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I missed Trainspotting 2 in the local theater since it was "special engagement" and only in the theater for 2 days. Of course, I did not know this until after the fact. Figures.

I ended up pre-ordering the DVD on Amazon and received it on Thursday.

Was it good? Not sure. Was it interesting to see what had become of the characters? Absolutely. It seemed to lack a little something. Some special spark that would have made it fun and good.

It borrowed heavily from the book follow-up "Porno" but left out a lot of the really fun stuff in the book. It left the depressing stuff and the middle age "well life is crap" stuff. I think that is why it was not as fun as the first movie.

Still, I am glad that I saw it and own it. It completes the stories of the characters.
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The most interesting thing about this movie is how it skirts around the fact his wife has been sexually assaulted in a brutal way, yet addresses it because it is an Iranian film. They never say she has been raped but it is implied and you know she has by the clues that are shown to the viewer. It is just as shocking and disturbing without seeing it or it being flat out said. The aftermath and the way people are acting tells you it happened.

It was an interesting film and it won the Oscar for Foreign Film this past year.


Jun. 28th, 2017 12:51 pm
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Not a bad movie. I LOVED Laura. She was bad ass! It was sad to see old X-Men characters die. It was sad to see Logan/Wolverine was just giving up on life. I liked that this movie was rated R because it was very very adult in theme. A film very unlkke all the other X-Men films and a good send off for a few characters.

P.S. watch the deleted scenes on the DVD. Especially the aleternative dinner table scene. It will make you cry.
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I am going to was not as god as the first one though it did entertain. I liked the fight scenes because they were so complex. I also LOVED the cinematography. The use of colour was amazing! Especially in the first 10 minutes with the neon signs in the wet pavement.

Overall, not bad and I was entertained.
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I am torn. I liked but did not love this film. It was a bit slow but I had expected that for an "origin" film. I loved Wonder Woman. Was sad how things played out between her and her love interest. I loved when she kicked made me feel like I could kick ass. Made me feel powerful watching her kick ass on screen.

And her theme!

So so powerful! Love it has primative sounding aspects to it since she is a Greek Goddess.

Overall, not a bad movie. I am interested to see what the second film will be like for her character.
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Definitely a film that gets you thinking. It is a documentary that focuses on the writer James Baldwin and his views on race in America. It was interesting and makes you think. I know it has me wanting to search out his books and read them. The film is very timely with all that is going on in the US right now. Definitely worth a watch.
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The film was slow moving, talky, and odd but it was one that made me think about life and relationships. Especially how pre-Internet, we had messed up personal relationships but less distraction. We did not have smartphone crutches to take us out of situations.

It made me think about how we look for meaning in our lives...often in all the wrong places. How we deaden ourselves to avoid love because it is a scary thing. That deadening ourselves to love leads to horrible relationship choices with the wrong people.

All this has only vague connections to the plot of the film, it is just the type of film that got me thinking.
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I have seen a lot of bland films recenyly that I barely remember so will not even bother with talking about them. I just can't be bothered.

I did really like Hidden Figures.

It is a bit of history not spoken of until women, in the 1960s, working in important aspects of NASA's space program. It is a really well done film.

I am really distracted lately so have not felt like posting often. Hope to get out of the non-posting funk soon.

La La Land

May. 2nd, 2017 02:10 pm
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I was so unimpressed. The story and acting was great. The cinematography was great. The songs were awful. The singing mediocre. The dancing, decent but I just would think, "Wow, as non-dancers they can dance decent." It was just an over-hyped movie.

I am glad it did not win Best Picture because it really wasn't. Lion was far superior as a movie as was Moonlight.

This film just fell really flat for me.


May. 1st, 2017 02:32 am
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Why could there not be movies like this when I was a young girl? Instead, any kid's film with a female lead had her having to be rescued by a boy/man. I would have really been into this film as a kid. I was tomboyish, loved adventure stories, and it would have spoken to me on a deep level.

Now? I enjoyed it. I saw the power of having a female lead who had no love story she was involved in throughout the film. That is powerful. I loved Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) as the evil crab singing "Shiny".

That song is so good and Clement well cast.

And Hei Hei...

So stupid that he was funny and cute.

