Nov. 14th, 2016 10:08 pm
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I checked out of super scary reality last night and saw Mascots:

So weird but just what I needed. It was bizarre, wacky, and really enjoyable to watch. I loved the final competition in all is total weirdness. I mean a dancing poo that comes out of the large toilet to dance with the plumber mascot...oh my god! Has to be seem to understand the wtf joy it is.

Perfect movie to avoid reality for two hours.


Feb. 28th, 2015 07:26 pm
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I was really hoping to like Lucy.

It had potential as a story but really fell short. I was very disappointed and wished it had been a much better film than it was. It was quirky but not in a good wasy and the ending just just lame.

I have been watching The Outsiders a lot recently. I guess it is my new "comfort film" to relieve stress. Not. That I am complaining.

I have 2 dvds waiting for me on hold at the library and should be picking them up next week.

The Giver

Jan. 18th, 2015 02:08 am
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I ended up watching this movie on Friday night.

I found the movie bland and distant in emotion...yet I ended up grabbing kleenix at the end. I am not sure why I ended up crying despite the disconnect from the film. It was an interesting story and concept...I can say that. The movie was based off a book and I have been pondering watching it. I am not sure I ever will but that thought made me check out the film. I was pleasantly surprised to see Alexander Skarsgard in the movie. Nice to see he is getting work after True Blood. But beyond was a "meh" movie.

I have 4 more movies to watch and get back to the library. I will be doing this throughout the week. I am hoping I will like them better.
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I ended up watching two films that were connected to each other. The first was Marius:

It is a very old-fashioned looking movie and mode of story-telling. I got used to it but that fact never left my mind. I enjoyed the actors and found the actress who played Fanny to be gorgeous. The guy who played Marius was very handsome. The story very melodramatic and soap opera like. I enjoyed it enough to watch the second film in this series. I had to see what happened with Marius and Fanny.


Basically the same trailer because the stories intertwine. I found Marius to be a jerk in this film after being on his side in the last. Now, instead of disliking Fanny, I liked her. Switching the point of view really lets you see that there are always two sides to the story and perception of things can be very different from different people's points of view. Now, I want to see Cesar which is Marius' father's point of view. It should be coming out next year.

The films may not be for everyone because they seemed stage-play in style but they are interesting. You absolutely MUST see Marius first to understand Fanny.
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I was totally shocked to find myself enjoying this movie and liking it. I liked the snarky little comments Hansel and Gretel made. I liked the action. I liked the weirdness. I liked the characters. I enjoyed this film a lot and even harbor a secret hope that another gets made. It just suited my mood and entertained me.

I know that puts me at odds with many people who have seen it and think it a bad film. I will just say in answer to that, "Guilty pleasure. Guilty pleasure."


Jan. 8th, 2014 08:35 pm
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So, I saw this film last night.

The movie was so bland and unimpressive I don't have much to say about it. I really am not a fan of watching messed up 40-something character driven movies. It just bores me even though I am 40-something. So, I watched it, did not laugh once, and was just "meh" about the whole thing. I did have the urge to slap both the main characters a few times just because the were so annoyingly stupid. Just not my type of movie I guess.
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I ended up seeing this quirky, interestingly filmed, French movie called Chicken With Plums last night.

It was very well acted, had animated sections, and just was gorgeous to look at. It also had a surprisingly tragic ending. That moment, the lie that started off the whole film, was a "Oh!" moment. The movie has to be seen to understand just what this moment is. There is a lot of quirky humor which may not be to everyone's tastes. I enjoyed it though.

Definitely a film for those you enjoy French films like Amelie but with a more tragic, less "sunny side of life", feel to them.
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I headed out with my friend mary to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty this afternoon.

I really enjoyed it. It is funny, cute, and also a bit inspiring. I really enjoyed it and it really made me want to go to Iceland even more than I already wanted to. I totally think people should head out and see it...just don't expect heavy, dramatic, stuff. I really liked it and it makes me want to just travel without worrying about a lot of excess, meaningless, stuff in life.

After we saw the film we headed over to a new store near my house called Bamboo Island Bath & Body and noticed they had a 1/2 price sale going on until Jan. They started out as mail order and in craft fairs but now have a store front in Spokane where the family has relocated from Hawaii (of all places). I got to hear all about the store from the owner's 18 year old son who was manning the store today. I ende dup getting some Coconut Body Lotion and Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Body Wash for just under $7. I really hope the store stays open because their products are decent and decently priced as well.

