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Decided to knock a few movies off my "To Watch" list at Netflix last night. The first?

I was not a fan. Don't get me wrong, it was okay. I just found it slow moving and dull for an action film. Lots of over the top violence and the slow-mo stuff really annoyed me. It was cool the first two times to introduce the drug's effect but got a bit like the director "wanking over it" because he could do this effect. I was a bit annoyed Dredd never once removed his helmet. You hire Karl Urban to be Dredd yet never show his face? Not even once??? Why???? It was an okay film but not overly impressive despite so many guy friends of mine waxing poetic about it.

The second film was even worse.

I knew it was awful straight off the bat yet continued to watch Michael Fassbender run shirtless through the snow because...hey...eye-candy. It went worse and worse with clumsy, over-the-top, violence and bad acting.  I ending up watching to the end but it was really awful. It never got better and I watched the film solely for Fassbender and admit that now.

Right now, I am being amused as Damon Albarn (from blur, my favorite brit pop band) reads the news intro on Radio 2 on the BBC while he fills in as DJ. He went out to the hallway to "practice" during one of the songs he chose to play. He did a decent job with only a slight fumble.  Yeah, I listen to special radio shows online when the guests interest me and, heck, Damon Albarn who has Paul Simonon (from the Clash) with him is worth a listen. I think I like Damon Albarn even more now because the first album he bought was "Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants. Plus his second album he ever bought was "Combat Rock" by The Clash (my favorite punk group) and he is now friends with Paul Simonon? Impressed.

Anyway, off to finish up online.
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I discovered the musician Kishi Bashi on NPR last night and ended up downloading the above "Tiny Desk Concert" to watch how he makes music. I was awed!

I love this sort of thing and the music is so interesting and beautiful. So glad I stumbled upon this artist.

Studio version of his music:

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I was totally into The Monkees as a child. They rerun the TV show when I was a kid in the 70s on weekday afternoons and I totally loved it.

So, it made me sad to read that Davy Jones of the Monkees died today of a heart attack at 66 years of age.

He was the Monkees "cutie" and had a great voice as you can see by Daydream Believer.

I am so sad to hear of his passing because it is like a part of my childhood died.
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As many of you know, The US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo comes out in theatres soon. I have been on the fence about if I want to see it or not since I have the original Swedish version (of this movie and the following 2) on DVD and loved the books in this series so much. I am always unsure that the US versions of films will work since it is a 50/50 chance for successful adaption for the US audience.

Today, Trent Reznor (Yes, of NiN) released a 6 song sampler of the soundtrack to GWTDT since he scored the film.

Get it here: (Yep, it is free!)

I am loving it because it captures the mood of the books and (in my mind) fits the cold, snowy, landscape of Sweden where the film is set, and filmed.

The trailer even looks interesting.

I may have to head out and see it.
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I canceled the photoshoot due to the model not contacting me. As I sit here and wonder what to do with my day, I read [info]rachelraven 's entry about her favorite song from childhood. It inspired me to share mine.

My favorite? I cannot embed it because it is not allowed but it is:

Centerfold by the J. Giels Band:!v=BqDjMZKf-wg

I am sure much to the horror of my parents due to the lyric content. Plus, the video must be watched because it is priceless.

Other childhood favorites spanning through elementary school years?

I loved Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen:!v=MrelPOP518g 

I loved that song so much and thought Freddie Mercury was so cool in the video.

Other favorites:

Heart of Glass by Blondie:!v=IXlaOsNBDkk

Don't Stand So Close To Me by the Police:!v=kvfb8GcKAWs

Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees:!v=sUzs5dlLrm0

I used to watch "The Monkees" reruns as a child and loved them.

Nobody by Sylvia:!v=OhrcmDFt02c

White Wedding by Billy Idol:!v=AAZQaYKZMTI

Is There Something I Should Know by Duran Duran:!v=Bi5n7jbUbrI

Hold Me Now by The Thompson Twins:!v=taNW-V8d7tw

Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant:!v=UA5MtAmT24g

Do U Really Want 2 Hurt Me by Culture Club:!v=RIR_vTvdvx0

Land Down Under by Men At Work:!v=DNT7uZf7lew


True By Spandau Ballet:!v=6e4WLdLNajs

I am sure there were others but these are the ones that come to mind. I was never a child to pick an absolute favorite and remain that way even though I am now an adult.

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We had clear skies yet again but only got up to 9 (F) today. It seemed colder when the winter wind blew. Today is a day where music like this fits well:

Hopefully, I will get some driving practice in tomorrow despite the cold. I will just bundle up and see if I cannot talk my mum into it.

I ended up sending yet another Christmas card. My penpal Valentina had vanished a few years back and got back in contact on Facebook. It seems she had moved from Slovenia to Luxembourg. She messaged me for my address to send a Christmas card and I got her new address to do the same.

My friend in Sweden, Ida, also got back in contact with me via Facebook and is writing me a letter. It will be good to hear from her again. She said life just blew up and she got totally caught up in it a few years back so lost contact me with me. It was so good to hear from her again.

