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I have had to stop reading about the oil spill disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico because it was just raising my blood-pressure too much, as well as making me angry. There is nothing I can do about it and it is so frustrating to see BP who is responsible running ads on the tv trying to do damage control on their public image. That was money they should be spending on cleaning up the spill and not on pulling the fake "OMG! We are so so sorry, please like us still!" act they put forth on the ads. This whole thing makes me angry and seeing the oil covered animals, marshes, and beaches royally pisses me off and makes me sad. So, I am trying to not seek out news on the event to keep myself from being constantly angry about it because the anger does nothing.

I am feeling the post-LOST sadness today as well because it is the second week in a row where there is no LOST at 9 p.m. I know this will fade and be replaced by True Blood excitement since that show started up this coming Sunday!!! That is something that I look forward to. They have another LOST Minisode out:

I love it because it hints at something that happens in the books...and looks like will be introduced this season! Yay!

My dad got a second part-time job. He has a lot of experience so he gets hired of part-time jobs dealing with the public and talking about products in garden/pet care. This new job is at Fred Meyer and he starts this morning. At least this keeps him busy and brings a bit of money in for my parents. he likes to be busy and drives people crazy when he is home all the time.

The single ladies group I went to see SATC2 with are going to Japanese food at Shogun this coming Saturday. I am not sure I will be able to go because it is all the way across town and I have no way of getting there at night. The downside of living in a city with a crappy transportation system and where everyone lives far from where I do way out here in the northern suburbs. I would love to go though because I have never been to Shogun and they cook the food right there in front of you!

And now I will attempt to head and get some food and then read a little this morning. My sleep pattern is all kinds of messed up and I am going to try to fix that starting today.

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I was wandering and reading blogs I check in on from time to time and read this on Jorge Garcia's blog.

Jorge played "Hurley" on LOST and his dog Nunu was in a photo/video (cannot remember which) with his character in one of the final episodes.  I have been reading Jorge's blog since he started keeping it and Nunu was featured often. So, when I saw the post it actually made me tear up. It's always so sad to lose a pet and I feel for his lose.

It seems a lot of people I know are losing pets these days. It always makes me sad and reading this blog post made me sad. Time to go and find something online to cheer me up.

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Pretty good fanmade video about LOST where fans talk about the show and what it means to them before viewing the finale.
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ABC came out to explain the wreckage shots under the closing credits of the LOST finale.

Hint: It was nothing important and was there to let fans decompress before the local news came on.

I had figured that out right away since the wreckage disappeared in season 1.

Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of this tacked on confusing thing (to some people) in this video:

Final LOST

May. 24th, 2010 01:24 am
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I am very satisfied with the ending.

The bookending the series with Jack, the bamboo grove, Vincent, and Jack's eye closing. EXCELLENT!

Jack having Vincent there with him...made me bawl. I cried so many times during this episode...every time one of the characters had a flashback to the Island and who they loved and what they had experienced on the island. It made me cry.

I am satisfied with the ending but am sad it is over and the story is done.

It's the end of a long will be missed.
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I feel so much second-hand embarrassment at how boring, awful, and horribly acted the episode was. I have been a LOST fan since the very beginning and feel disappointed in the quality of this episode all the way across the board!

I had to force myself to keep watching and not turn off the tv with the stilted acting jobs the actors did and the horribly written and boring storyline. The whole episode was so un-necessary.

Big thumbs down from me and I will NEVER watch this episode again and treat it like it doesn't exist.
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I gave in and did it for my peace of mind....

I purchased and downloaded "Go" by Jonsi on Itunes and it now is on my Ipod. I have also been listening to it continuously on my Itunes while online. It is beautiful, haunting, and it relaxes me. So, it was a "peace of mind" purchase.

Also, how good is LOST now that it is winding down???? I am loving it and cannot wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch the final season all over, minus the commercials. I will be sad to see this show go since I have followed it since it's creation and debut at Comic Con way back when. I love, love, love, this show!

*wraps herself in her cheetah print blanket, listens to Jonsi, and mellows out*

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LOST was interesting last night. I saw a woman on a message board point out that the date on Claire's ultrasound was exactly one month later than the plane the off-island timeline is missing a month. This leads me to believe that it was a different plane. Very interesting.

I got seasons 1 and 2 of The IT Crowd on DVD in the mail today and will be watching them later tonight. I got most of my online activities done early this morning so, have no reason to be on the computer for very long tonight. Just as well because the computer is making weird "clicking noises" that freeze the screen for a split second. No idea what caused that but they started after an update to javascript so until I figure that out, I will consider that as the cause. So, annoying and worrying since I haven't had problems with the computer for over a year.