I can see why this film did so well in the theaters and for once? I liked all the songs in it! A rare thing for new Disney movies and me.

Definitely a good film.


Apr. 29th, 2017 04:12 pm
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I loved this movie. It was very moving. It makes me think it should have won best picture. Dev Patel should have won best actor. That the film was based on a true story? Wow. That you don't realize about one aspect of the story until the very end in the written updates? Wow. Make sure you have kleenix handy because your chances of crying are high.

Totally loved this film and how gorgeous is Dev Patel?!?!
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Not sure if I liked this film. Lots of sex in it. Lots of woman on woman sex. Felt very "for the male gaze" in nature. It was...just an odd film for me to sit through and the storyline seemed paper thin.

This was unexpectedly good. It was juet what I needed to night I watched it. I ended up sobbing with broken heart at this the point my nose bled a bit. It is hard to describe the film. It is about a boy dealing with a very scary, life changing, thing: losing someone he loves. At first I was unsure of it but as the story progressed? It really emotionally hit me. Definitely worth a view.

Tonight, I watch Lion. Need to get it watched and back to the library do I can pick up holds waiting for me.


Apr. 16th, 2017 10:58 pm
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I loved this film!

My younger friends of the millenial generation get upset by it and call it "rapey" because Pratt's character wakes up the female character so he would not be alone. He falls in love with her video she made before the voyage to the new planet homestead. He had been alone almost a year and was about to kill himself because he would be dead by the time the ship reached Homestead II and everyone woke up. So his waking her up outrages my younger friends to frothing frenzy.

But what his character does? COMPLETELY HUMAN. It is realistic. That would be what would happen in the situation. And if the person got along with the person they woke up and both fell in love? That person would withhold the information they woke them up because they would know it would cause upset and that person to dislike them.

The whole emotional aftermath and how it plays out? Completely real. 100% real.

I LOVED this film and am sad the "outrage" online by 20-somethings tanked it at the box office. It is a great film. On so many levels. I will be buying it.

Sidenote: Passengers has added to my emotional confusion of attraction/non-attraction feelings I have for Chris Pratt. Add to that one of the waiters/bartenders at the trivia night I go to looks like Chris Pratt. I have this weird attraction to Pratt that is slightly repulsion at the same time. It transfers to the waiter/bartender whom I I said something flirty to last trivia night. And the waiter found it amusing as I assume Pratt would have. Ugh!


Apr. 13th, 2017 11:36 am
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It was a decent movie. I liked the wolves the most. They were hilarous. They made the whole movie for me. Otherwise, it was just an okay film.
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I am not sure how much I liked this film. It was....okay. it feltmlike thee could have been an little extra somethimg to it that it lacked. I liked the characters and the beasts themselves. It just seemed...oddly edited and lacking in a bit of specialness to the whole feeling of the film.

It did seem more geared to adults which I liked since I am not a huge Harry Potterfan. Potter goes to whiney, emo, for me in the last 2 books and last three films.

Not a bad film, Beasts, and I hear thatJude Law was cast in the I will be watching that.

Rogue One

Apr. 9th, 2017 06:44 pm
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So amazing! So much better than Force Awakens! Such a great cast! I LOVE Diego Luna so much. I am so glad he was cast as Cassian and kept his heavy Mexican accent. I adore him as sn actor since Yu Tu Mamma Tambien.

That ending for Jyn and Cassian is KILLER on the feels.

I need to buy this movie. It needs to be in my DVD collection. That is how much I loved it. I am glad it lived up to the hype.


Apr. 7th, 2017 02:31 am
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I saw Elle.

Wtf did I just watch? It was a very strange film. Not quite sure what to think of it. Just left me feeling really blank.
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The first was The Accountant.

It was rather good. I liked the unconventional action hero aspect of the film. It made the film more interesting. Still not sold on Ben Affleck as an actor but he was pretty good in this.

The next was The Eagle Huntress.

Not a fan. It seemed fake. Like one of those documentary's made up to push a cause. In this case a very "girl power" thing that just did not ring true for the culture and ease of inclusion this girl had in a male dominated sport. It seemed very very faked.

Then I saw Nocturnal Animals.