I have started editing older photos of mine and putting them up on my account. Let me tell you...I HATE the upload process at that site. It is complicated and slow at the same time. Why anyone would rely on that site for all their "showing off of art needs" is beyond me. I am quickly being reminded why I abandoned that account and went over to Much easier uploads, none of the "you have to offer prints for sale" bs that deviantart has, and better presentation on the site is what Flickr offers. Flicker is much more professional looking. I don't think I will be hanging around devianart much. It just doesn't impress me much.

I got my shipment of fountain pen ink in the mail today. Yes, I have to mail order it because there are NO stores that sell ink for fountain pens here in Spokane. Yes, we have art stores but they just have calligraphy pen ink which is not the same and gunks up fountain pens. So, I order it from online. I had been out of ink for about a month and finally just bit the bullet and bought some more since I love to write with fountain pens. That will be my short project for tonight...inking up the 3 pens I have and getting them writing again.

I am making more progress in Goodkind's Naked Empire book. It has finally started progressing story-wise (half-way through the book) and that is a good thing. Goodkind has a habit of writing in a prodding fashion with too much character talk and little progression of story. I love his story he is telling in the "Sword of Truth" series but he sure could use a good cattle prod application now and then to get his stories going in his writing. I am thinking of reading a bit more of the Sagas of the Icelanders after finishing Naked Empire just to break up the sameness of the story before continuing in the "Sword of Truth" series.

Yes, I am still reading the Sagas of the Icelanders. It is a HUGE book and has many stories in it. It gets a bit overwhelming and "same same" in character as you read story to story so it is more the kind of book you read in bits in pieces when the mood strikes you. I am halfway through it which is quite an accomplishment for me since the book is 740 pages before you hit the Glossary. I LOVE the smell of this book by the way. It has this type of paper making up the pages that smells heavenly so it makes me enjoy reading it even more. I am weird that way though...I love the smell of new books and this book truly has that smell.

Okay, time to wander off and finish up my emails.
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I did a bit of driving practice this afternoon and the whole time I was driving, I had this song in my head:

Yes, it is on the New Moon soundtrack which is quite good when it is not the craptastic, instrumental, 80s, cheese sounding, music they used to set the mood in the film. The instrumental music was godawful in this film. The songs from bands in the movie are really decent...and get stuck in my head.

I am not a fan of Death Cab For Cutie but enjoy this song...and it fits the weather and landscape of early winter that we have here now. I want to get my license so I can drive around listening to this soundtrack (and other cds).

Have finished up season 1 re-watch of LOST and will be watching season 2 now. I am enjoying the re-watch and have to say, it is a good reminder of how much better the show is now. So, that should take up my evening.

I am also planning a huge "clean" of the room I am in...getting rid of things I no longer need and possibly investing in new shelves for my cds and books. I am just needing to change things around a bit and make my room suit me until I get moved.

Okay, time for me to finish up with online stuff.

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I haven't much to write about tonight. It's just been a slow day. I spent most of it dozing and having bizarre dreams about hunting ghosts and picking up EVP (voices on digital recordings only heard on review and not live) of ghost Vikings saying things like "Odin was there." Very bizarre dreams indeed but entertaining.

I have decided not to do anything for Halloween. I just don't feel like it. I usually feel all bummed to not be doing things on holidays but this year. I feel nothing. No desire whatsoever to do anything. I worry about this because it makes me feel like I am becoming like everyone around me...a homebody who is boring. I am not happy with that and know that my mood is fleeting but it worries me that it may remain.

I am listening to this album a lot this evening:

It just fits my mood. It also got me through paying bills and making all those transfers online to do so. The music is very Fall/Winter to me and well, it is that season.

I have three more DVDs to watch and may try and watch them tonight. I got out of the watching mood yesterday and have yet to fall back into it.

Okay, enough about my life and it's tedium.
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I turned in one of my monthly posts to stylefeeder the other night. It is on finding jewelry pieces that resemble the ancient jewelry one can see in museums. I am seeing a trend for truly ancient looking jewelry styles start to trickle into the fashion world beyond the alternative fashion dressers. Nordic, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic ect. All is very wearable ways and I originally wrote about this in my own fashion blog: If You're Into It .

Hopefully, the post will be accepted and posted soon at the site. I also have to seriously think of another post to write and submit before next month. I am feeling a bit "blah" about a lot of the Fall fashions because it looks like 80s retread and I am so not into the whole "80s look". I feel a bit "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" about the looks out now. Probably why I look for 70s feel clothing and to ancient designs for accessories.

Speaking of jewelry, my little viking necklace really is getting a lot of wear from me again after my finding it. No comments on it yet but it is scarf and jacket weather so that may be the reason. I don't really wear things in hopes of the being just amuses me when something is and the viking is bound ot get a comment sometime. I think he is cute and love his shield and well as his whole helmet with horns and nose guard.

It seems one of my favorite authors has a new book out/coming out: Johnathan Safran Foer . For the first time, I hesitate in buying a book from a favorite author because it is about his being vegetarian and he explores the food industry to expose practices. Yes, it's non- fiction. I am not vegetarian and will never be. I don't find it healthy for myself and being allergic to sesame makes it so I would not be able to eat ready made vegetarian meals anyway because it is a very common ingredient in a lot of the vegetarian/vegan food.

