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Farm land and pine trees.
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I always try to attend the Spokane Falls Northwest Market, Encampment, and PowWow which happens at the end of August each year in downtown Spokane, Washington. It is held for 4 days in Riverfront Park which was traditional fishing grounds centuries ago for the Spokane Tribe. I have many traditional PowWow photos from years past. So many that I felt like trying to do something different this year, something that was aided by the low light conditions of the evening dancing competitions. So, after taking some more traditional photos and candid type shots.


I decided to let the low light, fast moving dancers, situation create a "painterly" effect and go impressionistic in style when it came to my photos. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and they really appeal to the artist within.






You can see more here:

I shall be posting more traditional photos at Flickr in the next few days.

Also posted:
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I took two days off from online life this week. Two days in a row in fact. I actually enjoyed the it me off and had to force myself ot get back online. What was interesting is I really didn't miss anything online when I was not logging on. Maybe I just do not have an addictive personality since some people seem to have this painful need to be online? Whatever the case, I am now really have to force myself to be online tonight and finish up with answering emails and all.

I ended up going to Orlando's with my mum and her friends yesterday for lunch. Orlando's is the restaurant at Spokane Community College run by the culinary arts majors so that they can learn all aspects of the restaurant/cooking business. This means the food is hit-or-miss and upscale to boot. i wasn't overly impressed by the food but I was not paying for the lunch so all is cool. I did love the bakery attached to the restaurant because it is 3 term students who do the baking so they are advanced in what they are doing. I had a yummy cherry pastry from there.

I took a break from editing photos the last two days as I am almost done with the first edit and it is easier after that...I just pick a few for the project and focus on them. I will finish up the editing tomorrow and then, probably, post one or two here. I was able to pitch my project to one of my mum's friends who has kids who may want to do this. I am hoping that pans out. We shall see.

Today, I got Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography by Adam Ant in the mail from my friend Maz in the UK! I mentioned how much I wanted to read it here at LJ. It is really interesting so far and even more intreesting since a lot of the punk rock musicians who were born in the 1950s has really poor upbringing. As in living in slummy buildings and having very poor families. Adam Ant is the of that beginning, as well as John Lydon who also wrote a book about his life called Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs that I purchased and read many years ago. I will continue to read Adam Ant's autobiography because I am sure it will get even more interesting as it moves out of his childhood and starts to address his being bipolar.

The weather has finally started getting warmer and I was able to wear my new sandals yesterday! I hope it continues to get warmer because we have had winter desperately clinging to Spokane for way too long. *crosses fingers*

And with that I am off to finish up online and get back to reading.

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I drove my dad's jeep/SUV today for the first time and don't really like how it handles. You practically have to stomp on the brake to have it work and the steering wheel requires more turning effort. I did do well driving it because it holds speed well and doesn't react to every bump in the road. My mum now says I just need parallel parking practice and I am ready for the driver's test. I am ready, just need the parallel parking practice.

I have a photoshoot scheduled for Saturday and I am hoping it goes well. I am liking being busy and doing what I love to do.  Another thing photography related, a guy asked me when I will be in Seattle (will it be by later this year?) because he is willing to pay me (good money) to take photos of bands that need press packets! This is the second job offer in Seattle in the last two months and it gives me much hope for after I move. I get nothing but crickets chirping in the lack of work I get offered here in Spokane. I am definitely in the wrong place.

I am still in the middle of editing last Sunday's photoshoot. I am doing it in small amounts because I have other things going on and it is not paid. Joe, the model, totally understands so all is cool in that area. I hope to finish the edit by Saturday in time for the editing of the shoot on Saturday.

Beyond all this, things have been quiet and I am enjoying it.

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I admit, because it was a shopping trip I did not take many photos the last time I was in Seattle. I got through periods where I feel a bit burnt out taking photos of the same things each time I visit a place and this past trip to Seattle was one of those times. I didn't even bring my Nikon camera. I did take a few snapshots with my Sony Cybershot so I will share them with you.

Above: The only huge amount of snow I have seen in Washington this year. It was on the way up Snoqualmie Pass heading toward Seattle.

Above: This is how tightly packed the trees are going over the Pass. Further up, as you start to reach the summit, pine trees are mixed in with these.

Above: It was the beginning of March and all the trees were beginning to bloom. Tells you how warm the winter has been.

Above: Downtown Seattle from Alkai Point. Very clear day, 56 (F), in March.

Above: The Space Needle from Alkai Point.

Above: Downtown Seattle form across the water of the Puget Sound.

