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Well, yesterday I either had a really nasty case of the stomach flu or had eaten something the day before that my body rejected. This meant that I spent a lot of time dozing and rushing to the bathroom all day. Thank goodness, that passed and I am now feeling 100% better. It's strange to say but I actually feel a lot more alert today than I have in a long time. So, I am finally back online after a day of going no where near the computer.

I also read a book yesterday, between the dozing and time in the bathroom. Yeah, when I am feeling bad I tend to read sometimes because it distracts me a bit and I can just set the book aside when I need to. Excellent in cases of the stomach flu where I feel pretty normal between bouts of being sick. So, I am making progress on my list of books I have read this year. I am finding I end up reading all the books in a series in a row this year. I guess if it is available to me, the whole series, I just read on through it, minus the newer books or just released books in the series. So I am making progress there.

Other than that, it's been a few days full of nothing going on. It gets that way when it is raining most the time and nothing exciting is going on. So, I will head off and get busy getting caught up online.

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Sorry for the slack in writing in LJ but I have been:

a. Taking a break from online for two days. I was tired of staring at the computer screen. 

b. Reading Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris which came out yesterday. It is the new Sookie Stackhouse series book and I breezed through it last night.

c. Watching LOST and getting all teary over Sun and Jin last night.

d. Editing 227 photos from my last photoshoot of Lexi. Halfway through and should have them done by Friday! Keep looking for me to post a few. :)

So, I have been scarce the last few days and will probably be until Friday. I will check in to read people's posts (even if I don't comment much) as I push to finish the photo edit before I set up a new shoot.

I hate to say it, but I am enjoying not being online a lot and being busy with photography. :)

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I finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo just in time for my package from with the Keats' books to arrive today. I thought the book to be good but, it dragged a bit at the end after the mystery of the missing girl was finished. The book did make me want to check out The Girl Who Played With Fire which is Larsson's second book in the trilogy.

I, of course, quickly opened the Amazon package and devoured Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne in one sitting. The letters were very interesting though voyeuristic in nature and Brawne's are lost since all the letters she sent him were buried with Keats when he died. It was interesting to read about their love affair and how she mourned him for 5 years after his death in black clothing and did not marry until she was 33. She and Keats had a three year love affair and secret engagement. He was 23 when he met her, she 18. So, from 20 until she was 33 she must have been "getting over Keats" though she never took off the ring he gave her (she was buried in it), kept all his letters (and they were "well read" in appearance), and she walked the moors that she and Keats walked the rest of her life. Imagine that....and from reading his letters it is easy to understand why. They are just bursting with love and affection...worry about what would become of her if he died...not wanting to die and leave her in the world because heaven was with her...ect. Of course, all well written since he was a poet. This book is definitely worth a read and I probably shall re-read it in the future.

I have another book to read Collected Poems and Selected Letters of John Keats that I will apply my new interest of poetry to the reading of. From the few poems that are in the book I have already read...Keats was into fairy, elf, and Greek mythology in his poem's imagery. It makes for strange reading and I find it best to read sections out loud because it makes them easier to understand the imagery. So, this will be my next reading I do.

I also received the first season of The IT Crowd on DVD which I am happy about since I have only have the seasons in format to play on computer. Time to start buying it on DVD so I can watch it on a proper tv screen. I will be watching this over the next few days and pondering buying seasons 2 and 3.

I have been writing letters every night and am almost caught up with my correspondence. This makes me happy because it means that I will get letters in return. I am in the mood to read other people's news and happenings these days. I also am loving the feel of a fountain pen in my hand as it moves over paper when I write. I am just in a writing mood.

Okay, and now I am heading off to finish up with online activities.

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I am spending NYE in to save money, and because no one wanted to go out tonight. Not my favorite way to ring in the new year but, we cannot always have what we want.

I made my last update to my fashion blog for 2009 HERE. So feel free to check it out and read back a ways as well. I have posted a few posts in the last two weeks there.

And now, I am sipping champange (cheap kind) that my mum bought for tonight while listening to Pandora Radio. The songs are on a 1930s jazz tip at the moment so, I am being treated to Louis Armstrong's version of "Just A Gigalo" from 1931. Amusing stuff.

I will be finishing up online activities when midnight hits and will then probably read a little since I am in the middle of Anne Perry's Dark Assassin. It is really starting to get interesting so, I want to read a little of it before bed tonight.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great NYE and that the new year starts out on the right foot for them. S
ee you on the flipside.