I hate vegetarian people who get all preachy about their food choices and try to expose the "big bad food industry" to justify themselves when they don't need to. Their food choice only becomes an issue when they make it one. If they would just carry on in life and avoid meat without making a big deal about their dietary choices no one would find them bizarre. Instead, they bring it up often and make it a huge deal...especially when going out to eat. It causes such hassle because they seem to have to question every single, tiny, thing about a meal. Many of them do this and are constantly bringing up their diet like it is a religion they must justify and convert everyone to. It starts to seem like an eating disorder in how obsessed some vegetarians are in their diet and making everyone totally aware about it. So, I am feeling "meh" about hearing Foer preach about why he chooses not to eat meat. I may pass on this book and it would not surprise me if many other people did as well despite his saying he is not being "preachy" about the topic. Even not preaching can be preachy when it is book length.

I have been loving Glasvegas a lot these days. haven't been dumped or depressed but, they fit the autumn weather. I have to say, their song Fuck You, It's Over is a definite must during break-up or aftermath of one. It's the perfect breakup song. Their music just suits the cold, foggy, leaves falling from trees, hints at snow to come, day. I had the song Geraldine on my Itunes for ages but heard the band mentioned in a interview I rea donline and did a little researching like I tend to do when i see a name of a band I haven't lots of knowledge about. I have now culled a lot of their songs to my Itunes because I quite like them.

Another band I discovered that I like are The Blakes. I have a real love for this song:

I am in a weird mood musically...I waver back and forth from bands like Jet, The Blakes, Gogol Bordello, and Glasvegas (postpunk rock) to Sigur Ros, Mew, Jonasi & Alex, and Lykke Li (which are more trippy sounding). It makes my Itunes playlist interesting to say the least.

Okay, I have rambled enough for tonight.
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I managed to get a blog written for stylefeeder tonight which is quite the accomplishment since the blogging site they use was bugging out tonight. I am hoping it was submitted okay and not all messed up if it did go through. I need to write one more blog for the site before the end of the month so will be thinking about that these next few days.

I received my Flight of the Conchords: I Told You I Was Freaky CD in the mail today. I buy CDs as back-up to albums I download on Itunes. Well, for that reason and because I like CD artwork and the stuff they include in it. The Flight of the Conchords always include a kick-ass poster with their CDs. So, I am enjoying that.

I downloaded the New Moon soundtrack album the other day and slowly starting to enjoy it. I downloaded it mainly because Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, and Lykke Li have songs on it. I suppose after seeing the film, whenever I do, I will like the soundtrack even more because I will know the context that the songs are used in the movie. I am NOT going opening day, and may not see the film at all in the theaters, due to squealing/screaming girls. They ruin my enjoyment of films when they shriek in a movie theater like they are at a concert.

I am to study the driver's manual before bed tonight since I will be trying for the learner's permit again tomorrow. Please, everyone, cross your fingers for me because I want to have it so I can get used to driving again to take the driver's test.

Okay, time to go and finish up with things online.

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The world amuses me.

Seriously. I am always surprised at the jumps to conclusions people have about people they do not know and the assumptions they make. The internet is full of this and it never ceases to amuse me. It can be annoying when it is directed at me, the assumptions and conclusions, but I see the humor when it is directed at someone else. It seems logic is left at the door when some people log onto the Internet. I always remind myself of this fact whenever I blunder upon a speculationfest in progress. is always surprising as are the people in it.

I am probably going to take my written driver's test tomorrow or on Tuesday. I am pretty sure I will pass it. I will then concentrate on driving and learning the skills for the driving test so I can move asap. I have hit boredom level with my life and I need to shake it up and change it. That includes a change of scenery. Wish me luck.

Some music to play into the night:

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I had weird dreams last night that I could not even begin to explain. Weird dreams disturb some people but ot me, they are more interesting.

I have been Twittering today and it is amusing to follow celebrities sometimes. I got to see a fight between two of them on Twitter. A serious argument. It's good to know they are human, have bad days, and argue over stupid shit too.

I posted a new fashion blog at If You're Into It and had one posted at Tastemaker Diaries. So that was eventful today.

I need to add a few Orion photos to my professional website but can't be bothered tonight because it can be such a headache to do that without causing glitches I will have to spend time working through. I have to be in the right mindset for that.

Messing with my Itunes in prep for uploading songs to my ipod. Time to switch up the playlists as I am bored with them. I will have to "kill a few babies" otherwise known as "songs I like but find myself skipping in the playlist more often than listening to". It will be a hard task for me to do because I always think I will miss the song once I remove it.

Today was almost 80 (F) for the first time this year. Nice to have the warmth and hope it stays around.

Okay off I go.

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I have been relaxing listening to music and these song hs been repeated on my Itunes many times this morning:

I love how mellow this cover of "Lay Lady Lay" is:

I can say this Sonic Youth cover of the Carpenters "Superstar" is gorgeous:

And finally this Deftones song just touches a place deep inside me. It has to be the acoustic version because the original drowns out the lead singer's beautiful voice with over-powering guitars. This verison of "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" I could listen to forever:

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