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Made a few post updates to my fashion blog, If You're Into It. Feel free to check it out.

Also watched Heroes and decided I am so over it. I skipped the airing on TV and watched it online because I was so not into seeing it and was BORED as I watched it. I think it is time to stop caring if I watch it right away and only watch it if I am bored.  A perfectly good show ruined by lazy writing.

That is all for now.
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It is love of the tv show "Heroes" is DEAD.

It waned last season when the storyline lost it's way and was shortened due to the strike. I was willing to stick with it...because I figured it would get better in the 3rd season.

Last night I had to force myself to stay interested in it. The storyline si blah...the characters are blah...and I should be excited about the use of Slyar as a "good guy" but I just think it stinks to the high heavens that he is not the usual "bad guy" anymore. When a program tries to make a super baddie into a good ruins everything. BIG thumbs down to that even if it is temporary. So, I am now going to probably watch the show online for the rest of the season and see if it continues to suck. If so, this will be the last season I watch.

I am headed off to the dentist this afternoon...everyone cross your fingers that my back tooth doesn't have a cavity which will cost more money to fill.

I may also be stopping to by a Sony Cybershot to carry around in my purse...when I don't have my huge SLR on me.  I am excited about that because right now...I have to rely on a crappy camera phone if I dont' have the slr on me.

Another photoshoot tomorrow afternoon. Should be fun as it will be downtown.

Okay off I head to start my day.
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Negotiating a photoshoot and am not sure it will work out. The guy has agreed on the money but now the next agreement has to be location. He wanted it to be Coeur d' Alene but that is 45 minutes away and makes no sense since we both live in Spokane. I can get almost anywhere in Spokane but not to Coeur d' Alene.  I am seeing how set on that location he is and if he is adaptable to local locations. If it works out, money for me and new images! If not, it wasn't meant to be. 

I need to get settled on a time for the second, fun, photoshoot of Henriette. The weather is to get colder next week and I need to get it done now that the leaves are changing colours ans starting to drop from the trees. I will have to talk to her about setting up a time for it.

I am wishing I had my license so I could drive places and take photos. I am to be taught to parallel park (practice it a lot) soonish and my mum HAS to get that windshield has been 4's time! I need the driver's test BEFORE ice ends up on the roads!

Heck, I am even putting off deciding on a trip location until I get a driver's license because I want to be able to rent a car if needed. I still want to travel to a warm location, one with beaches, but I want to have the license so ic an rent a car, even for a day, and be able to access places far from the hotel I will stay in. 

I saw the first episode of "Heroes" for the new season and it was good. It looks like this season will be interesting and a bit more fast paced. I am liking the Dominican twins who are trying to reach the US to "get cured" because the girl twin's powers are so destructive that only her twin's powers keep hers in check. They haven't shown the powers in action, only the aftermath of her getting upset when her and her twin brother were separated.  I think it is cool that their powers work together in a different way than apart and cannot wait to see it happen, and to see each twin use their powers separately as well. The girl was traumatized after killing about 20 people when she was separated from her brother. Her brother is all about them staying together because his powers keep hers in check. they are being chased by the Dominican government who wants to use their powers for no good and their mother has given them money and told them to get to the US. They are going to be trying to enter illegally. Cool stuff.

Okay, I should get off livejournal. I want to not be online all night even if I slept most the day yesterday due to having a headache.

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Issac Mendez
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Heroes really was good tonight! For those who have no idea what "Heroes" is the theartical trailer that caught my attention in the movie theatres and made me start watching the show:

And here is my favorite "Hero":

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