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I ended up laughing way too much at This is The End:

I usually do not like these types of movies but the actors taking the piss out of themselves, since they play themselves in a hugely funny and exaggerated way, just tickled my funny bone. I love the whole "Rapture/End of Times" story-line because it was done is a funny way. Emma Watson was funny in her role.  I also loved Channing Tatum's cameo....I died laughing when he showed up in the film.  I am so glad I saw this film and was in the perfect mood for it.

I also made an update to Caught Within Frame and this week it is my photos being featured. I had some camera issues so didn't have many to choose from but had one or two I liked. Like this one:


Hopefully, next time I head out to take photos....the damn memory card doesn't act up like it did. The annoyance of having an older camera and no money for a new one.

I am talking to a friend about being featured in the "Artist Spotlight" next time at Caught Within Frame and am hoping he will send me the pictures/info so I can do that. It is another of my SDCC, comic drawing, friends so it would be really cool to have him guest post. So, I am crossing fingers that happens.

I am off to get my hair cut today and then will maybe write a Christmas card or two. Should be a good day.
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I am still going strong with the blog Caught Within Frame: I keep getting more people interested in guest posting. I am hoping to make that a more frequent event to break up the posts by core photographers involved and give a bit more time to get photos taken in the winter months. So, I will keep approaching people and see if I cannot get that to happen.

I also am thinking of trying to add occasional coverage of local art events...and maybe encourage others to cover events (especially free events) that happen where they live for the blog. This may be a ways in the future since the winter months are to roll around and it gets a bit dicey for me to get out if we get a lot of snow. So, it is something to think about adding to the blog.

My friend Wendi has put in for a media pass package for ECCC (Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle) and will include me as her "official photographer". She runs a podcast where she interview comic book world creators of all types called Double Page Spread (blog for it: so should be able to get press passes. She wants me to take photos for her blog that is connected to the podcast. I am totally up for that and it will be fun to hang out with her. She didn't get a chance to go to SDCC this year and had to give up her plans to go to NYCCC because of a family issue (nephew is graduating form military academy and her brother needs to stay at her place at same time as NYCCC). I didn't get the chance to go to SDCC either and have been curious about ECCC because it has really been growing in the past few years. So, if she can get the media passes...all will be cool. Passes are $79 for the Con and it would be a little less money put out for the 3 day event.

I have opened an photo account at 500px which you can see here:

And that is what I have been busy with the past week and this weekend so far.
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I thought I would share a few of the "normal" PowWow photos I took this past Friday. I prefer the impressionistic looking ones but these show what was going on there in realistic way.

Seated Dancer
Above: Waiting for Grand Entry in regalia.

Young Drum Circle
Above: Young boys in drum circle.

Grand Entry Dancers 4
Above: The "military look" regalia is a style natives made after stripping military officers that they fought against.

Fancy Headdress
Above: I love the headdresses and the colours of the regalia.

Ready for Grand Entry
Above: Lined up for Grand Entry. They enter with elders (usually military veterans) holding the US flag, The Canadian flag (for First Nation participants...we are only 2 hours from Canada after all.), The POW flag (for those who have fallen in battles/wars), and the eagle Staff (representing the assembled tribes of the US).

Gathering Around The Flags
Above: At the end of the Grand Entry all the dancers slowly dance in circle around the flags held by the elders in the center of the dance area. All while native drumming and singing takes place to accompany the dancers.

Grand Entry Dancers 6
Above: Dancers during Grand Entry.

Grand Entry Amassing
Above: I love the guy's carved American Bald Eagle staff in the center of this photo.

Prairie Chicken Dancers
Above: Prairie Chicken dancers!

Prairie Chicken Dancer 2
Above: Prairie Chicken Dancer really getting into the dance.

It was very low light since this happened just as the sun was setting. We got there too late for the afternoon dance competitions, right at dinner break. The cool thing we got to see the Grand Entry and a few dance competitions as well as "All People Dance" songs. There was a huge turnout of dancers and people watching the PowWow up on the hill that surrounds the "bowl" (dance area).

You can see more photos here:
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I have started a new blog project which will feature photographers' work from all over the world.

I made the first blog post tonight:

I have 3 other photographer friends that will be posting at this blog and will be trying to get quest blogger photographers involved as well. It should be quite fun and I am hoping it will grow, and evolve as it does so.

