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I have made good on my cutting back time on the Internet. I was finding myself logging online and then mindlessly surfing the Internet for hours. It had become a total time suck for me so I decided to cut back on online time so I could do things away from the computer. I am happy with the decision because I am starting to doodle a bit in sketchbooks, read a lot, and starting to sort my books out (to get rid of books I no longer want).

It is a nice feeling and is rather freeing. I don't have to read crappy Facebook status updates pushing wacky political agendas or bringing their drama to Facebook. I hate that crap. I know that they feel the need to share but it brings down my day to have to read that stuff and I feel a bit repelled by it. I also have had really not cool male interactions online in the last few days, mainly on Twitter with clueless guys trying to date me or tell me what to do with my life. It made me burn out on being online for a few days and really just want some me time. So, being away from online can be a good thing because I feel more in touch with real life and the beginnings of being in touch with my creativity again.

I have also started writing in paper journals again...just for me. I am finding it a good way to sort the stuff running through my brain out and to not feel the need to write for an audience or censor myself because people will read it. I am liking that a lot and will try and keep it up at least every few days if not daily.

I did watch a movie last night. Thor: The Dark World:

I was very disappointed in the film. It was just taking itself way too seriously and lacked a lot of humor that the first one had. It is like now that Thor is a member of the Avengers, he has to be all serious which is not what this franchise is about. The bad guys in this movie were weaker than Loki and that is really saying something since Loki is amusing but not a scary, evil, bad guy in my book. I guess the feeling I have that sums up my reaction to the film? It lacks a sense of fun. That is not a good thing.

I have 12 Years A Slave to watch as well as Frozen, which my mum bought on DVD (and she hated it! This means I will probably like it). That should keep me busy tonight.

And with that, I am off to answer emails.
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I am finally back online after being blocked by the ISP yesterday. It seems my dad has a horribly virus ridden computer that was attacking every website he visited with virus'. That made our ISP block us from the Internet after one of the sites reported our IP and account as a malicious attack source. We had told dad over and over again not to use his computer on our Internet connection until he had it looked at but he refused to listen so we had to make sure to virus scan every computer in the house to make sure it wasn't one of them. My dad insisted it wasn't him but, surprise (said in the most sarcastic tone possible), it was his computer! So he is barred from using the Internet on his laptop and we got our ISP to unblock us from Internet access. Still, what a headache!

I had time to watch movies so did just that.

I was not impressed with it. It seemed very familiar and I found out that it has an American remake that I saw a few years back and hated. I kept thinking..."Kick the cheating cheater out of your life...who cares if you are pregnant. He boinked a 18 year old and he is 30!" Of course the woman didn't and i threw my hand sup in the air and went, "NOOO!!!" and it solidified my hate for this film. Ugh!

I then saw:

It tells three love stories with very little dialog; one set in the 1960s, another in 1911, and one in 2005.  The one in 1911 is told 'silent film' style with title cards and all. It was a pretty film to watch but it had me distanced quite a bit from what was going on. I liked the 60s and modern stories the best. The 60s story had a sweet ending and the modern one reminded me of people I knew when in my early 20s...their lifestyles. So, not a bad film but not really exciting either.

The last film:

I really liked this film! It is based on a true story and it was wonderfully done. I really want to see a live ballet performance now that is NOT The Nutcracker. Spokane only has The Nutcracker ever for local ballet performances around Christmas time. I really recommend this film because it was well done and made me really understand the dancer, Li's, life and decision. Huge thumbs up for this film.

I will be watching True Blood tonight and then another film I have on DVD from the library.

Oh, and I did go to the sketching meet-up and will post a few photos of the location in a "friends only" post either tonight or tomorrow night. I am scrambling to catch up with online stuff at the moment due to the lack of being able to get online first.
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I have been quiet for the last few days due to not being online for long. I am just not in an online mood and have been trying to get out of the house more.

I am working on plans to do a joint project with my friend Carlo. I will be taking photos of people in superhero (or super villain) outfits around town and then carlo will draw them, comicbook style. I already have some people interested and am trying to set up photoshoots.

There will be no money for me out of this upfront. It will just be me keeping busy and having fun. It will be put into a book, ideally, in the end so I have that to work towards. First I have to get the test shoots out of the way and find my style before I approach more strangers to pose for this. So, I am hoping to start on the project by the end of this week.

Beyond that, things have been quiet. The temperature did a nose-dive, Spokane fashion, over the last two days from 95 (F) to the lower 60s (F). It is suppose to heat up again by the end of the week so it is not staying cold and Fall-like for long. I am sad to see summer end because, though I hate the heat without a/c, the summer is my favorite time of year.

I have been reading a lot recently...just re-reading books I have. I need new reading material but haven't been out to purchase any. I also have been taking a lot of walks and watching a little tv. Yeah, pretty low-key stuff but I see it as saving up energy to do the photoshoots that I have lining up.

Okay, time to answer the last few emails I have in inboxes and head to get some food.

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I have had to stop reading about the oil spill disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico because it was just raising my blood-pressure too much, as well as making me angry. There is nothing I can do about it and it is so frustrating to see BP who is responsible running ads on the tv trying to do damage control on their public image. That was money they should be spending on cleaning up the spill and not on pulling the fake "OMG! We are so so sorry, please like us still!" act they put forth on the ads. This whole thing makes me angry and seeing the oil covered animals, marshes, and beaches royally pisses me off and makes me sad. So, I am trying to not seek out news on the event to keep myself from being constantly angry about it because the anger does nothing.