I have started really getting into the poetry of John Keats and enjoying the sound of the sentences. I find it is more enjoyable to just read the poetry and not try to puzzle out what is being said since in most cases that is not clear. Poetry does not have to mean something and captures feelings, as well as impressions of situations or surroundings. I have to keep reminding myself of that as I read so, I don't go "What the hell?" when something seems really odd in the writing. So, far, that approach is working and I am about to start reading Endymion which is a very long poem by Keats. I will try to put aside the time to read it in one sitting, if possible, since it is pretty long and was released originally in it's own book.

My post at Tastemaker Diaries is up which is nice. I also have been updating my fashion blog a lot too. I am enjoying writing about fashion these days. It really keeps me feeling positive. I think I will continue to do so and have an idea for another post for stylefeeder.

Okay, I am heading off to watch Ghost Hunters International and then starting on watching The IT Crowd.

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My mum is now into The IT Crowd. She blew through the first season episodes last night and now is awaiting the arrival of season 2 and 3 which I ordered through Amazon on DVD. I am loving this show and it's ability to make me laugh out loud. That is rare for a tv show to do to me.  I cannot wait for the season 2 and 3 to show up...they have been shipped as of yesterday.

I am reading a collection of John Keats' poems and having a tiny bit of struggle with the long ones that are all about fairies and mythological creatures. He seems to make the most sense to me in the shorter poems he writes though I can see the beauty in the words of his poems and that he has talent. I do find the poems easier to understand when I read them out loud but, them that makes sense since they are sort of made to be recited. I will keep reading them though I may break up the reading with other I am doing with the Sagas of the Icelanders. Some types of writing just need to be taken in slow doses.

I have updated my If You're Into It blog yet again and people seem to be actually commenting more often. I didn't update it last night because the last post has stirred some commenting and I want to let that die off before I post again. I know exactly the post I will make....because I am coveting this clutch I saw last night and keep chanting to myself "I do not need this. I will not buy this." to keep myself from clicking "buy". It's a going out purse and I don't go out in the evening right now or on dates because Spokane does not offer good night life or guys to date. So, I don't NEED the clutch...I just want it. Must not buy it on impulse. Must not....

LOST is on tonight and I cannot wait to see it. The show just keeps getting better and better. I will miss it when it comes to an end and probably cry and use up a box of kleenix. I am big crier when it comes to movies/tv shows. I actually cried a little when Charlie yelled "I was supposed to die!" in the last episode because I was so mad at douchebag Jack for taking Charlie's island time away from him. Jack needs to die! Such a whiny douchebag! So self-absorbed and hurting those around him more than he helps.

Okay, off to finish up on some online stuff and then maybe write a letter.


Feb. 2nd, 2010 07:20 pm
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And...the countdown to LOST starts!

Almost an hour and 1/2 away and I cannot wait. It shall be a 2 hour opener and I have been waiting for ages for this show to come back on! Excitement!

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I have been taking some time off from online and diving into the world of LOST rewatch on DVD. It is nice to not be tied to online at the moment since people can be at the most attacking around the holidays. I want to avoid that because I saw it starting up at sites around the Internet. With all that is going on with my immediate family...I don't outside stresses.

I am almost done with the LOST rewatch and watched it for a long time yesterday ot the point where I am almost done with season 5. I am picking up on things I never saw the first time around. That makes the rewatch fun. :)

I also made a sell and a trade with two of my books. $5 will be added to my account for the book sell and the book I traded will be added to my "To Read" stack. I have quite a few books ot start reading when I am done with the LOST rewatch and am looking forward to it. It should help on snowy days which are forecast for the days around Christmas.

I did some driving yesterday in 12 (F) temperatures and will continue to do so...even after the snow falls. Probably after the streets get cleared. I am aiming to move after the holidays so aiming to get my license before that. Wish me luck and cross you fingers.

Okay, off I go to get a little caught up online before diving back into LOST.
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Well, it got up to a balmy 15 (F) today. The skies were clear all day with sun but it didn't warm anything up at all. We are to dip well below 0 (F) tonight so, I will be trying to stay warm under the comforter while reading a book. It is suppose to stay VERY cold until the weekend so it will be a long, cold, week.

I got the email today that my Season 5 of LOST DVD set was shipped today! I cannot wait to get it and refresh my memory on this past season. I also am curious on what the extras on it will be. I heard talk of a "Day In The Life of Sawyer" documentary on the extras. That should be amusing to watch.

I am still pondering what to write about for my second fashion blog post. I am thinking on talking about tights since it is cold in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern, where it is turning to summer, there are still cool evenings in places where tights can be worn if they are the right weight. Then again, I may change my mind and write about something else.

My friend Maz, who loves oasis with all her heart, posted this demo of an oasis song on her Facebook today:

This is one of the cases where you can see the beauty in the song when it is stripped down to just vocals and guitars. Wow! If this is where this song started...I can see why the band was signed in the first place. It can almost stand on it's own without all the extras recording it in a studio add.