Yes, this is what I have been organizing the last week or two and it is finally moving forward! My friend Nek in Greece is to be the next blogger of photos and she is very excited!

I will keep everyone updated on new posts to the blog and everyone cross your fingers and toes for me that it continues to progress forward.
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I ended up watching two older movies yesterday. The first being:

I liked Doubt was okay. It was a bit stage-y and all but the cinematography was gorgeous. I loved the colours in the background, the green paint in the principal's office was stunning. I am glad to have seen it after so much time.

The second was:

I liked this movie but it was a bit "clunky" in the story-telling. I had never seen it the first time around so it was nice to see it after all these years.

I am now watching "Belle De Jour" and finding it funny because back in 1967 it was horribly shocking. It is a bit dated but the styling of the costumes and room sis is seeing Paris in the 1960s when they film on the streets for scenes. I had wanted to see "Belle De Jour" since reading about it in a film textbook when I took a film class in college so many years ago. I just was never ever to find a copy of it until this weekend. So, now I have almost seen the whole film and can say, "Yes, this is a classic film I have seen."

I am watching films between bouts of editing photos since I had 2 photo shoots last week. I want to get the edits done by Tuesday (or close to done) because I have 2 photo shoots this week as well. Both of last week's models are older so it takes more subtle editing so they look their age but not too unedited and not too Photoshopped. The shoots from this week should have easy edits since both are male models and I find men easier to do edits on. They have less to touch up except for blemishes occasionally. So, editing will be keeping me busy.

And with that, off I go to finish up "Belle De Jour" and then back to editing.
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The world has finally started bursting out in colour via flowers everywhere. The trees have come and gone with their flowers but that gave way to flowers springing up out of the ground and on plants. I am loving this after a grey, muddy, weather all winter.

It is inspiring me to get outside more and to break out the camera to start photographing flowers since they are there, and I own a macro lenses.

Above: Purple Iris In The Front Yard by Brie A. Edwards

I am probbaly going to take quite a few flower photos this spring and into summer. I just am finding it relaxing and easy since it doesn't involve trying to line up a model...the flowers are just there. I am looking forward to warm weather and will be taking advantage of it.

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What a surprising night.

First the news breaks that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US Special Ops Force in a firefight in Pakistan. That was shocking enough for me to say out loud, "No shit???!!!!" as it was read on the breaking news that cut into regular programming on the TV. I had thought he dead but I guess it goes to show that a president who is not a halfwit can get things done in in a years time after getting intel. It still was a total surprise.

Then, my friend Meichelle sent a text to me, during the president's speech, and said she is available for a photoshoot this coming weekend so I working on nailing down a time on Saturday to do it! Totally out of the blue though she did agree to pose for me...just wasn't sure when it was going to happen.

And finally, the official change of email address on my domain name went through today after much hassle with the ex.friend playing bully about it and my having to send paperwork in the mail to Switzerland to get it done.

Funny how a night can take unexpected turns.

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I took a walk over to Walgreens today to get some loose face powder  and to get a roll of colour film developed. I am curious to see what is on the roll of film since I have had it for a few years and have long forgotten what is on it. I guess I will find out tomorrow and that will be interesting. Probably nothing really exciting on the roll but one never knows.

I have a few rolls of black/white film that need to be developed as well but am not sure where to take them. I am asking around and seeing if anyone knows where the places to get black/white film processed in Spokane are. I have been working in digital for 5 years now and have no idea what processing places still exist. The place I used to go went out of business and the other two I know of are all the way I will be interested to see where the places are nowadays. It really sucks to live in a smaller city because places closing are common and then you are left with nowhere to go to get things done like processing of black/white film.

Other than that, today has been pretty quiet. I watch Ghost Hunters later tonight and then I will be attempting to schedule another photoshoot.
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I am restarting my superheros/villains phoot project now that the weather has gotten warmer. I have my first photoshoot in the restart next Wednesday. I am quite excited about it.

I want to have some images to present to the project partner before Comic Con in July.

I wish I had some paying photo shoots but I suppose being busy with the project will maybe bring me some paying shoots if I work it the right way?

Everyone please send positive vibes/prayers/ect my way that I get a little bit of money coming in soon. Thanks ahead of time for that.

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This video is one is a must not pass it by.

It made me think about all the unknown talent that exists out there in the world in people living everyday lives.