Above: Looking toward WSU (Washington State University) on the hill from across the water.

Above: The shipyards. Seattle is a port city.

Above: Sailboat and Space Needle. People were enjoying the weather in sailboats and kayaks.

Above: We were heading onto the freeway near the shipyards and I got a clear shot of Mt. Rainier. Yes, it is real, yes it is that close, and yes, it is volcanic and active.

I hope to take more photos the next time I am in Seattle. I hope to be looking at new things, new places, and just enjoying myself.

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I have placed an add on a modeling/photography site for local models to take photos of. I put I would pay them in images and that I am willing to work with people just starting out or semi-professional. I am just missing the feeling of being busy with photoshots and editing images. It makes me feel alive! I just hope I get some sort of response.

I am still reading Let The Right One In and haven't had much change to read it recently. I was busy with the photoshoot and now reconnecting with the friends I lost contact with while busy with the editing. I hope to really take off on reading it very soon.

I got a jury duty summons in the mail yesterday. I have ZERO interest in the local judicial system so hope I will be disqualified since I am merely in the "jury pool" and have to show up for selection process in June. I seriously DO NOT want to waste my whole June sitting in a jury.  I will seriously fall asleep and be the worst juror ever. I just have zero interest in watching court cases tried.

Other than that...all is quiet these days...unfortunately.

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I had weird dreams last night that I could not even begin to explain. Weird dreams disturb some people but ot me, they are more interesting.

I have been Twittering today and it is amusing to follow celebrities sometimes. I got to see a fight between two of them on Twitter. A serious argument. It's good to know they are human, have bad days, and argue over stupid shit too.

I posted a new fashion blog at If You're Into It and had one posted at Tastemaker Diaries. So that was eventful today.

I need to add a few Orion photos to my professional website but can't be bothered tonight because it can be such a headache to do that without causing glitches I will have to spend time working through. I have to be in the right mindset for that.

Messing with my Itunes in prep for uploading songs to my ipod. Time to switch up the playlists as I am bored with them. I will have to "kill a few babies" otherwise known as "songs I like but find myself skipping in the playlist more often than listening to". It will be a hard task for me to do because I always think I will miss the song once I remove it.

Today was almost 80 (F) for the first time this year. Nice to have the warmth and hope it stays around.

Okay off I go.

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Photos from a trip downtown earlier this past week:

Above: The Davenport Hotel...the oldest hotel in Spokane.

Above: Dana in the skyride that goes over the dam.

Above: The water going over the dam, high due to spring run-off.

Above: The upper falls above the dam.

Above: Totem pole on "Canada Island" in Riverfront Park.

See the rest HERE.

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Leavenworth, Washington photos:

Above: Snow above the main Leavenworth town area.

Above: Bavarian style buildings in downtown Leavenworth.

Above: Nutcrackers in the Nutcracker shop window.

Above: Paintings above the doorwarys of a shop.

Above: Love this the mixture of wood and plaster.

It was a beautiful day and the weather was great. Perfect for a roadtrip.

See more photos HERE.
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Done editing all the photos from NYC...added them to my Facebook but then had computer issues so wasn't able to add them anywhere else yet. I will do that tomorrow...including adding them to a post here at LJ.

Feeling rather tired at the moment. I guess going to NYC has put me back on a "sleep at night" schedule. I am going to crash for the night very soon.

Been updating my Itunes and getting rid of songs I no longer adding new ones. I will be updating my Ipod tomorrow. I did order an adapter attachment so I can charge the Ipod from a socket. I don't see the point of having to always use the computer to charge the Ipod...especially if I am traveling. So much easier to have an adapter like that to charge it when on the road. So, that should arrive in the next few weeks.

I really need to do my laundry tomorrow. I have put it off due to other people needing to use the washer/dryer but now..I need ot use it because I have a huge pile of laundry from my trip that needs to be washed. I will fight for the washer/dryer tomorrow because I have waited long enough to use them. It's my turn!

Okay, off I head to wind down and head to bed.
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I went shopping today with Dana in Downtown Spokane.

I hadn't been planning on spending money myself but after finding a lot of my "good" shirts have holes starting in them it gave me a nudge to take out a bit of money....not a lot...and replace a few things. I got a lot of "foundation" type shirts because the Gap was having a sale, two pairs of socks for $3.00, a cardigan, and I even got some new flat shoes perfect for driving and walking longer distances. The only expense that I probably shouldn't have done is a bought a purse...I have many of them but I switch them around according to my mood and outfit I am wearing.

I shall take a photo of the shoes and post them later this week.

