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I had a very easy photoshoot on Tuesday that I am hoping I get great images out of. I am currently downloading the photos to my computer. I am contemplating if I will do another photoshoot soon because I want to get one more photoshoot under my belt before I update my website with the images and mess with it. That will be such a chore to do since I am html impaired. So, I will edit the photos from Tuesday and then see how I feel about a new shoot soon.

I got my season 2 of True Blood on DVD in the mail today! I cannot wait to watch it in good image quality on tv now instead of "ripped from broadcast and grainy" online. So, I have something to watch tonight before bed! I am in a True Blood mood so this is good timing.

I joined a meet-up group for single ladies locally and they have a
Sex and the City 2 movie meet-up on Saturday the 5th so I may head out to see it with them. I hate going to the movies along so this is a good option. They also are heading to Artfest so I am contemplating going to meet up that day with them too. I don't want to bus it to the event since I tried that one year and it was horrible. Too many people attend and the shuttle buses are crap. It took Julia and I 4 hours to get to an event that took 25 minutes by car. Not doing a repeat of that! So, I may not go to Artfest though it is a fun event.

, the Norwegian student we had about 3 years back is pregnant! She and her boyfriend are having a baby in Nov. She is delaying university to have the baby and is pretty happy about the whole thing since she and her boyfriend are really in love. They are moving in together next month and preparing for the baby. My mum swears that Henriette had to have known she was pregnant when she visited two months back but I am not so sure.

It has been a raining a lot these past few days so I have been reading a lot. It's been pretty relaxing and nice. I haven't felt like going online so stayed clear of the computer. I am feeling most and more like not being online a lot these days. I am liking face to face interaction with people a lot more.

Okay, off to finish downloading photos to computer and then heading off to watch True Blood.

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Did another part of the photoshoot today since the one on Saturday didn't make it to the second location. This means I spent the afternoon in Manito Park with all it's blooming flowers in the gardens. Tonight I will download them to my computer and then tomorrow the editing starts. So, I was busy this afternoon.

Monday I have an appointment with the hairdresser for a cut and colour. My hair is overly still is okay but it needs to be recoloured and cut. I will be happy to have this happen for sure because it takes a bit longer to style at the moment.

My friend Carlo, the comic book artist in San Diego, is working to get me into Comic Con as a "Professional" so I can be in the press core taking photos of the celebrities! That would be fun! It would also mean I get in for free. He is going to hook me up with a photographer friend who will see what she can do to help on this and maybe bring me in as a guest to "help out" with her photography if I cannot get a "professional pass". I am hoping this works out. If not, I am still going and had he tell me when they send him his professional pass so I can watch for the sale of the regular 4 day passes. Either way...Comic Con should rock next year!

I am trying to decide if I want to go to the Spokane Indian PowWow this weekend. I will have to work on seeing if Russell wants to go because he has never gone before. I will definitely be taking photos if I do manage to get out to the PowWow.

Tonight is Ghost Hunters night...and I am really looking forward to the show. I always enjoy watching it and sometimes it creeps me out. Kaiya, our husky, likes the show as well and asks to come in when she hears the opening credits...then sits on the floor on a blanket and watches the show. It's very funny.

Anyway, that is my day today and what I am having going on this weekend.
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I have a photoshoot tomorrow!!!! I am so excited! This means I will have photos to work on and well as money coming in from it! I cannot wait to get out and take photos tomorrow!

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The day was utter crap. I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach, it was windy, and it was cold.

Liz had that one weekend to do the shoot in before she headed back to Bangladesh for the summer. So, we troopered on and did the shoot in awful weather conditions.

The results:

Did I mention it was windy?

You can see more of the shoot HERE!
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Well, I have had a new post posted up at Tastemaker Diaries. I am starting to feel a bit like their only blogger contributing in recent weeks. Wonder where all the other blog contributors are?

Having allergies and the symptoms resemble "hay fever". Go me! I am allergic to something upstairs and it would not surprise me if it was mold of some sort since dust and pets don't trigger my allergies. Benydril does not even touch the allergies at all....beyond toning them down a notch or two. Ugh!

I am going to call the model for the next photoshoot tomorrow evening. She is totally interested and is free this I am going to go for it. It will give me something to do even if it doesn't pay me money. Heaven knows I desperately need something to do! More photos for my portfolio/website.

Both my brothers are still out of work. Russell has fallen into "play lots of video games" mode while Mark is "training for a marathon" as well as "taking acting classes" as a distraction. There is just very few places hiring and the ones that do have heavy competition for the job openings due to places shutting down or laying off people everyday. Mark is on unemployment while Russell is fighting for his since some idiot in the system somewhere has claimed he got fired when he worked at his job until the very last day the restaurant was open...and helped break down the place afterward and clean. It must be so frustrating for him to have to fight for something he qualifies for....he isn't the most assertive person.  Both of them have friends keeping an ear and eye open for possible jobs for them.

I am feeling a bit like people are going forward in life while I am standing still. My life changes in little ways but not terribly much. It can be frustrating and I am trying my hardest to change this but at the moment, am having little luck.  I want a positive, good, life change for a change! Nothing bad...just something good and positive that will make my life better and less boring.

Okay time to head off and do other things.

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I may have a photoshoot in the works. Not paying but it will give me images to add to my portfolio and website. That is always a plus!

It would be nice to get some paying portrait shoots but no one is going for that right now it seems and that is frustrating. Time to move...wish the economy would look up so I could. Until then I sit  tight and suffer from some airborne allergen in the house that affects my face through skin contact. Frustrating.

