Mar. 8th, 2010 09:12 pm
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I am back from Seattle and trying to get caught up with online things. Yes, I am one of those people who truly does not connect to the Internet when on a trip. I find that taking away from the trip experience so just refuse to do it beyond getting rid of junk mail once in a while if the trip is long.

I loved Seattle, I did a lot of shopping, and suffered through my mum snoring like a chainsaw in the shared hotel room both nights, all night, so I could not sleep. The weather was really nice with no clouds and warm temperatures when we were there. Mark met up with us twice and we picked up Henriette, and her friend Ellen, to bring back to Spokane with us. It didn't get cloudy and cold until we were heading back to Spokane. I may be heading back to Seattle at the end of the month and will love that opportunity.

Oh, and I got myself a Bottle Bunny! I have wanted one for ages and they always seemed to sell out before I could get one. I found one in the store Fireworks in Seattle and snatched it up! So, I own a bottle bunny now and am all happy about it. :)

Anyway, I have to head off and do a few things before I head to bed and try and catch up on lost sleep.

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Okay, I am now pissed off at the credit card company because my money transfer (to cover the bill that had the check returned because of the transfer issue of money in my bank account) to pay the bill is still "Processing" and it is suppose to only take 1 day...and we are at day two!

Colour me not happy because this means I have two more days of the bill not paid and going against me. I am so not happy about this situation but cannot do anything about it until Monday now.

I am headed to Seattle this weekend. I am looking forward to it because Spokane is working my nerves at the moment. Too many idiots and people going flaky on me here. I will be trying not to shop while there because of this damn bill situation.

On a brighter note, I discovered the lovely French band Nouvelle Vague today.

"Love Will Tear Us Apart (LIVE)" by Nouvelle Vague

I had heard their music in movies but never really checked them out before. A friend added them to their Myspace and I listened to the songs at the band's Myspace and got excited.

Nouvelle Vague are a band that do cover songs of 80s new wave and 60s songs. They do the songs in a French lounge music way or acoustically. The singer has one of those "breathe-y" voices that matches the music style perfectly.

I quickly went over to my "Christmas/Birthday Wishlist' and added two of their Cds to it.

I also have been madly updating my fashion blog If You're Are Into It so check that out if you are interested. I also submitted a post to Tastemaker Diaries and am waiting to see if it gets accepted or not.

Beyond that, it has been a pretty quiet day. I am now preparing to go to Seattle because we have to get up at 6 a.m. to get out of here by 7 a.m. since we are driving. Ugh.

See you on Monday everyone!
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 I have been back from Seattle for two days but been busy so haven't had time to update my livejournal.

Radiohead were great! It downpoured that night during the concert but my seating was under the roofing so my brother Mark and I did not get wet...at least until we walked back to the car across the huge parking lot. 

Radiohead didn't play my two favorite songs by them ("Fake Pastic Trees" and "High & Dry") but that was fine. They kept pretty much to a more current playlist of their songs.

The stage set was amazing! All lighting run through plastic poles from stage to ceiling with changes pattern and colour according to song. The screens showed the individual band members close-up in a "four square" arrangement. I would have taken photos but cameras were discouraged at the concert and I didn't have a point-and-shoot so didn't bring the professional SLR with me to Seattle for that reason.

The only hassle was getting in and out of the venue. It is one of those venues with only one way in and out. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get in so we missed the opening band (not that we cared) and it took 3 1/2 hours to get home. Mind you, it usually takes 1 hour to drive the same distance. We didn't get home until 3 a.m. because radiohead did two encores and finished playing at 1:15 a.m. Mark hates traffic so it was an experience getting out of there with the 2 hour wait in the parking lot to get out and the slow snake through Auburn.

I got home and had to wait an hour at the airport for my parents to show up. Dana, our German exchange student for the year, was flying in after me so they were only making one trip to the airport. Her plane was a bit late so I was there from 5:25 p.m. until 8:20 p.m. I basically spent the whole day Thursday in airports and riding in a cab to the Seattle airport.

Dana is fun and I swear she sounds like she has a Caribbean accent when she speaks English. She is relaxing into the family and her English is really good. She is also very pretty and turns guys heads when you walk around with her. I will be posting a photo of her in the coming days.