It was beautifully shot. I usually like Tom Ford as a director and think the actors in this film were great. It just left me feeling nothing...cold. I felt utterly disconnected from this film. Not a bad film...just soulless.

Then I suffered through Jackie.

So boring. So very very boring. It did make mr think about how traumatized Jackie Kennedy must have been having her husband killed in front of her. To be spattered by his blood and brain matter, grab part of his head to replace it, and have him dead plus bleeding out on her lap as the car was rushed to the hospital. It would have been so traumatizing for anyone. No wonder she was so shell-shocked in the days afterward. Still, the movie was quite dull and was all about the Jackie character telling her story of what happened, dealing with it emotionally, while trying to keep a brave public face. It just was told so blandly and lacking emotion.

Tonight,I may watch something more light-hearted. Or just read a book.

The permanent leak fix was done on my bedroom wall today and I am a step closer to getting my room back to normal. It will be nice when it is. Cross fingers for me it is sooner rather than later.
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A really good film that captures being a teenager and horrible things that can happen to you then. It lacked a tiny bit of something as a movie but I really enjoyed it and the whole feeling it has.
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This year, I was on a film crew for 50 Hour Slam. Actually I am still on one since it is the last day of the competition with 10 pm the completed short film's "turn in by" time.

The short film competition is every year here in Spokane. You are given 50 Hours from start to competition to make a short film, with some required criteria that the competition tells you the night of the kickoff.

We had most the crew in place before Friday night's kick off. We only had a last minute add of an actress we pucked up at kickoff and make-up and hair team that we got on Friday night through our sound woman.

Kick off was very packed. It gets more crowded each year. We were given a quest to find a landmark that had to be included. That...oh my god...was a total shitshow. We went looking with the clues and it turned out the directions given to the red quest (ours) were wrong. So we ran around for 2 hours in downtown Spokane until the directions were then updated to questers with a "Sorry, we were drinking when we put quest together...wrong directions!" explanation. We found the landmark at about 11:30 pm then rushed to director Alena's house to write the script. That went on until 2:45 am. So, we set call time for filming Saturday for 10 am.

We filmed ALL DAY yesterday. In a forest area on some of Alena's family friend's property, at our quest landmark, and at Alena's mom's friend's house. We did not finish up until 12:24 am. Today, Alena and Levi (our cameraman) are editing the film. Then they will turn it in during the drop off time before 10 pm.

We had 4 actors Kelsey and Marissa (twins), Seamus, and 14 year old Abbie. They all did great. I cannot wait to see the finished project. I hope we do okay in the competition but it was all about the experience and having fun for me.

Picture time!

Our cast and crew left to right: Claire (in glasses catering), Levi (in glasses cameraman/editor), me, Alena (taking photo director/editor/producer/casting), Carey (winking PA), Abbie (back right our actress playing witch), Seamus (our Scottish actor playing a talking clue giver), in front of him Kelsey (actress playing Bianca the good twin), and Marissa (actress playing Mallory the bad twin). Missing: makeup crew and Nicole our sound tech.

Cast and crew in puddle.

Everyone headed out to first location in woods.

Burying Seamus as our team specific requirement given by competition said we had to do. "Bury an actor/actress in dirt/sand up to head" Seamus said, "Look I am a giant condom!" As this photo was taken.

We buried about his neck in sand, pine needles, and bark after ponchoing him in a tarp. Then shot him in close up so he looked buried. Put the black scarf over his face between takes to keep falling tree stuff and blowing sand (it was windy) out of his eyes.

Nicole our sound tech.

Alena's mom making sure the camera and sound equipment did not fall off the transport vehicle between forest locations. It was muddy, flooded, and bumpy due to the rains we have had.

Levi filming.

Carey being a PA doing what a Pa does (hold stuff is one of those things)

Filming Kelsey as Bianca the good twin

Abbie, our witch with her red umbrella.

Marissa as Mallory the evil twin.

Our three actresses excited at kickoff night.

I will post more photos after my battery for my camera gets charged. I had it die on me at first location and now have to wait to download and edit.

It was a fun experience and I will post a link to the finished film when we can share with the public. First crew experience for me and I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. Will take what I learned with me to the future and hope to have more opportunities to be on crews.

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