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New radiohead song:

Cannot wait until the new album is released in the States!
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Idioteque- Radiohead
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Fake Plastic Trees: radiohead

How cool is that?
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I'm going to radiohead....I'm going to radiohead!!!!

August 20th in Auburn!!!



Jul. 9th, 2008 12:16 pm
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I am going to see radiohead in August!!!!!

2 seats in row 8 (above the grass seating) are coming my way!!! Mark called me back and I got in contact with the friend who will send them tomorrow to me via mail!!!

I got another swap in the process on:

Where I will now offload a book I didn't like and took 4 years to read for, the out of print in the US, elastica cd I have been wanting!!!! Excellent trade to me...a $15.95 book for a $35.95, if imported, cd!

Sent a postcard off to a friend who needed a lift in spirits and a card to a friend going through chemo.

So, a good start to the day! Yay!

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I had lunch with Destry at Taco Del Mar (I had a yummy spinach tortilla wrapped Fish Burrito) and have a photoshoot this weekend! Yay!

I am hoping it goes well and that my eye behaves! I am looking forward to getting back to taking photos and am using Destry's shoot to test out the eye. That way I know how to deal with the family photoshoot that a friend wants to book with me. So, send positive vibes my way for this!

I got Coldplay's new cd today and the book "Thirteen Moons" by Charles Fraizer in a swap for my Jet Li's "The One" DVD. I now have three book to read after I finish "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" which I am almost done with. I also rented heaps of DVDs to watch over the next few days. So, I have entertainment coming my way from all this.

My friend, Andy, from Florida arrived in Coeur d' Alene today where he will be training people for 3 months on the new Verizon system they installed. So, I will have a hang-out buddy! Yay! He text me he was on the way from the airport halfway here and will be calling me tomorrow.

I got Kati's letter today and was thrilled by the use of postcard as stationary! Very cool Kati! I enjoyed it a lot!

I wrote a letter to a penpal in Quebec and will complete the letter to my Netherlands pal, Angela, very soon. I have quite a few letters to work on and will be slowly doing that this pending. If it gets too hot it is a bit hard to concentrate without a/c.

I am still working on trying to get to see radiohead in August. I hope I can but am not betting on it. It would  be fin and the concert has been sold out for months!

Life isn't bad at the moment....which is good!

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 A friend I have been talking to online, who lives in Portland (Oregon), has offered me a free ticket to see radiohead in Auburn, Washington. It's a town just above Seattle. 

Now I am seeing if it is doable for me to go's RADIOHEAD! The ticket is free because the friend bought ticklets in bulk for friends who have had to change their plans. And it's not only free, it is RADIOHEAD!

I hope I can swing this (have it work so I can go) because I so want to see them!

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