest in fashion and wanted to design clothing. The only thing that held me back was I cannot sew worth crap. So, I changed the dream back to being a artist...and that evolved into photographer. 

I still have an eye for fashion, and even buy things before other people have any interest in it. My mum always says I am about 1 year ahead of everyone when it comes to fashion and the clothing I buy. I noticed when I was Gothic/punk rock, all the other punkrock kids copied what I wore. I guess I just have a knack for fashiony things at times.

Now that I have almost entirely went through my wardrobe and got rid of falling apart clothing or clothes I will never wear...I find an interest in fashion reawakened in me. 

I joined up at stylefeeder ( ) so I could virtually shop without spending money. If I find something I like, I can add it to my stylefeed. It cuts out the "buy" part of, "Have item catch my eye, have the inner voice say "Ohhhhhh shiny", find it in my size, buy it".

Because I am on sitewide stylefeed, I see the trends since a lot of the users are 12-24 years of age. I get to groan at the thousands of awful suede 80s boots added to the feed each day or hundreds of crappy "plastic jewels glued to cell phone cases" that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are putting out on the shelves for tweens to buy. It's not annoying to see all this but interesting to me.

Another thing I notice on stylefeed is, young girls and women under the age of 25 think that showing lots of skin or dressing as a porn star is sexy. I cannot tell you how many sex shop type outfits get added there by teeagers who coo "Sexy!" about the item. I don't see this as a bad thing...just that when a woman is that young, she hasn't much idea of what sexy really is. They are just seeing "sexy" as whatever attracts a man's it good or bad attention. Basically, they confuse "he wants to have sex with me" with "I am sexy". 

Thank goodness most of them grow out of that idea and it is always fun to see a young girl who catches on to the difference early in her young womanhood. I know I wore a lot of really borderline dominatrix type outfits in my Gothic life and it didn't make me a slut. I just had no idea of what sexy really was at that age. It's something that has to develop as you mature. You have to realize that a guy wanting to have sex with you does not make you will pretty much have sex with anything that is scantily clad and female. That happens over time, this realization.

So, stylefeeder is an everyday stop for me just to see what is being added and what the younger girls are all squealing about. There are older women on that site as well so it is a weird mixture of people. It makes it a lot of fun.

I have been toying with some ideas for a themed blog but won't go into detail unless I do it. It is connected to the topic of this entry, fashion, and I am still trying to decide if I want to spend the time and effort that it would take. So, if I go ahead with my ideas, I will post about it here.

Off to listen to a "nightmusic" radio feed and check out some internet sites.

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