If you want to see more of her photos check them out here:
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I have two photo shoots in the works for next week which is exciting! It is shaping up to be a busy week which is fine with me after a week of being relaxed and a bit bored. One shoot will be "superhero" and the other to help a guy starting out on his portfolio in exchange for images for my website.  Both will be just what I need right now since I need to be busy and I will have two shoots ot edit afterward. So, something to look forward to.

I also hope to get my learner's permit renewed next week and my hair cut because my permit expires on the 25th and my hair is way too long.  So have to work those in to the week as well.

I am working to have it all fall into place and have a busy week. :)

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As the title of this blog implies, I am currently buried in the world of photo editing. I need to get done with the editing of the two shoots I did last week. After I complete that, I can pick out one or two photos form each shoot I have done and re-edit them to my liking for colour saturation and look I desire. Then I will submit them to my friend to see what he thinks. Then I cross my fingers and hope for the best that the project will be green lit.

Yes, all vague and not telling much about it. I don't want to talk it up too much and then have nothing come of least in this form.

I am seeing a lot of things that catch my eye while out and about taking photos of models. I tend to take snapshots of the thins that catch my eye.  I think I will share some of them with you so that you can have a tiny view into what I see around me here in Spokane, Washington.

Riverfront Park, Spokane, Wa

View of Riverfront Park Wooden Bridge

Otis Hotel Sign On Cloudy Day

Riverfront Park Clock Tower

Skate Shop Front, Spokane

Funky, Werid, Car 

Above: That car is always in varying states of the adornments falling off it. The person who owns it, and has made it a bit 'dinosaur', obviously drives it. My model, Orion was snapping a picture with his cell phone.

August Sunset

Driving At Night 

Above: Taken out an open, moving, car window in late August on a hot evening.

I am enjoying getting out of the house and hope to take more photos of random things as I continue to do photo shoots with my models. I also have a 'fun day out with cameras' planned with a photographer friend where much snapping of random photos will happen. I will try and share some of those photos as well when it happens.

Now, I should really get back to editing the photo shoot photos...or head to bed. Whichever calls most strongly to me in the next half hour.
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I have been quiet for the last few days due to not being online for long. I am just not in an online mood and have been trying to get out of the house more.

I am working on plans to do a joint project with my friend Carlo. I will be taking photos of people in superhero (or super villain) outfits around town and then carlo will draw them, comicbook style. I already have some people interested and am trying to set up photoshoots.

There will be no money for me out of this upfront. It will just be me keeping busy and having fun. It will be put into a book, ideally, in the end so I have that to work towards. First I have to get the test shoots out of the way and find my style before I approach more strangers to pose for this. So, I am hoping to start on the project by the end of this week.

Beyond that, things have been quiet. The temperature did a nose-dive, Spokane fashion, over the last two days from 95 (F) to the lower 60s (F). It is suppose to heat up again by the end of the week so it is not staying cold and Fall-like for long. I am sad to see summer end because, though I hate the heat without a/c, the summer is my favorite time of year.

I have been reading a lot recently...just re-reading books I have. I need new reading material but haven't been out to purchase any. I also have been taking a lot of walks and watching a little tv. Yeah, pretty low-key stuff but I see it as saving up energy to do the photoshoots that I have lining up.

Okay, time to answer the last few emails I have in inboxes and head to get some food.

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Sorry for the slack in writing in LJ but I have been:

a. Taking a break from online for two days. I was tired of staring at the computer screen. 

b. Reading Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris which came out yesterday. It is the new Sookie Stackhouse series book and I breezed through it last night.

c. Watching LOST and getting all teary over Sun and Jin last night.

d. Editing 227 photos from my last photoshoot of Lexi. Halfway through and should have them done by Friday! Keep looking for me to post a few. :)

So, I have been scarce the last few days and will probably be until Friday. I will check in to read people's posts (even if I don't comment much) as I push to finish the photo edit before I set up a new shoot.

I hate to say it, but I am enjoying not being online a lot and being busy with photography. :)

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I went on the photoshoot yesterday. It was a gorgeous day so no rain and nice lighting. Not sure how the photos have turned out since I haven't started editing them yet. I plan to download them to the computer tonight. I like about a days distance from the shoot so I don't feel "OMG! These are awful!" too soon and can approach the photos more objectively in edit.

