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I received two letters from Germany today and one was a complete surprise so it was a great mail day! I felt inspired and wrote three letters this evening. [ profile] sushineko be expecting a letter from me very soon because yours was one of the three letters written!

I have been staying on top of my letter writing this year and think the oldest letter waiting to be responded to it the middle of March. I am hoping to keep writing letters now I am feeling more chatty in postal mail because I find once I sit down and write, I don't want to stop and finish more than one letter at a time. It is a nice feeling.

I have two photshoots in the works with one this Saturday and another on the 22nd. Just have to nail down the time on the 22nd one which should be easy. I am still scrambling around trying to get more shoots and hope to fill my time with them is economy-wise...things are bleak around here.I enjoy taking photos...simple as I don't mind working on the project though some income coming in would be nice.

My friend Maz in the UK tracked down the Adam Ant autobiography I mentioned a while ago. She has sent it my way and it only cost me $18 instead of more through I cannot wait to read it because I am curious what he has to say about his life.

I actually sat down with my paper journal and wrote a but tonight. I have been very sporadic in writing but it is almost full and has a new, empty, journal waiting to take it's place. I need to get back to sorting my thoughts out on paper because it is enjoyable and personal...a rare thing in this day and age where a lot of people live a small part of their lives in public through networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And the humorous blogpost about PajamaJeans:

You may have seen the late night infomercials about them:

In the blogpost, the blogger tries them and then her husband models them as well, with much humor in those photos.  Check it out! Thanks much to [ profile] rachelraven for sharing the link on Facebook!
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Today was hot, only 82 (F) but VERY humid. It was a scorcher downtown with all the concrete to reflect the sun. I need to break out the flipflops because it is now warm enough to wear them.

Still, the photoshoot went well and I start editing tomorrow. I have two more models to try and nail down photoshoot days with and one more to meet up with. Yes, I am enjoying being busy.

Beyond that, just a day full of photo taking and not much else.

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I finished the edit of the Joe photoshoot and posted photos from it HERE. I am glad that edit is done and now...I move on to Lexi's photoshoot.

I took 227 photos of Lexi because she knows how to pose and was an interesting subject. I will post a few here and link to my Flickr when I get that going. :)

Busy busy busy. And loving it!

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The photoshoot on Friday went well and the model is a young woman with a mohawk. So, expect me to share some photos here soon. She knows how to pose and let me tell you, that made the shoot breeze past with ease!

I am working on a few more photoshoots that may, or may not, happen. I will definitely keep everyone updated. Now, to get back to editing photos! :)

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I have a photoshoot set for Saturday and am excited about it!

Orion had a friend who wanted to pose for me and he heard that my model had canceled this week so he pointed her in my direction. It is non-paying but I really am just glad to be doing something at this point. I figure I will beef up my portfolio, add new images ot my website, and improve my techniques while I wait to move or for a paying gig. So this is cool.

I have another model who may be posing for me as well. If this shoot gels, I will be shooting photos of her on the 18th of this month!

I am getting excited about Flight of the Concords since the concert is on the 11th! I have wanted ot see them for 2 years and finally get the chance to! Plus, I get to do a tiny bit of shopping in Seattle as well. That is cool. :)

So that is what is going on here at the moment.
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Negotiating a photoshoot and am not sure it will work out. The guy has agreed on the money but now the next agreement has to be location. He wanted it to be Coeur d' Alene but that is 45 minutes away and makes no sense since we both live in Spokane. I can get almost anywhere in Spokane but not to Coeur d' Alene.  I am seeing how set on that location he is and if he is adaptable to local locations. If it works out, money for me and new images! If not, it wasn't meant to be. 

I need to get settled on a time for the second, fun, photoshoot of Henriette. The weather is to get colder next week and I need to get it done now that the leaves are changing colours ans starting to drop from the trees. I will have to talk to her about setting up a time for it.

I am wishing I had my license so I could drive places and take photos. I am to be taught to parallel park (practice it a lot) soonish and my mum HAS to get that windshield has been 4's time! I need the driver's test BEFORE ice ends up on the roads!

Heck, I am even putting off deciding on a trip location until I get a driver's license because I want to be able to rent a car if needed. I still want to travel to a warm location, one with beaches, but I want to have the license so ic an rent a car, even for a day, and be able to access places far from the hotel I will stay in. 

I saw the first episode of "Heroes" for the new season and it was good. It looks like this season will be interesting and a bit more fast paced. I am liking the Dominican twins who are trying to reach the US to "get cured" because the girl twin's powers are so destructive that only her twin's powers keep hers in check. They haven't shown the powers in action, only the aftermath of her getting upset when her and her twin brother were separated.  I think it is cool that their powers work together in a different way than apart and cannot wait to see it happen, and to see each twin use their powers separately as well. The girl was traumatized after killing about 20 people when she was separated from her brother. Her brother is all about them staying together because his powers keep hers in check. they are being chased by the Dominican government who wants to use their powers for no good and their mother has given them money and told them to get to the US. They are going to be trying to enter illegally. Cool stuff.

Okay, I should get off livejournal. I want to not be online all night even if I slept most the day yesterday due to having a headache.


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