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It was a bit windy today so we postponed the driving practice until tomorrow since I will be trying to paralell park the whole time. Better to not have high wind gusts to deal with when learning that.

Instead I curled up on the couch with a book today and just read. I added it to my list of books I have read this year and was shocked to see I have read over 77 books this year, so far! I guess this year is just a year that I read quite a bit. I will continue to add books I read to it and it will be interesting to see how many I read by the end of the year.

Other than that, it has been a really quiet day. It's sort of nice to have a quiet day every now and then.
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LOST was great last night. Really am happy with this season and where it is going! It makes me excited to see the tv show every week.

I am still reading Soul Mountain and making progress in it. It is very descriptive and can go on a surreal tip when it comes to the writing style every once and a while but, I am enjoying it. I am already trying to figure out what to read next. I tend to do that when I get about halfway through a boot because I know I will only pick up speed in reading as I near the end.

Managed to get a letter written to
[Bad username or unknown identity:     goddessofchaos] last night. It was nice to sit down and write a letter. I need to start answering letters again since the holidays has given me a small pile of letters that need to be answered. I am starting to run low on the Japanese stationary I bought in Seattle so may have to find some online that I like. I found a cool site for this type of stationary but I will hold off a bit in buying any until I am almost totally out of the stash I already have from Seattle. Maybe I will get over to Seattle and hit up Daiso again for stationary before I have to order some online.

I feel like I am doing quite a lot and not a lot at the same time when it comes to my life. I have accomplished cleaning my room, cleaning the bathroom, doing all my laundry, going through my clothing, watching all the movies I had waiting to be watched, started reaidng the pile of books that were waiting to be read, blogged for
stylefeeder, and have started answering letters. I just feel like it is not enough sometimes. I would like to take photos but I haven't the chance to. I want to take portraits and there is just no one to take photos of for this. It leaves me feeling a bit creatively dead because I cannot do what I am good at. It is frustrating.

I have become a bit addicted to
Twitter. It is like that "What are you doing now?" blurb you write on Facebook except you can interact with all sorts of people and share links and ideas. I have a lot of fashion careered people I follow as well as artists. It is like a shorter version of the old "post chat" that was around before javascript chatrooms. The fun thing is you can "tweet" (comment on Twitter) from you cellphone. It's not for everyone but I quite enjoy it because it is interactive and you can choose who you "follow" (friend to interact with). There are quite a few real celebrities that are on Twitter as well. So, that is something new I am currently interested in.

I still have the Yahoo! group I am owner of on moderated posting. Things have calmed down there now but I want to wait to take it off moderated until a month or so has passed since the unpleasantness. Give it ample time to stay settled down. I had to ban about 10 people and three left in a huff. It got really bad because the original "shit-stirrers" got others worked up about other things so it became a "finger pointing about any little offense real or imagined" frenzy. After the women involved where either banned or left....things quickly quieted down. The three that left I have on ban as well in case they try to rejoin using the same Yahoo! id in the future. Stuff like this happens in varying intensities every few months. It's like the people who are always online get paranoid or bored (or both) and decide to create drama to amuse themselves. Thank god this wave of trouble is over there at the group.

I am still trying to think up another post for
Tastemaker Diaries. I have ideas but none of them have solidified yet into a post. I am leaning toward a "shoe" post because there have been a lot of cool shoes I have seen out online. But, we will see what I end up posting about next when I sit down to actually write the post. I will try and write it this weekend. It is so daunting to think up a post and now stylefeeder wants two a month per contributor. I know that isn't hard to do but it makes it a bit hard to get ideas sometimes when there is expectations like that.

Okay, I must wrap this entry up and get on with my day. I have a few things I need to do.

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Been off the computer a lot and trying to feed my brain with movies and books these past few days. I was getting to the point where I would sit online and just feel bored. That is not the way I want to be when online so have limited my computer usage to a mere hour 1/2 a day. I check my email, check responses to comments online, check a few sites, and then get off the computer.

It has actually lowered my stress level and it is nice to watch movies and read instead of wander for hours online.

Other than's been quiet. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday...first clean since Russell moved out. I know it will stay clean longer with him no longer using it which makes me happy. I also got a new holder for my toothbrush and there are new bath mats for the bathroom as well. So it's a nicer experience to use the bathroom downstairs now.

Finishing up reading No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. It's an easy read, has some differences from the movie version, and is interesting but not totally great. I may put it back on swaptree to swap after I am done with it. I have many books to choose from to read after I finish this one.