The trip down was 1 1/2 hour to get downtown! Damn bus system is going down the hill here and the bus I was suppose to take never showed so there were double the people, two wheelchairs loaded on, and standing room only by mid trip downtown. The bus was stopping at every single stop and some adult crapped their pants, stinking up the whole bus! I kid you not! The smell of fresh, adult, shit, hit the noses of everyone midway through the trip and all the bus windows were already open. This lead to people gagging for the rest of the trip and leaning toward the open windows. Disgusting!

So, I am not a fan of the local buses with their people, cuts in schedules, lateness, ect. I was 45 minutes late thanks to everything and that was really bad for the photographer doing the photoshoot. I hate always being late due to the and the feel of being grimy and needing a shower after riding them.

I have two tentative photo shoots lined up for the next two weekends. I shall see if they come through. I am hoping so because even though they are not paid, I am tire dof not having things to do. It gets me doing what I love, adding to my portfolio, and getting out of the house. That is really good for me.

My brother Russell and dad are on the way to Davis, California by car to see Aunt Gloria. They called at 3 p.m. and had reached the motel ahead of time for tonight. This is good because it means they will reach Davis at 3 p.m. tomorrow. They can relax and not be really tired with the 3 p.m. check-in they did today. It is so much quieter here without them in the house. It is so nice!

Okay, I am going to head off and do other things now. Have a few things online to do before I start the photo download.

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We had clear skies yet again but only got up to 9 (F) today. It seemed colder when the winter wind blew. Today is a day where music like this fits well:

Hopefully, I will get some driving practice in tomorrow despite the cold. I will just bundle up and see if I cannot talk my mum into it.

I ended up sending yet another Christmas card. My penpal Valentina had vanished a few years back and got back in contact on Facebook. It seems she had moved from Slovenia to Luxembourg. She messaged me for my address to send a Christmas card and I got her new address to do the same.

My friend in Sweden, Ida, also got back in contact with me via Facebook and is writing me a letter. It will be good to hear from her again. She said life just blew up and she got totally caught up in it a few years back so lost contact me with me. It was so good to hear from her again.

I have started editing older photos of mine and putting them up on my account. Let me tell you...I HATE the upload process at that site. It is complicated and slow at the same time. Why anyone would rely on that site for all their "showing off of art needs" is beyond me. I am quickly being reminded why I abandoned that account and went over to Much easier uploads, none of the "you have to offer prints for sale" bs that deviantart has, and better presentation on the site is what Flickr offers. Flicker is much more professional looking. I don't think I will be hanging around devianart much. It just doesn't impress me much.

I got my shipment of fountain pen ink in the mail today. Yes, I have to mail order it because there are NO stores that sell ink for fountain pens here in Spokane. Yes, we have art stores but they just have calligraphy pen ink which is not the same and gunks up fountain pens. So, I order it from online. I had been out of ink for about a month and finally just bit the bullet and bought some more since I love to write with fountain pens. That will be my short project for tonight...inking up the 3 pens I have and getting them writing again.

I am making more progress in Goodkind's Naked Empire book. It has finally started progressing story-wise (half-way through the book) and that is a good thing. Goodkind has a habit of writing in a prodding fashion with too much character talk and little progression of story. I love his story he is telling in the "Sword of Truth" series but he sure could use a good cattle prod application now and then to get his stories going in his writing. I am thinking of reading a bit more of the Sagas of the Icelanders after finishing Naked Empire just to break up the sameness of the story before continuing in the "Sword of Truth" series.

Yes, I am still reading the Sagas of the Icelanders. It is a HUGE book and has many stories in it. It gets a bit overwhelming and "same same" in character as you read story to story so it is more the kind of book you read in bits in pieces when the mood strikes you. I am halfway through it which is quite an accomplishment for me since the book is 740 pages before you hit the Glossary. I LOVE the smell of this book by the way. It has this type of paper making up the pages that smells heavenly so it makes me enjoy reading it even more. I am weird that way though...I love the smell of new books and this book truly has that smell.

Okay, time to wander off and finish up my emails.
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I know I said the photoshoot back in Sept. was a "not so hot one" but I will share three photos from it.

Those were my three favorites. I wish I had more that I liked but, I get very picky nowadays.


