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I received two letters from Germany today and one was a complete surprise so it was a great mail day! I felt inspired and wrote three letters this evening. [ profile] sushineko be expecting a letter from me very soon because yours was one of the three letters written!

I have been staying on top of my letter writing this year and think the oldest letter waiting to be responded to it the middle of March. I am hoping to keep writing letters now I am feeling more chatty in postal mail because I find once I sit down and write, I don't want to stop and finish more than one letter at a time. It is a nice feeling.

I have two photshoots in the works with one this Saturday and another on the 22nd. Just have to nail down the time on the 22nd one which should be easy. I am still scrambling around trying to get more shoots and hope to fill my time with them is economy-wise...things are bleak around here.I enjoy taking photos...simple as I don't mind working on the project though some income coming in would be nice.

My friend Maz in the UK tracked down the Adam Ant autobiography I mentioned a while ago. She has sent it my way and it only cost me $18 instead of more through I cannot wait to read it because I am curious what he has to say about his life.

I actually sat down with my paper journal and wrote a but tonight. I have been very sporadic in writing but it is almost full and has a new, empty, journal waiting to take it's place. I need to get back to sorting my thoughts out on paper because it is enjoyable and personal...a rare thing in this day and age where a lot of people live a small part of their lives in public through networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And the humorous blogpost about PajamaJeans:

You may have seen the late night infomercials about them:

In the blogpost, the blogger tries them and then her husband models them as well, with much humor in those photos.  Check it out! Thanks much to [ profile] rachelraven for sharing the link on Facebook!
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It is the second day in a row online and that is a bit rare for me these days. I am just doing a lot of offline things and thinking. Nothing really worth writing about because I would not sound coherent if I did.

I am thinking of typing up a few letters on the computer since a few of my penpals have been waiting a few months for letters and I want to be speedy in answering them right now. It can be so much faster to type everything up instead of handwrite pages and pages of letter. So, that will be my project for the day and the fact I have plenty of printer ink makes it appealing, as well as doable.

I have some projects I am starting work on since the weather is getting bad and I am getting no model requests because of it. I am going to have to do another ad for the joint project for models and specify "Must be available to pose outside in colder weather" because that is what the weather is now. I am also working on getting that "kick start" to my art going that I planned for this year. I printed out some of my nature photos and may (still a huge may) use one to work on a painting in my weird abstract/impressionist style I do. I also have a project for my fashion blog which I will be working on next week when the object for the project arrives.

I am working my way through a book but haven't finished it yet. I haven't been in a 'reading' mood much lately which is odd after the amount of books I read over this year. I joined Goodreads so if you are on there feel free to add me.

I thought about trading books through Goodreads but it seems that people can just request your books and you get nothing in return. I got highly suspicious when a woman requested ALL the books I had listed at one time. Then offered nothing in return. I turned her down and delisted my books for trade. It was just totally unfair and I refuse to add to someone's collection like that and get nothing in return for my sending books. I am still looking for a good, free, site for trading books but am unsure of which is a good one where the trades are fair and horders of books do not take advantage of people who want to trade.

Other than that, things are a bit quiet here. I am liking that and trying to remain unstressed....and not online all the time.

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I have been relaxing and watching the World Cup the last two days. I was shocked at the bad reffing during the US game and that the goal was taken away when there was no penalty. I have also been shaking my head at all the "diving and crying" that players (from many countries) are doing. Just pathetic. Still, I am enjoying watching the games even if I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch them.

It was nice and sunny for two days, now we have a downpour going on as I write this and have all morning. It has given me a chance to write more letters and read my new books I got yesterday. I was able to get letter written to Maz (UK), Helena (UK), and Naya (Finland). This means I am a bit more caught up on letters. I hope to write another while I wait for True Blood to end up online tonight. I also read a book (Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson) and will be reading "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" next.

Other than that, it has been quite quiet here. So, I have nothing else to write about.

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I have been busy updating my fashion blog and writing a blog for The Tastemaker Diaries. Glad to get that all done and hope my posts get accepted at stylefeeder. I shall have to wait and see.

It's been a cold day with the temperatures only reaching 20 (F) and a cold wind chill. The puddles outside are frozen solid and it is the kind of day best spent indoors, cuddled under a blanket, reading or watching movies.

I have decided to do a major clean-up of my room and to put together the DVD shelving I got for Christmas, this weekend. I need to de-clutter and get rid of the dust because I feel really crammed into this room which is not a good thing. I hate that "surrounded by clutter" feeling. It is time to try and remedy that a bit.

I managed to get another letter written to Birna in Iceland last night. It went on for 9 pages, so I was definitely in the writing mood! I popped it into the mail today and it is on the way to her. Hopefully, it won't take a month to get to her like my Christmas card did.