Dana and I went to the PowWow this afternoon at Riverfront Park. For the first time ever, I took a lot of photos of the native dancers and when I get those downloaded, edited, and sized, I will be posting some here and the link to the rest when I get them uploaded online. They look good from what I can see on the camera's small screen but the true test will be seeing them on the computer. 

While I was in Seattle I found out one of my favorite bands, the verve, have a new album coming out this month so I advance ordered it and will be getting it by the beginning of next week. From the samples of songs I have heard, it sounds like it is a good one and I am excited about this.

I have also been swapping books at swaptree.com often and have two books and a cd coming my way in swap for books. I am liking this site and have only been disappointed in the condition of one of the books I received in a swap.

I am reading "The Book of Lost Things" by John Connolly and am really enjoying it. It is dark, strange, and fascinating to read. I am almost halfway through and keep wanting to take it with me when I go places to read during breaks form whatever I am doing...but I hold myself back and only read it when relaxing before I go to sleep.

Okay, enough rambling. Time to get done with online stuff and, maybe, download the PowWow photos to my computer.
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Off to Seattle...see everyone on Thursday!

*goes to finish up email and double-check her packed bag*
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 So, I joined up at this free internet dating site just to see what was on there. I now know that it will not be useful unless I move. How do I know this? They have "Match precentage factors" and the highest one in Spokane is 45% and that is Destry whom I already know. Plus there was the creepy guy yesterday/today contacting me.

He contacted me yesterday with a positive sounding, want to be friends sounding, longer message. I responded back in a nice manner in a "friendship seeking" manner. Today I go to the site and he had written me 3 long messages and "wooed" me (a way to show interest at the site) which is very excessive! 

All three messages rambled all over the place and said things like "I don't know if I should love you or hate you", "I am very precise in grammar and expect others to be so ALL THE TIME as well!", "Most women don't continue talking to me beyond a message and I assume it's because they are unstable.", and "I may not be metro-sexual enough for you but fuck that!". Really mental sounding and desperate sounding stuff. So, I said, "3 messages in a day is a bit much and I am not online all the time. I wish you luck on your search. Cheers." and then blocked him. Seriously, the guy sounded really mental and 3, long, rambling, strange, emails is a HUGE red flag. So, no more contact with him.

Spokane...where all the crazies live.

Beyond that nothing much going on here. I am going to head to Seattle with my brother Mark on Sunday/Monday and be there until after the radiohead concert. I will probably fly back the day afterward. Mark has to work so I am not sure what I will do there for 2 days. His apartment is not centrally located and I have no clue on how the buses work in Seattle. Plus they are about $2.00 and I haven't a lot of money to be using buses. I guess I will figure out something to do.

Okay, I should head off and shower. 

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 Went out driving today for the first time since the eye issue. It went well...I was a bit rusty at first but it got easier. My eye is still not 100% but I can drive without issue...just have the left eye work harder than the recovering right now. 

Decided I needed to get back to driving to move faster. I need to get where I can make money, support myself, get a social life going, meet a decent guy, and far away from the house of stress. If I stay here my life will probably always be like it is with more health problems added to it from stress and my surroundings. I will also always be single here...and I DO NOT want that. I need to make the move and it will be sooner instead of later.

I will be in Seattle for a few days at the beginning of next week. I am going to ride back to Seattle with Mark after he comes this weekend and then stay there, at his place, until the concert...and then fly back home the day after the concert. It will be a break from my parents who are constantly arguing and my mum who my dad now calls "Queen Whiner" when she isn't around.

Got a new cd this afternoon from Starbucks...it was on sale and has new wave songs on it from back in the day. So, will be listening to that.

I still watch a bit of the Olympics but avoid gymnastics because the whole thing is almost as drama-filled as figure skating is. I am not into the drama of the personal lives of athletes and wish they would stfu about it and just show the competitions.

My going to see "The Pineapple Express" has been moved to this coming weekend. Destry had to work to a deadline at his second job and so we had to postpone the seeing the movie. He made me promise not to see it without him.

Okay, not much else going on at the moment. So, off I go to finish up online.
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I am headed to Seattle this weekend...I cannot wait because I need a break from Spokane. It is working my last nerve.

*heads off to continue laundry so I have clean clothing for trip*

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