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NYC now has 8.4 million people living in it according to the newly taken census.

To some people...that may seem like too many. To me that just seems exciting. I love big cities with all their people, large size, and the energy that exists there. I could see myself living there in the future.

8.4 million

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I an sitting here in NYC waiting on getting ready to head out to NYE tonight!

The flights went okay though I had a delay in Phoenix, screaming kids on the flight to NYC, and had to sit next to a friendly, older, Canadian, man who smelled of cat piss on the way to Phoenix. My friend was late picking me up because they read the flight info wrong and went to La Guardia instead of JFK airport. Thank goodness they had a ride to pick me up and were able to get to JFK within 20 minutes.

I am headed out for NYE tonight and looking for ward to that since I have only sen the airport and my friends apartment so far. That will change over the next few days.

Just thought I would update everyone on my status. :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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Tickets are bought and I am headed to New York City for New Years Eve!

I have never been to NYC so this is exciting. I will be there from Dec. 30th until Jan. 5th...checking out the city, seeing friends, and just having a cool time.

This will be my first trip to the East Coast ever. The plane ticket wasn't too spendy for just a month away ($525.00) and, yes, I know it could have been cheaper if I had gotten it earlier but the plans didn't fall into place until this week.

So, now my NYE is semi-planned...and the place to crash set up (with friends) so I don't have to pay for a hotel room.

Cool stuff!
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I received the second and third season of "Sex and the City" in the mail today. So I am set for about 7 more days for watching it. I have three more seasons to go and I will be through. I discovered the series at a really late date but, maybe I just wasn't ready for it before. Sometimes you have to be in a certain place in life or mood to really enjoy certain things. It seems I have reached this place with Sex In The City.

I have started reading Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day by Winifred Watson. I am really enjoying it because the author writes in a way that makes the reader stay interested and is rather conversational at the same time. I am enjoying it and just wish I wasn't so scattered right now mentally so I could give the book the attention it deserves.

I have gone down 6 friends at Myspace since the election results. I do believe it is tied to the results of the election yet, I cannot tell who has defriended me so that is a relief. It means whoever did just didn't matter that much to my life. I haven't been really active at Myspace recently so haven't really paid much attention to things there.  I just noticed the 6 friend lose when I logged in last night.

I am working on a trip to NYC to be there for New Years Eve. I got the offer of a couch to crash on to save me hotel money and I am so tired of NYE spent doing nothing. I figured I would take the person up on the offer and see a bit of NYC at the same time since I have never been there. If I go it will be from the 30th to the 5th of January. I don't want to overstay my welcome even if the person says I can stay as long as I like. This is still in the planning stages and I am a bit "Ugh! Lots of money for airfare" about that. So, we will see. I just don't want another holiday sitting at home and doing nothing because it really drags me down.

I have recently had the idea pop into my head that having an Ipod Nano would be cool. This from me...who sees no reason to walk around with an Ipod always in the ear. I probably will not get one but now that I use Itunes a lot...the idea is sticking with me more. I probably will stick ot my personal CD player instead though even though that does mean lugging around CDs to switch around when I use it.

Okay, off I go to look at flights and download some music to Itunes.

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