I have been listening to a lot of Sigur Rós today. Thought I would share the song that I keep re-playing on my Itunes by the band:

I am now off to finish up online because I want to not be online all night tonight.
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LOST was great last night. Really am happy with this season and where it is going! It makes me excited to see the tv show every week.

I am still reading Soul Mountain and making progress in it. It is very descriptive and can go on a surreal tip when it comes to the writing style every once and a while but, I am enjoying it. I am already trying to figure out what to read next. I tend to do that when I get about halfway through a boot because I know I will only pick up speed in reading as I near the end.

Managed to get a letter written to
[Bad username or unknown identity: goddessofchaos] last night. It was nice to sit down and write a letter. I need to start answering letters again since the holidays has given me a small pile of letters that need to be answered. I am starting to run low on the Japanese stationary I bought in Seattle so may have to find some online that I like. I found a cool site for this type of stationary but I will hold off a bit in buying any until I am almost totally out of the stash I already have from Seattle. Maybe I will get over to Seattle and hit up Daiso again for stationary before I have to order some online.

I feel like I am doing quite a lot and not a lot at the same time when it comes to my life. I have accomplished cleaning my room, cleaning the bathroom, doing all my laundry, going through my clothing, watching all the movies I had waiting to be watched, started reaidng the pile of books that were waiting to be read, blogged for
stylefeeder, and have started answering letters. I just feel like it is not enough sometimes. I would like to take photos but I haven't the chance to. I want to take portraits and there is just no one to take photos of for this. It leaves me feeling a bit creatively dead because I cannot do what I am good at. It is frustrating.

I have become a bit addicted to
Twitter. It is like that "What are you doing now?" blurb you write on Facebook except you can interact with all sorts of people and share links and ideas. I have a lot of fashion careered people I follow as well as artists. It is like a shorter version of the old "post chat" that was around before javascript chatrooms. The fun thing is you can "tweet" (comment on Twitter) from you cellphone. It's not for everyone but I quite enjoy it because it is interactive and you can choose who you "follow" (friend to interact with). There are quite a few real celebrities that are on Twitter as well. So, that is something new I am currently interested in.

I still have the Yahoo! group I am owner of on moderated posting. Things have calmed down there now but I want to wait to take it off moderated until a month or so has passed since the unpleasantness. Give it ample time to stay settled down. I had to ban about 10 people and three left in a huff. It got really bad because the original "shit-stirrers" got others worked up about other things so it became a "finger pointing about any little offense real or imagined" frenzy. After the women involved where either banned or left....things quickly quieted down. The three that left I have on ban as well in case they try to rejoin using the same Yahoo! id in the future. Stuff like this happens in varying intensities every few months. It's like the people who are always online get paranoid or bored (or both) and decide to create drama to amuse themselves. Thank god this wave of trouble is over there at the group.

I am still trying to think up another post for
Tastemaker Diaries. I have ideas but none of them have solidified yet into a post. I am leaning toward a "shoe" post because there have been a lot of cool shoes I have seen out online. But, we will see what I end up posting about next when I sit down to actually write the post. I will try and write it this weekend. It is so daunting to think up a post and now stylefeeder wants two a month per contributor. I know that isn't hard to do but it makes it a bit hard to get ideas sometimes when there is expectations like that.

Okay, I must wrap this entry up and get on with my day. I have a few things I need to do.

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As the title of this entry says, I just finished the last letter that needed answering and it is in the mail with the other two I wrote yesterday!

I am officially all caught up on my letter writing for the first time in years!

My penpal Maz in England has sent me a letter (found the message about it on Facebook today) but other than that...I don't know of any other letters headed my way yet. Maybe I will be able to answer them a bit quicker when they arrive since I am not horribly busy at the moment.

I can now take a breather and then start sending out Christmas cards.


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First, my comment on LOST last night:


Ben Linus has lost his crown as "King of the Island". He is not very happy about it either. 

Locke's backstory was so full of info it is amazing.

He drew the smoke monster as a kid! He was chosen by the Others as a kid to be the next leader!

So exciting and only two episodes of the show left for the season!

As for the seems my intro for Tastemaker's went missing after I sent it. Ugh! Damn site updates screwing things up! Now  may have to rewrite a whole intro blog! Ah happens. Just hope I can remember the jest of the blog when I rewrite it.

I need to work on writing a few letters this weekend. I have two postcards on the way to my friend Kirst in New Zealand and the guy I swap postcards with in Thailand. Now to get Stine's letter finished, a letter written to a new pal in France, and one to a pal in Italy written. I will have the time so I will definitely work on those letters.

Not sure if I will be going to the movies this weekend. Waiting for Destry to give me a call back. None of the new films look that interesting and I want to see if any catch his eye. 