And with that, off I head to answer emails and surf the Internet for fashion blog ideas.
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I made the trek to the post office and got my Christmas cards mailed. Still have a few "pending cards" I may send if I get cards from a few people. You may have guessed by my waiting that I haven't heard from some people in ages and am waiting to see if they are "still alive" so to speak. I still have a lot of stamps...I bought a TON of stamps to make sure to cover all the can relax and have a bit of fun. Maybe hit up people on [info]holiday_wishes who want to received Christmas cards. It would be fun to brighten someone's Christmas that way...especially with so many people losing jobs and having slim Christmas' because of the economy.

I did quite a bit of driving this afternoon and saw so many deer. The deer were really out in force today because it was overcast and very cold. We only got up to 25 (F) today and are to dip down to 0 tonight. I am starting to relax again when driving and this weekend and next week I will be driving more...and practicing parallel parking.

I got yet another person addicted to True Blood. My friend in California who was bored online and Immed me asking if I knew of any tv shows he could watch since he had seen all the ones he knew of and liked. I suggested True Blood and he is now hooked and can't wait for the new season. It's amusing to log on to IM and have a message from him saying something like "OMG! A big ass egg in the middle of the bed????" I makes me laugh.

I am almost doe with season 2 of LOST in my rewatch before the finale season starts in Feb. The show really got vastly better in the second season when Ben Linus was introduced and with all the happenings with the tail section survivors. I cannot wait to head on to the third season and watch it again.

I gifted myself again this Christmas season with these two items:

I love the read colour and the snakeprint pattern on the wallet.


The red floral pattern will brighten up the winter wardrobe I have of greys, blacks, and browns.

So, I am looking forward to receiving both those two items in the mail. They also remind me I have a major wardrobe purge to do and probably should do it this weekend.

Anyway, off to get done with online many emails and so many things to get caught up on. Hopefully something interesting will be waiting in my inboxes.

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It was my brother Russell's birthday today and we went out to a birthday Shakey's Pizza.

The place had good pizza but was LOUD and chaotic. More a family place with gaming room and everything. I don't know if I would go back there again just because the whole time I wanted to leave because of the loudness and kids running around. I think Russell wanted to go because this pizza place is in the location of the restaurant he used to work at (and that wet out of business). He was interested to see how the place was fixed up from what it was when worked there to the new restaurant. So, there we were, at a birthday dinner.

Now, I am home and just got done ordering 2 pairs of tights from GAP online. My nails put a hole in my grey tights I got last year so, I went and ordered a new grey pair, plus a black pair. It is definitely tights weather now that snow fell all afternoon. None of the snow stayed on the ground but it got me thinking about tights and wearing them. So, I await the new pairs to arrive at my door.

I have been re-watching season 4 of LOST the last few days. Season 5 is not on DVD yet or I would be watching that instead. I am just in the mood to be reminded of what is going on in LOST. Especially since most the shows I watch are in hiatus at the moment.

I have found that I no longer really dislike Evangeline Lilly. I think her acting is not the best and Kate as a character sucks but after hearing Lilly talk on the commentary for an episode...she sounds a lot like me. I think we would get along well in real life. So, I cannot just flat out dislike her anymore. So, that was an interesting thing I have experienced.

I am expecting a shipment of books in the next two days. Amazon had a few on sale that I have wanted so, I ordered them since the weather is "book weather." I go out driving in the afternoons, then come home, eat, get in my pjs, and snuggle into the comforter on the bed with a book. It is all part of my attempt to destress and it is slowly, but surely, working. I am actively trying to destress after the weekend of having my throat and face muscles tighten up due to the stress in the house. I have found that it is the house that is stressing me since I never have the issues while out and about away from home. So, more reading will be done by me and I retrain myself not to tense up when stress hits.

Okay, time to finish up online and then get in pjs and watch LOST.
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I happened upon a new ABC promo....and look who is in it:

There is a good chance Charlie will be on LOST this next season if I am guessing correctly. If so, be interesting to see how that happens.
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My photoshoot of Orion (Yes, that is his real name) went well. He knows how to pose and isn't afraid to act silly and make faces. I am going to start editing the photos tomorrow since I need to relax a little after walking all over downtown Spokane taking photos during the shoot. FUN!

I came home to find my package from which contained Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance Now With Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! Yes, it is a retelling of Austin's classic with zombie subplot added. It should be a fun read since I loved the original and love things like this..the adding to the original with silly zombie stuff. I will start reading it when I finish up with the The Subtle Knife!

On Saturday I am meeting up with a friend and seeing Adventureland at the movie theater. I am really looking forward to that! It should be fun.

LOST last night was great! I love Ben being judged by Anubis . Nice touch! LOST continues to excite me....and next week is starting the head into the season finale! Too soon!

