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I cannot wait until I get out of "holding pattern". It sucks to be waiting for something and knowing you have to wait.

My friend Maz has finished the Flight of the Conchords painting!

Take a peek:

Loving it...especially Jemaine! I will be happy it see it and will definitely add it to my new wall when I get moved. I am going to be adding artwork from friends and that I find while out and about when I move. I like that idea a lot and as a creative person myself, I like supporting other artists. I hope that my support will work as a "karma effect" and return to me. You never know. Even if it doesn't I get cool artwork and photos that way.

I cannot wait to get the painting and to have it hang on the wall when I move. :)
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This song has me laughing so hard!!!!

I Told You I Was Freaky- Flight of the Conchords
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I am so glad that the second espiode of Flight of the Conchords (Season 2) was full of funny! I was worried after the first episode was a bit blah.

This song...I laughed so hard! Love it!
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I am liking this new Flight of the Conchords video because of it's rocking', roller skatin', action.

It reminds me of my childhood in southern California.

Take a peek here:

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I am going to add my favorite songs from this show here. These songs crack me up!

"Business Time"(a bit racy song)::

Flight of the Conchords - Business Time

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"If You're Into It"(a bit racy song):

If You're Into It

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"The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room":

Part Time Model

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"Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros":

Flight of the Conchords- Rap

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There are just so many funny songs in this series! And they break into song to convey important emotional moments. If you haven't seen this series you MUST!
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 Today was a "blue" day. I just felt a bit down today and moped around, cried at a stupid tv show, and now just am "meh".

I finished up
"The Flight of the Conchords" series last night and enjoyed it a lot. I did notice some "flubs" in the shows near the in the one where the Pakistani fruit vendor torments the guys and then claims he mistook them for Australians so allw as well between them at the end...but he had distinctly called them "Kiwis" and "New Zealanders" so that gave me a "WTF?" moment. Made that whole show pointless. this happened in another show as well with another storyline point so it was a tiny bit disappointing the writers didn't pay attention to consistancy like they should.

I am tempted to buy the "Flight of the Conchords" cd because the cheesy songs they sing on the show just amuse me so much. I added it to my wishlist at I really want to hear the songs uninterrupted because they can be broken up a bit in the shows.

Anyways, I will stop here and head off to do other things.

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