So that was my afternoon and I am now checking in online and will probably be watching "Underworld: Awakening" tonight.
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This movie had a very different tone and feel when you compare it to "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset". It isn't a bad thing though some people may hate it because the couple argue the whole time and have a HUGE argument/fight in the film where they take no prisoners when it comes to each other's emotions. It is actually interesting to watch because it is pretty normal for people to argue and be really mean to one another sometimes. Especially in a relationship as complicated as Celine and Jesse's. I would love for them to make another movie in a few year's time with these characters just to see where they are in life again. I have a suspicion they will still be together because of the ending of this film. I really enjoyed the film and am glad I bought it, and it's predecessors, with an Amazon gift card I got through taking surveys.

Now off to watch the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey.
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This film was mind-numblingly boring.

It made me want to bang my head into the wall it annoyed me so much with it's boring. I love Much Ado About Nothing as a play but to hear it done in such a lame way...with people using American accents talking in a self-important way as they spoke the Shakespearean lines, actors acting on level with tv show (and not a very good one), and the setting so self-masturbatory in it being Whedon's house...just NO. I could not even get into it and the setting in modern times just didn't work which did not help. Talking about "princes" and other archaic things in modern times is silly. At leats in this film. And the slapstick moments were cringe-worthy.

Don't even get me started on how full of himself Whedon was on BOTH the commentaries. It made both un-listenable. The man is a total self-absorbed douche-nozzle! Watching the Whedon fanboys/girls try and defend this stinker of a film on when people tell the truth about how awful it is is amusing. You would think Whedon shat out gold bricks and gave them to his fans they are so passionate in defending him and this awful film.
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This was a really decent film. It kept me watching and what really happened to the missing guy was not what I expected at all. It shows how keeping the truth back can hurt relationships and families. I was glad to finally be able to see this film because it did not play in the theaters here. I definitely recommend it to people who like to watch films about human relationships and how bad events can really mess up people's lives.
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So, I had seen this film when I was 24 and really liked it.

I re-watched it the other night and have to wasn't that great. I must have loved weird, pretentious, films back then when I was in certain moods because I remember the film being better than it is. On re-watch I was so bored and horrified at the bad acting in the film. I probably should not have watched it again because it ruined my memories of it. Oh well, I guess that happens sometimes.

I do have to say, the best sequences are the Dresden fire-bombing (which looks as horrifying onscreen as you would imagine it had been in real life) and the final scenes when Avil is dying on the floating ice (which were beautifully done). The movie is based on a book and I am thinking I may try and track it down to see how the film differs. I think if it is a book, they cut out a lot of internal stuff (the talking in head and thinking) and it made the film not work.
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I shall be posting a more personal LJ post tomorrow for my friends only. But for my entry today...

It was a strange movie. Not the best movie ever put together and it was lacking in many ways. Romain Duris (my new actor crush of the moment) did a great acting job for what the film offered. I just wish the movie was more coherent and had more "meat" to it. By "meat" I mean it seemed it wasn't fleshed out enough and many of the things happening in the story could not really happen. Still, it helped me pass the time last night and that was a good thing.

Tonight, I will be editing, editing, editing, photos and then posting the new Caught Within Frame blog. I also hope to watch the new Downton Abbey and Walking Dead either late tonight or tomorrow. So a busy night ahead for me.
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I saw this movie a few days ago and actually enjoyed it. It seemed a bit rushed off and on but that speed of the story kept me from getting bored while I watched. I also liked that the zombies behaved like bugs or some sort of fierce animal predator. That was a huge fun thing compared to the usual slow moving zombie. So, it was a fun view for me and I am glad I got on the hold list at the library for it.
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I laughed a lot, I heckled the film, and I ended up enjoying it. I admit right up front, I watched the film because of Michael Fassbender. I am girlie like that and freely admit it. Still, the soap opera, melodramatic, fun of this film kept me watching. I HATED Angel, the main character because she was arrogant, manipulative, stupid, and naive. I seriously wondered at one point if she was autistic but dismissed this because she felt so deeply in emotion and was just self-involved to the extreme.

