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I feel a bit accomplished today because yesterday I wrote two letters and they are waitng to be sent out in the mail. I have been thinking a lot about writing letters and only have about 3 to write so it was nice to sit down and write. It is weird that the older I get, the more I have to be in the exact state of mind to want to write letters. I mean it is something I love to do but I cannot force myself to do it, I have to want to do it. So, getting two done in one sitting was a great thing.

I have been reading a lot recently. I am liking being able to read and being able to just lose myself in a book. I am currently reading New York: A Novel by Edward Rutherfurd and really enjoying it. I am always a fan of historical novels and Rutherfurd does a pretty good job with the genre and his following family trees through history. I have read three of his other book: Sarum, Russkia, and London. All were fun to read and I need to read Forest next...because I missed it when it was released.

I am also awaiting the broadcast of the new series Game of Thrones. I have read the first book in that series and am wanting to read the second book as well. It is definitely a fun read and I am looking forward to the series on tv to see how it translated to screen. There are some aspects of the book I want to see if they make it to air since they are rather replusive to most people. Namely the twincest that goes on between two messed up siblings who are power hungry. If that makes it to air, even on HBO, I will be shocked. It is an important part og the story when it comes to the two characters because it sets off an important event or two and shows how deeply disturbed the two characters are. So, it should be an interesting series to watch and I hope it keeps my interest unlike the crappy Camelot where I was only liking Morgan le Fey, The actress that plays her is excellent...too bad the actor who plays Arthur is out of his depth.

And with that, I will end this entry and head off to do other things online.

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I finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo just in time for my package from with the Keats' books to arrive today. I thought the book to be good but, it dragged a bit at the end after the mystery of the missing girl was finished. The book did make me want to check out The Girl Who Played With Fire which is Larsson's second book in the trilogy.

I, of course, quickly opened the Amazon package and devoured Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne in one sitting. The letters were very interesting though voyeuristic in nature and Brawne's are lost since all the letters she sent him were buried with Keats when he died. It was interesting to read about their love affair and how she mourned him for 5 years after his death in black clothing and did not marry until she was 33. She and Keats had a three year love affair and secret engagement. He was 23 when he met her, she 18. So, from 20 until she was 33 she must have been "getting over Keats" though she never took off the ring he gave her (she was buried in it), kept all his letters (and they were "well read" in appearance), and she walked the moors that she and Keats walked the rest of her life. Imagine that....and from reading his letters it is easy to understand why. They are just bursting with love and affection...worry about what would become of her if he died...not wanting to die and leave her in the world because heaven was with her...ect. Of course, all well written since he was a poet. This book is definitely worth a read and I probably shall re-read it in the future.

I have another book to read Collected Poems and Selected Letters of John Keats that I will apply my new interest of poetry to the reading of. From the few poems that are in the book I have already read...Keats was into fairy, elf, and Greek mythology in his poem's imagery. It makes for strange reading and I find it best to read sections out loud because it makes them easier to understand the imagery. So, this will be my next reading I do.

I also received the first season of The IT Crowd on DVD which I am happy about since I have only have the seasons in format to play on computer. Time to start buying it on DVD so I can watch it on a proper tv screen. I will be watching this over the next few days and pondering buying seasons 2 and 3.

I have been writing letters every night and am almost caught up with my correspondence. This makes me happy because it means that I will get letters in return. I am in the mood to read other people's news and happenings these days. I also am loving the feel of a fountain pen in my hand as it moves over paper when I write. I am just in a writing mood.

Okay, and now I am heading off to finish up with online activities.

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The PUMA shoes I ordered with my Christmas money came 4 sizes too small! How the heck does a 8.5 size become a 5.5 size??? I went and looked on the website and the style and colour are no longer there! I called the help center and they claim that the shoes are just "out of stock" and told me to "keep checking in the next 30 days". I think that is code for "we are never getting them back, ever". I am thinking they are permanently gone. I cannot even get shoes I order in the right size without a place making a typing mistake and sending me the wrong size. What the heck??? It's like nothing, no matter how small, is ever easy for me. It is so frustrating!

So, I guess I will keep checking and checking the website. And sending the shoes back because they look like kids shoes next to my feet. *Sigh*

I managed to get three letters written in the last 2 days and will try to write another tonight. I hope to get caught up on my letter writing and make a dent in the small pile of letters I got in Christmas cards. I think I shall write Birna's letter tonight since she said that my Christmas card took a month to reach her in Iceland while hers took only 3 days to reach me. I want to get that letter done and traveling.

Okay, off to get some things done.

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 I got a new post accepted and posted at The Tastemaker Diaries. So that is cool.

I have been watching a tv show called
"Summer Heights High" on Youtube. It was written about in actor Simon Pegg's blog at Myspace and I checked it out and it is pretty funny. I have to say....the actor who plays "Ja'mie" has the weirdest accent though. I am sure it is suppose to be that way but, ugh! He sounds Australian but also like the character is trying to be very "O.C." (the tv show) in the way she speaks. The overuse of the word "Random" by the character is very American as of about...4 years ago.The whole show is totally funny so check it out if you get a chance.

Managed to get two letters written yesterday and off in the mail. That was nice. I am going to work on getting caught up since I have quite a few letters to be answered.

Beyond that nothing much is going on.

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...listening to The Happy Mondays while answering emails that have been waiting for answering....and writing a letter or two to boot.

Emily has a letter coming her way....and I got a letter from Birna today! Yay!

It's snowing still and the forecast is snow on through to Friday and then a very cold weekend so that the snow doesn't melt. Perfect for my plans to take snow photos and possibly head downtown this weekend to take some snow photos down there as well.

Nice mellow evening.


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:04 am
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...I haven't much to write about today.

I have sent out letters to Birna in Iceland and Conny (who sent me her new address, thank goodness!) in The Netherlands. I got a cool letter from Sebbie in Finland with a copy of a Finnish 1930s movie included! I watched that last night and enjoyed it. I will soon be writing to Anatasia in Greece and then i am caught up to letters I have received in the last few weeks. 

Went driving earlier and saw a few deer plus just got some drive time in. I still have to be taught to parallel park, and my mum has to get the crack fixed in her windshield, before I can attempt the driving test. I am so ready for it and want to be able to just jump in a car and go out taking photos without having to take the bus or be driven where I want to go. Just get away and take photos...sounds like heaven right now.

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn colours for Fall. I am sad about this because it means the warm days are numbered. I am so not a fan of cold weather and snow. :(

I have been spending too much time on Facebook and stylefeeder. It takes up most of my online time at the moment. It probably will until a new interesting site comes along and catches my eye. I am so fickle like that.

That is all. I am off to wander the Internet.

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