Oct. 13th, 2009 09:05 pm
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It's too bad I am not in Vancouver B.C. A music blogger needed a photographer for a show he is going to tonight. Even had the press pass for the photog since his original photog backed out.

I would have so done it if I was near that city.

Ah well...cannot win them all...especially when you live in Spokane far from a big city anywhere.

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I finished up my book on the Medici family last night and just ordered a book on Viking history and The Sagas Of The Icelanders . Yes, I am going to dive into Viking stuff and learn more about them now that I got my Medici fix. I know I still can learn a lot more about the Medici family but I want to cover a few different historical things at once and go back to the Medici at a later date...especially to read about Catherine de Medici and her role in France.

I got two responses to my advert for "blonde models" to practice my photography on. I am waiting to see if they respond to my inquiries about their availabilities. I hope to be gone by the end of Oct. so it has to be this month if I want to do the shoots, edit them, and get the disc of images to them.

I won't be getting paid for this but I really need to practice taking photos of blondes in natural light because the whole way you do it is different from people with darker hair. The light can wash them out, the light can blow out the highlights of their hair or skin if they are pale, or cast weird colouring from their surroundings into their blonde hair. So, I definitely need to work on that. I shall see if either of the two models work out.

There was a gorgeous looking brown haired model that contacted me as I may ask if she wants to pose for me because she has style...a rarity here in Spokane. Plus she loves to dress up 1930s/40s style! That would be so much fun if she agrees to a photoshoot!

I am all excited about the season 2 True Blood finale. It's this Sunday and I am so ready for it. I saw the promo for it online...they had Depeche Mode agree to provide music and make a video for the promo!

I am not a fan of the song (even though the lyrics match up with characters in the show well) but it is pretty cool that they made a video for HBO and for True Blood. Depeche Mode must be fans of the show.

Speaking of True mum told me tonight "I have to finish season 1! I want to see what happens!" So we should be watching from episode 7 onward in the next few days. She is uncomfortable with people from her church knowing she likes the show which I find amusing. heaven forbid people think you are evil because you watch a vampire show with nudity and cursing...even though you are an adult and hear almost as much cursing on a daily basis if you go out in public.

Just because you watch entertainment geared for adults does not mean you will become all immoral and evil. A real adult can watch and read whatever they want and still lead a moral life. It is called maturity and the love of stories that are not Disney, sugar-coated. I mean seriously, how can you decide that you like to live life a certain way if you avoid challenges and differing points of view? What are you scared of if you won't watch something because of the content? That you are weak and may take on that lifestyle? That already judgmental, close-minded, people will cast their judgment on you? Do you really care that much what a judgmental person thinks about you? If so, why? Seriously, why?

I am an adult and I am proud to say I can watch adult-themed entertainment and still have a built in moral compass that I follow. I am fascinated when seeing how other people think, while watching a story unfold, and if the story has a edge to it, I love it even more because pushing boundaries and making people think about themselves, and where they fit in this world, is a good thing!

True Blood is all about accepting people, with their flaws, and I like that. The vampires in the show are the newest minority group (they just "came out of the coffin" as the show puts it 2 years ago) so you get to see all the prejudices and fear...and the people who accept vampires as fellow dwellers of this earth. It is fascinating to me.

The director even said the theme of the first season was "acceptance and finding love". I am guessing second season is about "understanding and working together" from what I have seen. The third season, the director says, is about "Who am I? Where do I fit in this world? Am I who I want to be? Can I accept who I am?" I think that is going to be very interesting.

Okay, enough rambling. I am off to finish up online and then read a book.


Sep. 7th, 2009 11:33 pm
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I finished the edit of the senior photos. I have them on disc for her to pick to finish up the "de-zitting" of the rest of the photos for the client. I have time for that though since she has a few days to pick from the ones for her yearbook photo.

I really wasn't happy with the last photo shoot I did. Most the photos turned out blah. *Sigh*

It get off days and shoots. Not everything turns out great. You just roll with it. I really have to get in more practice taking photos of blonde people. It is a whole other lighting experience and I am not 100% comfortable with it yet. Of course, it is not often pale blonde people ask me to take their photos.

I tried to edit the family photos one of mum's friends sent to have me touch up...but they gave my mum the photo program for their computer disc...not the photos themselves on disc. So, I couldn't do that. I am secretly glad of this right now because I am so bored with editing photos and want to be shooting them instead.

Okay, enough for tonight.

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