I also will continue my search for wide-hemmed, wide-leg, dark blue jeans since Macys was sold out of them. I want a pair similar to these but not as spendy.

The shopping trip was to force Dana to buy warmer clothing since she is dressing like it is California and it is getting really cool here into Fall weather. Dana is extremely picky about how everything fits....she will take 25 things into the dressing trying them on for 45 minutes...and then only buy one of the things she tried on.  I did manage to talk her into three long sleeve shirts, a sweater, and a winter jacket. After going in to check on her and her showing me the stuff she liked...and me reminding her that this week we dip to 56 (F). Macy's was actually announcing it was closing when she was trying on the coat so that went faster.  She still need boots and a few other warmer pieces of clothing. I am going to drag her to the mall for that.

I am almost done with the editig of Dana's yearbook shoot and will be posting photos from it here as soon as that is complete. Her senior photo is due on Friday so I will be done by Wednesday to meet that deadline.

On the photography side of things...I passed out a few business cards to Macy's employee I was chatting with while I was waiting for Dana to exit the changing rooms. I always am a bit excited when I hand them out because it means that the person will likely see my photos online at the very least. :)

Anyway, that was today in a nutshell. Off I head to catch up with online things and then watch a movie.

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Time for PowWow photo sharing!

I spent most the night editing them to make room for photos I have taken since. It was long time editing but I had music and imming friends from other countries to keep me alert. :)

So, here are a few:


Above: Prairie Chicken Dancer. Prairie Chicken dancers imitate prairie chicken roosters when they are challenging each other to fight and strutting around to impress other chickens.

Above: Jingle Dancer. Only women (and young girls) do Jingle Dancing. It is a female only dance.

Above: Jingle Dancer with feather fan.

More PowWow Photos Behind Cut )
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My brother Mark, put new carpet into the room that used to be mine today. That meant the banging of him shooting nails and staples into floor with airguns, above my room, woke me up early. I napped later in the day after he was done and it has new carpet instead of 30 year old falling aprt/stained carpet now so, all is good.

Destry is to come and pick up the disc of images to choose from tomorrow. I am excited about this because it is another step closer to money and to completing the photoshoot. Now I just have to decide what to do next photographically.

I am having a strong urge to move again. I need to get working on my license so I can get driving and move quicker. I am not fitting in here at all anymore and jobs are few and far between. I need to be where there is more going on, more opportunities, and where I have better connections when it comes to people. I guess I am just tired of sitting here where nothing happens but bad things. I don't want to wait around for the next "horrible, no good, very bad thing" to happen.

I want to start dating again but Spokane offers men that are undatable. I am very tired of being single but, refuse to settle on a guy who is less than good. I don't want to waste anymore time and I want something that will turn into a relationship instead of a guy jerking me around and acting like a sleaze. I have had my fill of them. It seems every single guy I have encountered in the last 5 years is only interested in "friends with benefits" because then he gets sex but doesn't have to commit to a relationship. Sorry, I dont play that game and have more self-worth than that. Time for a change of scenery with more dating options offered. I always had better dates when living in San Diego anyway. 

Anyway, off I got to get things done online so I can think about starting on that pile of letters that need to be answered.
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It's been ages since I shared great links I have found and that have become very useful or fun for me. Time to share again.

Swap Tree

I have been swapping books/dvds/cds through swaptree for things I want. The site is set up so you list what you are willing to swap (complete with condition of item) and then make a list of items you would like to own when it comes to movies, books, cds, and video games. Then you see if anyone wants what you have and has what you want...and you swap. 

I have done it twice so far and received "elastica" by elastica on cd and "Thirteen Moons" by Charles Frazier when it came to books. I have a book "Wings of a Dove" by Henry James heading out tomorrow in swap for "Crowded House" on cd. I have someone interested in another book I own and willing to swap a cd I want as well but I won't be accpeting that until tomorrow because I want to get the book out in the mail I have waiting first.

So if this sort of thing interests you then check out the site.

Dr. Horrible Sing-Along-Blogs

Lots of superhero drama, humor, and songs so awful they are great! It has Neil Patrick Harris as "Dr. Horrible" in it, is written by Joss Whedon,  and it is a great way to pass about an hour of your time. 

Oh So Fat! Blog

This blog is written by my friend (and t-shirt designer) Mark Lim. This blog contains his reviews of fast food meals he buys from various fast food restaurants. He takes photos of the actual meal and compares it to the photos in advertising, talks about the taste, the cost, the restaurant itself, and all with humor...and photos.