Have mass amounts of laundry to do tonight after hauling "the leaning tower of dirty laundry" to the laundry room. Fun stuff.

Yeah, my life is so exciting right now...can't you tell?

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My photoshoot of Orion (Yes, that is his real name) went well. He knows how to pose and isn't afraid to act silly and make faces. I am going to start editing the photos tomorrow since I need to relax a little after walking all over downtown Spokane taking photos during the shoot. FUN!

I came home to find my package from which contained Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance Now With Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! Yes, it is a retelling of Austin's classic with zombie subplot added. It should be a fun read since I loved the original and love things like this..the adding to the original with silly zombie stuff. I will start reading it when I finish up with the The Subtle Knife!

On Saturday I am meeting up with a friend and seeing Adventureland at the movie theater. I am really looking forward to that! It should be fun.

LOST last night was great! I love Ben being judged by Anubis . Nice touch! LOST continues to excite me....and next week is starting the head into the season finale! Too soon!

Okay time to head offline and start reading.
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Still working on Leavenworth photos and have a photoshoot tomorrow that was quickly set up last night. So that will keep me busy.

I may be heading to see
Adventureland this weekend at the movie theater and I got my haircut today (and coloured).

I am getting annoyed with local people acting like I should "get a real job" because "Photography is silly". Excuse me? Talk to my middle finger local idiots. I can make more per photoshoot than you could make a day at work locals, so piss off! I need to move because I am tired of the idiot locals and their low brainwave ideas.

My post is up at
Tastemaker Diaries and I have been updating my If You're Into It

Okay, off to charge up those camera batteries and watch LOST.

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Photos from Dana's photoshoot, downtown Spokane, Washington.

More Behind The Cut... )
More can be seen here.
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Destry's phhotoshoot went well. We ended up shooting until 10 p.m. so lots of night shots!

I will be editing the photos later this evening. At least getting started on editing them! I will share good shots, of course, so be looking for them to be posted within the next week!

I need to do this more often! It is just something I love to do!
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I had lunch with Destry at Taco Del Mar (I had a yummy spinach tortilla wrapped Fish Burrito) and have a photoshoot this weekend! Yay!

I am hoping it goes well and that my eye behaves! I am looking forward to getting back to taking photos and am using Destry's shoot to test out the eye. That way I know how to deal with the family photoshoot that a friend wants to book with me. So, send positive vibes my way for this!

I got Coldplay's new cd today and the book "Thirteen Moons" by Charles Fraizer in a swap for my Jet Li's "The One" DVD. I now have three book to read after I finish "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" which I am almost done with. I also rented heaps of DVDs to watch over the next few days. So, I have entertainment coming my way from all this.

My friend, Andy, from Florida arrived in Coeur d' Alene today where he will be training people for 3 months on the new Verizon system they installed. So, I will have a hang-out buddy! Yay! He text me he was on the way from the airport halfway here and will be calling me tomorrow.

I got Kati's letter today and was thrilled by the use of postcard as stationary! Very cool Kati! I enjoyed it a lot!

I wrote a letter to a penpal in Quebec and will complete the letter to my Netherlands pal, Angela, very soon. I have quite a few letters to work on and will be slowly doing that this pending. If it gets too hot it is a bit hard to concentrate without a/c.

I am still working on trying to get to see radiohead in August. I hope I can but am not betting on it. It would  be fin and the concert has been sold out for months!

Life isn't bad at the moment....which is good!

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 I have a photoshoot on Saturday!

I am taking photos of my friend Cathryn and will be using them for my website and portfolio! They are to be outside/snow photos! I am so excited! I haven't had the chance to take photos that are portraits in a while and I really need to get back in the swing of things with them.

I should be getting a new computer...maybe after "Ghost Hunters" tonight I am offloading/burning a ton of stuff from the computer I have now. I need a new computer to be able to do what I need to do with my photography. The old one just is too slow, problem-filled, and brain-damaged.

I am talking to another person about posing for me but that photoshoot is less certain right now. It will be another shoot to "update the portfolio" and add to my website which will be going up as soon as I get the new computer. I need to add some photos to the site and a price list....and it is just too involved for my computer at the won't open the program/website and crashes. But, as soon as I get the new computer...the site goes up!

I got "Eagle vs. Shark" and "Once" on well as the book "The Kite Runner". I am so excited and will be cracking open "Eagle Vs. Shark" to watch it later tonight! I have been wanting to see that film for so long and it never came to Spokane!

I am currently reading "Atonement" and like the book. It is a bit slow moving but the writing style is so lovely that it keeps me reading. I think it helps that I saw the film as well...because now I can see the internal dialog of the characters and match it to what I saw on the screen.

It snowed all night last night and we got another 7 inches of snow! We now have over a foot of snow on the ground! My dad is actually buying a snowblower because he is not into shoveling now...he is too old and it tires him out. So, that will make the whole "snow removal" a lot quicker. Who knows how much it will snow next year but this just has dumped snow on us and there is a lot more to come.

My room is now clean and the downstairs bathroom. I also did all my laundry. It makes me feel accomplished. It was nice to clean my room and feel like I started afresh in the new year since I cleaned it, got rid of crap, trashed trash, ect the third day of the new year. The cleaning of the horribly messy bathroom (happens when you share with a brother...the mess does) just was freeing as well. As was conquering the mountain of dirty clothing. I must have been in a cleaning mood.

Anyways, that is my news of the day. Off I go to shower, eat dinner, and watch "Ghost Hunters" on tv (which has new episodes).

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