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Well, it got up to a balmy 15 (F) today. The skies were clear all day with sun but it didn't warm anything up at all. We are to dip well below 0 (F) tonight so, I will be trying to stay warm under the comforter while reading a book. It is suppose to stay VERY cold until the weekend so it will be a long, cold, week.

I got the email today that my Season 5 of LOST DVD set was shipped today! I cannot wait to get it and refresh my memory on this past season. I also am curious on what the extras on it will be. I heard talk of a "Day In The Life of Sawyer" documentary on the extras. That should be amusing to watch.

I am still pondering what to write about for my second fashion blog post. I am thinking on talking about tights since it is cold in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern, where it is turning to summer, there are still cool evenings in places where tights can be worn if they are the right weight. Then again, I may change my mind and write about something else.

My friend Maz, who loves oasis with all her heart, posted this demo of an oasis song on her Facebook today:

This is one of the cases where you can see the beauty in the song when it is stripped down to just vocals and guitars. Wow! If this is where this song started...I can see why the band was signed in the first place. It can almost stand on it's own without all the extras recording it in a studio add.

And with that, off I head to answer emails and surf the Internet for fashion blog ideas.
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So, I finally got around to posting The Runaways inspired fashion blog: HERE

Check it out!


Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:25 pm
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My post at Tastemaker Diaries has been posted!

I wrote it at the end of last month and have one more I sent in for acceptance for this month. This means I have one more to write for this month and it WILL be about jewelry. I just have to find the pieces to feature in my post I will write.

I am always so excited to see my posts go up at the site. :)
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I may not be personal blogging a lot recently, but I have added two new posts to my fashion blog, If You're Into It .

One post on big rings and another on platform sandals.

Check it out if you are fashion inclined.

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Besides going out for Italian to celebrate my brother, Russell's, birthday a few days early and being sore from intestinal upset, nothing much is going on here. Unless you count a lot of rain falling.

Since I haven't had much to do I ended up watching all of season 2 and 3 of
"Sex and the City" in a short amount of time. I still have three seasons to go but since I do not own them...I will be watching season 3 of "Battlestar Galactica" which I have just gotten and have already seen except for the first 4 episodes. I won a $20 gift certificate so used it to purchase Battlestar without paying full amount. Quite cool actually.

I also have been updating my fashion blog If Your're Into It so check that out if you so desire.

Other than that...not much to write about.
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So, I am in a lousy mood so what do I do...I look back over my stylefeed at to get ideas for a fashion blog to distract myself with it.

And this is what comes from the fashion blogging.

I tried to post at the official blog at stylefeeder but the password was not allowing me in. I have emailed the person in charge about it but probably won't hear from them until Monday.

I will content myself with my blog until then.

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