My Dear Hard-Drive- 10 Years Online Blog

This blog is kept my my Finnish penpal who recently moved with her Aussie husband to Tasmania. The link will take you directly to her "Things I Have Learned While Watching Bold And The Beautiful" blog which is humorous and so true of soaps. Definitely an amusing read.

Anyway, that is my links I have found and been diverted by or use often recently.

Onward to other news. I am still doing the second, more closely eyeballed, edit of Destry's photos. This should be done by tomorrow night. I am happy with the photos and he is extra excited to see what he has to choose from for his final disc and possible printed photos.

I am seriously thinking of trying out for the freelance photographer offer on the UK site. It isn't much money and it won't fit well in Spokane to do street photography of people dressed well and store windows but, if I get accepted, I am moving soon and San Diego has much more opportunity for this sort of photography. It would be a tiny add to my money intake and could be done in a hours time once or twice a week. So, I may head downtown and give it a go. 

I am definitely seeing "The Dark Knight" tomorrow night and have
"Spaced"  being shipped to me because the series gets it's formal release on DVD in the US, FINALLY, on Tuesday!

Mark is here to put in new carpet in what was my room and maybe in the hallway where the dogs have decided to use the carpet as a bathroom. Mark quit his job (for the 100th time he has done this with a job) because he cannot stand the working conditions so will be going back and forth between Seattle and here for the next month as he waits to see if eh gets a part in the film of his friend Bogdan.

Anyway, off to do a bit more editing and/or messing around online.

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I am in the middle of editing over 275 photos of Destry. It is going to be a long, fun, and hard to narrow down the good shoots process. Destry happens to be photogenic even if he doesn't smile in photos.

Here are two photos I can share from the first half of the photos I have edited. 

Above: A tiny bit of flare over his shoulder but it adds to the shot. I have this in colour as well but the black/white give sit a 60s "James Dean" feel.

Above: His typical "looking around face". He is not sad or in pain. He is just watching people stare at him from passing cars (as he pulls up the back of his pants) since we were on the side of the road.

I have so many more to edit and I haven't even gotten to the night shots yet! Yes, I took night shots of Destry using available light from stores and the fountain downtown. I really hope the fountain ones turn out! 

Off I go to continue editing.

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I am starting to edit the photos form the photoshoot after hours of downloading from camera to computer and burning unedited photos to cds.

I always edit the non-portrait photos first to "get in the mood" so to speak. I posted these on Flickr and would like to share them because I quite like them.

Above: This is the old signage from the Coachhouse Restuarant. The restuarant has been closed for many years now and was in the "crack addict" area of Spokane. Now, all the low income apartments there are pretty much gone (as are the business like the Coachhouse). They are trying to turn it into an arts area and the apartments above into condos.

Above: The painted over signage from a "flophouse" style hotel. It rented rooms by the hour or half hour and the crack addicted prostitutes used them to "practice their profession". It was about 2 doors down from the Coachhouse and is also vacant at the moment as the renovation to the block into condos. the sign hasn't lit up since the 1960s most likely.

Above: The Jefferson Center was widely known as the Jefferson Apartments. They were home to drug addicts, recovering drug addicts, people just released from prison, very low income people, metally impaired people, and prostitutes. They were closed in the late 1990s and now are gutted for condo renovation. Where the low income people live one knows.

Above: Destry, my photoshoot subject, in front fo Little Nickle's Pub & Grub. This eating establishment was closed a little after the Coachhouse. It is right next door to the entrance to the hotel. I love the old style signage of this Pub and the Coachhouse and know that it is not long for the world due to the condos going in.

I will be posting photos from the photoshoot of Destry in the next few days as I get them edited and up at Flickr. So keep watching this journal.
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Today I received my first three X-mas cards. 

Arwen, Thanks so much for the lovely card! I am working on writing a letter for yours before I send it.
 It may be a tiny bit late but it will reach you. :)

I also got X-mas cards from Angela (My Netherlands penpal) and Kevin (imagine that). 

We got snow last night and it is cold. According to the weather/temperature reader my dad has...20 (F) outside right now. I am missing the San Diego temperatures!

I keep putting off working on my trip photos because the computer is acting up. I need to get working on those tonight no matter how much a pain my computer is at the moment.

Anyways, off I go to finish up on things that I need to use the family computer for.

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 I am halfway through writing my Christmas cards! The ones I have left to do are the ones I want to include an answering letter in and the US ones. Now to get them all mailed. Go me!

Still editing the San Diego photos. They should be up soonish and I will post some of them here as well.

I am feeling a bit accomplished.

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