Okay, time for me to help out with dinner. Off I go!
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My mail is finally catching up with me. The snow has melted thanks to the Pineapple Express so mail is now being delivered in a timely fashion. I got a huge stack of Christmas cards and magazines...and packages in the last two days.  [ profile] steeps  I got your Christmas card and it was beautiful! So it is fun to get a lot of mail even though a lot of it should have shown up before Christmas if the mail had been delivered properly.

I still need to do laundry but my brother Mark is hogging the washer and dryer so I have to wait. he heads to Salt Lake City on Saturday to put tile and carpeting in at a friend's house for money. So, I will get to do my laundry tomorrow most likely.

Still have to download and edit the photos I took in NYC. I will do that within the next two days. I just have been playing catchup on everything including sleep and trying to relax.

The relaxing is making me read a lot of books and I have added tow more to my "Books I have Read in 2009" list. I am tempted to do the "50 Books in a Year Challenge" but fear that if I commit to that something will come up and slow down my reading. I love to read and hope to at least read more than I was able to last year now that the eye has settled down.

I have the beginnings of a stack of letters to answer and will start doing that next week, if all goes well. I don't want to get too behind this year when it comes to my correspondence. I may need to buy some more fun, Japanese, stationary like this. I am starting to run low on the stationary I bought at Daiso in Seattle so will need to replenish it soon. The funny sayings on the stationary makes me want to write letters.

Okay, time to click around and get caught up online.
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I got a letter in the mail to my newer French penpal and a guy who wanted English practice by writing letters who lives in Italy. The latter got a promotion in his job and found he has to interact internationally, in English, and his English isn't as good as he would like it to be. He doesn't have everyday access to a computer so he suggested it gives him more time to think of what he is writing. Most his "interacting on the job in English" is through e.mails so letter writing will work for him for practice.

I will be writing a letter to a penpal in Germany next and Nek, my Greek pal, will get a letter soon as well. I have a stack of letters to answer so I am going to start working on it since they piled up over the past few months when I was too stressed out to write. I probably should send out a group e.mail telling my pals I will be getting to their letters very soon and I am sorry for the delay. I might do that this weekend.

I ordered "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles" and "The Book Of Lost Things" to read and they have been shipped by Amazon today! I cannot wait to get them because I am hugely in need of reading material that is not crappy supermarket, check-out line, books. That is what I have been reading the last few months and I am so tired of similar political thrillers, which my mum loves, reads, and passes on to me. So, I eagerly await these books!

My second post at the Tastemaker's Diaries is up!

It's just a quick post about bangles. I wanted to have a "light-hearted" post without heaps of writing just to add a little something different to the blog since a lot of the women write a lot more. I like short and simple sometimes when it comes to blogs...with many photos...because it gives me fashion ideas and doens't overwhelm with the wordage. Sounds funny to say but when it comes to fashion, visuals are a lot more interesting than written content. 

Now to think up another blog to submit there...

And I go to check a few sites and then maybe write a few letters.
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I wish I had something exciting to write about today. The days have just been less than exciting for a long time now and I cannot wait until this changes for me. I would go out and take photos...but the weather is cold and I hate being out in the cold for a long time, fighting the constantly runny nose it gives me. That is just not my idea of fun. So, I hope things perk up soon and something interesting comes my way.

I have been reading a lot. I joined 50bookchallenge here at livejournal and that is inspiring me to read a lot more. I bought four books on my birthday and read two of them already...and have started on the third. So far, in January, I have read 6 books of the 50 the challenge has as a goal so that means that the goal is achievable to me though if I get really busy it will be harder for me to find time to read. I decided to read more after being so busy with college that I had little time to read. Now that I am done with college, I am going to read a lot more.

I saw an interesting movie called "
SherryBaby" on DVD last night. It probably would be a bit hard for a lot of people to watch due to the way it treats the main character's sexuality but, it was very good.  It's about a woman named "Sherry" who is an ex.heroin addict and recently released from serving jail time. She us played by Maggie Gyllenhaal who brings a mixture of toughness, fragility, pain, and naivety to the role which works well. Sherry is trying to stay clean so that she can get custody of her young daughter. You can tell she is not capable of taking care of the daughter she loves so much and it makes the movie very heartbreaking. It is definitely worth a view because it was so "real".

Anyways, that has been my day so far. Off I go to surf the Internet.

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