Okay time to head offline and start reading.
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LOST was great last night. Really am happy with this season and where it is going! It makes me excited to see the tv show every week.

I am still reading Soul Mountain and making progress in it. It is very descriptive and can go on a surreal tip when it comes to the writing style every once and a while but, I am enjoying it. I am already trying to figure out what to read next. I tend to do that when I get about halfway through a boot because I know I will only pick up speed in reading as I near the end.

Managed to get a letter written to
[Bad username or unknown identity:     goddessofchaos] last night. It was nice to sit down and write a letter. I need to start answering letters again since the holidays has given me a small pile of letters that need to be answered. I am starting to run low on the Japanese stationary I bought in Seattle so may have to find some online that I like. I found a cool site for this type of stationary but I will hold off a bit in buying any until I am almost totally out of the stash I already have from Seattle. Maybe I will get over to Seattle and hit up Daiso again for stationary before I have to order some online.

I feel like I am doing quite a lot and not a lot at the same time when it comes to my life. I have accomplished cleaning my room, cleaning the bathroom, doing all my laundry, going through my clothing, watching all the movies I had waiting to be watched, started reaidng the pile of books that were waiting to be read, blogged for
stylefeeder, and have started answering letters. I just feel like it is not enough sometimes. I would like to take photos but I haven't the chance to. I want to take portraits and there is just no one to take photos of for this. It leaves me feeling a bit creatively dead because I cannot do what I am good at. It is frustrating.

I have become a bit addicted to
Twitter. It is like that "What are you doing now?" blurb you write on Facebook except you can interact with all sorts of people and share links and ideas. I have a lot of fashion careered people I follow as well as artists. It is like a shorter version of the old "post chat" that was around before javascript chatrooms. The fun thing is you can "tweet" (comment on Twitter) from you cellphone. It's not for everyone but I quite enjoy it because it is interactive and you can choose who you "follow" (friend to interact with). There are quite a few real celebrities that are on Twitter as well. So, that is something new I am currently interested in.

I still have the Yahoo! group I am owner of on moderated posting. Things have calmed down there now but I want to wait to take it off moderated until a month or so has passed since the unpleasantness. Give it ample time to stay settled down. I had to ban about 10 people and three left in a huff. It got really bad because the original "shit-stirrers" got others worked up about other things so it became a "finger pointing about any little offense real or imagined" frenzy. After the women involved where either banned or left....things quickly quieted down. The three that left I have on ban as well in case they try to rejoin using the same Yahoo! id in the future. Stuff like this happens in varying intensities every few months. It's like the people who are always online get paranoid or bored (or both) and decide to create drama to amuse themselves. Thank god this wave of trouble is over there at the group.

I am still trying to think up another post for
Tastemaker Diaries. I have ideas but none of them have solidified yet into a post. I am leaning toward a "shoe" post because there have been a lot of cool shoes I have seen out online. But, we will see what I end up posting about next when I sit down to actually write the post. I will try and write it this weekend. It is so daunting to think up a post and now stylefeeder wants two a month per contributor. I know that isn't hard to do but it makes it a bit hard to get ideas sometimes when there is expectations like that.

Okay, I must wrap this entry up and get on with my day. I have a few things I need to do.

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I have thought about and discussed last night's LOST two hour season opener.

I like the all over timeline a actually makes things make more sense...less thinking about where they are and what they are doing since you get warning of the jumps in time. Great move on the people who make LOST's part.

The Rest Behind The Cut..Complete With Spoilers! )

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I finished "Death Until Dark" and found it a bit "fluffy". They did a pretty good job adapting this book into a tv series "True Blood" because the minute Sookie sleeps with Bill the vampire in the book it becomes your usual romance novel with detailed sex scenes every few pages. Ugh.

Okay, if you hate sex descriptions, avoid this:

The worst, most "Ugh" inspiring, sex moment in the book (other than the overuse of the hot tub during sex scenes)? Bill using his blood (vampire blood speeds up healing in the book)to speed up the healing of Sookie's broken hymen (Yep, Sookie was a virgin before vampire sex) so they could have sex again immediately. Join me in making barfing noises.


Yes, the tv show is better by far.

I also read "
The Tales Of Beetle The Bard" by J.K. Rowling and found it okay. I am not a Rowling fan and admit that I find Harry Potter blah. The stories were okay but not anything overly exciting. Now I am trying to decide what to read next.

I bought
LOST Season 4
yesterday and am 3 episodes in. I had forgotten a lot of what went on at the beginning of the season so it was nice to watch it again, without commercials. I am really enjoying seeing the season again.

Other than that all is we wait for the winter storm to roll into the area and dump snow on us on Friday and Saturday.

Okay...enough of I go to get caught up with online.

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