I did want to punch Angel repeatedly in the face in the first 15 minutes of the film because she was totally a bitch to everyone around her. Then I got caught up in silliness of the acting and story...and the horrible green screen effects whenever there was travel of any sort in the film. I got to heckle the film (and did so on Twitter). The first kiss between the main character Angel, and Esme (played by Michael fassbender) was laughable in it's not sexiness or even was like play acting, passionate, kissing which made me laugh way to loud and hard.

The film was totally frothy, melodramatic, absurdity but I enjoyed it and even rated it a 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix because I had so much fun watching it. Definitely not a "good" film in the traditional sense but a fun, "make fun of it as you watch", film.


Oct. 2nd, 2013 11:14 pm
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This was a really cool movie:

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but have to say, he fit well into this film. I won't focus on him in my stating my enjoyment of this film.

The film was GORGEOUS! I mean cinematic-ally beautiful!

The story was a fad bit predictable and I guessed aspects of the plot right at the beginning. Still, the look and scope of the film totally sucked me into the story. The sterile look and cleanness of the place the characters lived was amazing. It looked super futuristic...and for a plot reason I will not spoil here. I was totally sucked into the movie by the visuals.

The music was amazing as well.

I am going to have to own this movie on DVD and own the soundtrack as well. I liked it that much. Definitely recommend this film for lovers of sci-fi.
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This film:

Very interesting film. I was super uncomfortable with the torture at the beginning of the film but the whole process that went on to try and find Usama Bin Laden was fascinating to watch. It also is great that the director was female because it busts that myth that women cannot direct movies about military stuff. Kathyrn Bigelow has directed many: Hurt Locker, Generation Kill, as well as Point Break and does it quite well. Her films are usually considered the domain of male directors...and in most cases, she does a better job than a male director would capturing military men/women and war. Props to her for that.

This wasn't a bad film but you sort of have to park your judgmental, political, beliefs at that door before watching it. Otherwise you will just get angry and worked up which is not the point of the film. The point is to show the process that went on to find Usama Bin Laden. So, it is your choice if you want to watch this or not based on that.
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This film:


Why did no one tell me how good it is? It was emotionally involving to the extreme because the tsunami action itself is not the central part of the movie, the aftermath when people were confused, looking for loved ones, trying to get help, ect. was! Seeing the 10 year old son, "Lucas", have to deal with being around and getting help for his badly injured mom was heartbreaking. The same when Ewan McGregor's character put his 7 year old son, Thomas, in charge of his 4 year old brother because he had to keep searching for his wife and older son. The story never let up with the emotional hits and you come to care deeply for what happens to the family.

It is such a good movie and my parents enjoyed it as well. My dad usually likes totally filled with action films and sci fi films but he really thought this was a good film. I highly recommend this film to anyone who liked emotionally, involving movies and isn't all about the action but really enjoys a human drama story.
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I caught this film on early this morning during a bout of not being able to sleep.

It is about a woman who meets her soul mate right before she is to marry.The lovers spend a day together and she is truly able to be herself with the guy. It is heavy on the sex but done in a really great way. The film is beautifully done and the ending a bit sad. I am glad that I took the chance to watch it because it was one of the best films I have seen recently. It just may get me on a "Asian film" watching kick since I haven't seen many films from that section of the world for quite a while.
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I ended up watching Seven Psychopaths last night.

It was okay though a bit strange. Great cast and it reminded me how much I like Colin Farrell as an actor. He is great in dark comedy films. And I was reminded he is quite good-looking. I enjoyed the film though probably not as much as other people who recommended it to me. They went on and one about it as if it was one of the bets films ever and I failed to see that.

I did get a huge kick out of one of the extras on the DVD.

It made me laugh so hard because cats doing a trailer for the movie in weird wigs just tickled my funny bone.

In other news, I didn't get to the Sketch group meet-up today because Abbie decided that 2 a.m. was the perfect time to become a puke geyser and threw up EVERYWHERE. I helped clean up the horrible smelling, massive amounts, of vomit and then had trouble getting back to sleep afterward. So, I was in no shape to head to the meet-up this afternoon. I will definitely go next time and I hope it won't be at Northtown Mall.

So, yeah, movie watching and dog barfing. That is my day today.

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