I am feeling the post-LOST sadness today as well because it is the second week in a row where there is no LOST at 9 p.m. I know this will fade and be replaced by True Blood excitement since that show started up this coming Sunday!!! That is something that I look forward to. They have another LOST Minisode out:

I love it because it hints at something that happens in the books...and looks like will be introduced this season! Yay!

My dad got a second part-time job. He has a lot of experience so he gets hired of part-time jobs dealing with the public and talking about products in garden/pet care. This new job is at Fred Meyer and he starts this morning. At least this keeps him busy and brings a bit of money in for my parents. he likes to be busy and drives people crazy when he is home all the time.

The single ladies group I went to see SATC2 with are going to Japanese food at Shogun this coming Saturday. I am not sure I will be able to go because it is all the way across town and I have no way of getting there at night. The downside of living in a city with a crappy transportation system and where everyone lives far from where I do way out here in the northern suburbs. I would love to go though because I have never been to Shogun and they cook the food right there in front of you!

And now I will attempt to head and get some food and then read a little this morning. My sleep pattern is all kinds of messed up and I am going to try to fix that starting today.

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 My new daily planner is working out well for me. I put in some things I need to get done every day and then check them off as I do them. I haven't any big plans put in there yet but, it's nice to get into the practice of keeping track of daily activities for when I do get busy. It has made me a more frequent blog poster at my fashion blog for sure. I just wish I had more interesting things to say about fashion right now.

I had another instance of a guy who has contacted me way back in Sept. through a dating site and vanished when his ex.girlfriend came back around, recontact me via email yesterday. I just cannot be bothered to want to talk to him because I have never been one to wait around for men who won't let go of the exes. So, that email went directly to the garbage. I don't want to get involved with a guy who may go back to the ex. when she whistles for him at any time. No thank you.

Ended up reading "Dark Assassin" by Anne Perry quite a bit last night. I am now halfway through the book. It is a bit slow going for me because I love the book, but the writing is a bit formal since it is set in Victorian times in England. I have to really be in the mood to read in that style and put up with characters following social conventions of the time period (because they are lower class than the people involved in the crimes they investigate) as they try to solve a mystery. I am not sure what I will read next, but whatever book it is, I will start keeping track of books I read in 2010 by making a list at LJ for that purpose.

I find myself getting envious of friends going on trips to other countries this year. I will not be able to and I know this. I need to move and all my money will go to that...and then I have to get established in the new place so not the time for overseas ventures. I am starting to think I will never get the chance to travel overseas. Like the only way it will happen is if I marry a guy who likes to travel the world because life is just not allowing for me to do it on my own. That being said, I could never marry a homebody who didn't like to travel. I practically roll my eyes in annoyance when a guy starts on his "When I was young I traveled a lot but now... am settled and a homebody" style speech. I have to say, that is one of my "deal breakers" in dating. I would never be happy staying at home, never traveling anywhere, and just working, eating, sleeping, repeat for the rest of my life. Even thinking of that makes me feel the "cage door" slamming shut. 


This is probably why I am not really interested in having kids...because it makes a woman have to take a HUGE time out on life to raise a kid. There are just other things in life I want to do besides change diapers, nurse a kid, wipe up spit-ups, wish the child would sleep through the night so I could get some rest, ect. I want to travel, make art, have a career with my photography, and enjoy being able to take trips with little planning. I would feel trapped if forced into being a housewife who raised kids. So, I have to have that freedom while being settled into a relationship with a guy who wants to explore the world and share life with me. 

Okay, enough rambling. I need to get a few things online done and then head off to read a little bit.

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The world amuses me.

Seriously. I am always surprised at the jumps to conclusions people have about people they do not know and the assumptions they make. The internet is full of this and it never ceases to amuse me. It can be annoying when it is directed at me, the assumptions and conclusions, but I see the humor when it is directed at someone else. It seems logic is left at the door when some people log onto the Internet. I always remind myself of this fact whenever I blunder upon a speculationfest in progress. is always surprising as are the people in it.

I am probably going to take my written driver's test tomorrow or on Tuesday. I am pretty sure I will pass it. I will then concentrate on driving and learning the skills for the driving test so I can move asap. I have hit boredom level with my life and I need to shake it up and change it. That includes a change of scenery. Wish me luck.

Some music to play into the night:


Jun. 12th, 2009 12:32 pm
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I went to North Idaho yesterday so...I will be posting some photos from that later.

I do not have jury duty today and am getting very annoyed at having to call in every day to see if I am needed the next day....and will have to do this next week as well. I wish they just used people who were interested in serving on a jury instead of forcing everyone to because it is more a pain than fun.

Doing my laundry and hanging around the house.

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 "Ghost Hunters" is on tonight and I think it is the season finale. I also may re-watch "Atonement" because I love this film. I still find msyelf looking at Keira Knightley's bracelet when she is wearing the green dress. I need a bracelet like that. :)

Eye continues to slowly improve. Hoping it will be near normal in a week or two so I can start taking photos again.

Life seems so much "freer" now I know I don't have a super scary illness. It's a weight off my mind.

Anyways, off to eat dinner.

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