Everyone keeps telling me to see "Ironman" but I just wasn't impressed with the trailers or the fact they have
Robert Downey Jr. as an action hero. Plus, Ironman? I never even was aware of that comicbook character until I saw the trailers for the movie. I am so not feeling this film.

I started reading the book by Barack Obama "The Audacity of Truth". It doesn't tell me much new info on him but it is nice to see he is a moderate Democrat who believes in manners and morals. Makes me glad I have chosen to vote for him.

Beyond that...things are quiet here.

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The eye...still annoying and with major issues. Please send positive vibes my way that it improves and gets back to normal. It is slightly better than last week but still blurry, causing headaches, and eye strain pain. I am done with the course of eye drops and if it doesn't vastly improve by Wednesday...I am heading back to the eye doctor.

I did watch the Oscars last night because tv watching causes less eye strain than using the computer. There were some surprises...some valid wins....and some cool dresses. And one or two bad ones like Diablo Cody looking like a Flintstone's hooker and Jennifer Hudson badly needing to support her breasts and ignoring the fact her dress didn't. It was a fun watch and it made me want to be there sometime again! I think that every year.

I have been catching up on my letter writing. It is nice and since that doesn't strain my eye too much, it is pleasant to be writing letters. Letters are off to Birna in Iceland, Danka in Serbia, Emily in Australia, Maz in the UK, Andrea in Holland, and I am in the middle of writing a letter to Conny in Holland. I have a few more letters waiting to be answered and hope to get too them very soon.

Other than's been a bit quiet here and I have a huge craving for sushi!
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It's late at night, I cannot sleep, and my computer is being a royal pain in the ass with freezing up. I have been writing letters because I am trying to get caught up while I am in the letter writing mood. So, everyone I owe a letter to should be getting one fairly soon unless my letter writing mood ceases. 

Nothing much has happened today though around 1 a.m. I had to turn on the outside, back, light because coyotes were yipping it up and hanging around the back fence. It was unnerving Kaiya, our husky, a  bit and I knew that flicking on the back light would get the coyotes moving on to other places. Turning on the light seems to have worked because they instantly shut up and Kaiya went back to sleep on the lounge on the back deck. 

I have been e.mailing back and forth with Alicia since we are plotting meeting up in November in San Diego. I truly plan to be down there by then but am making other plans, hotel reservations included, in case I am not. Heck, even if I live down there I wouldn't mind staying a few days in Old Town at a hotel! I am looking forward to meeting up with Alicia and we should have a lot of fun. Plus, I get to miss the stress of Thanksgiving at home with the family. It will be a bit strange but in the long run, it will be nicer not to deal with the family stress of that holiday with Christmas so soon afterward.

Jun has this week and the weekend and then he is off to Seattle with the tour group...and then back to Japan. It has been nice having him here and he is enjoying himself a lot. He is talking of coming back with his wife to visit and my parents think that would be cool.

Not much else has been going on here but that is okay. I need some "me" time and I am getting it. It's nice to rediscover myself and who I am now.
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I was in a letter writing mood tonight so wrote two letters which I will mail out with the letter I wrote last night to my Greek penpal. I typed the two letters because I wanted to write quickly since they have been waiting about 4 months for an answer from me. I usually don't type but I just wanted to get them out quickly and typing is faster than handwriting. So, one handwritten and two typed letters ready to go out to Canada, Belgium, and Greece.

Now to get to the other letters I have waiting for me to answer them.
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I tackled the really dusty corner of my room tonight and got it all cleaned up and least as much as it can be straightened with lack of space I have since I live in one room. I need to vacuum really badly but that involves moving furniture since I want to make sure to get any hidden spiderwebs. I think that will be my plan for the next week. I will clean the rest of my room and vacuum really good because it has been ages since I have done either. 

I also need to go through my books and see if there are any that I no longer want that I can sell on I like having a lot of books but there are some I know I will never read again. Why keep them around when they could be sold to other people who would enjoy them more than I do? I am definitely not a "hoarder" anymore since I ended up in my Grandma's house for 9 months with all her crammed to the ceiling stuff and useless stuff she had bought packed tight into shelves. It cured me of the need to hold onto everything forever. So, I will continue to get rid of stuff I no longer use or need no matter if it is in good condition. Heck, if someone else likes it and uses it, it's better than me hanging onto it and it being wasted on a closet shelf, never used.

Need to get a few letters written this weekend so I can stay ahead of my mail more this year. I am making an effort to stay in contact with people more and not let letters stick around in my "need to answer" pile forever. So, that can be a thing to do for me this weekend. I need to dig out the cool stationary to write letters because I haven't in a while. I have been in the mood to use regular, lined, paper. It is easy and has a lot of writing room so I just haven't bothered with pretty stationary even though I have a ton of it. It's what is in the letter that is important anyways...not what the paper is like it is written on. At least that is how I feel about it.

Anyways, I am off to get caught up on some sites online.

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