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I admit, because it was a shopping trip I did not take many photos the last time I was in Seattle. I got through periods where I feel a bit burnt out taking photos of the same things each time I visit a place and this past trip to Seattle was one of those times. I didn't even bring my Nikon camera. I did take a few snapshots with my Sony Cybershot so I will share them with you.

Above: The only huge amount of snow I have seen in Washington this year. It was on the way up Snoqualmie Pass heading toward Seattle.

Above: This is how tightly packed the trees are going over the Pass. Further up, as you start to reach the summit, pine trees are mixed in with these.

Above: It was the beginning of March and all the trees were beginning to bloom. Tells you how warm the winter has been.

Above: Downtown Seattle from Alkai Point. Very clear day, 56 (F), in March.

Above: The Space Needle from Alkai Point.

Above: Downtown Seattle form across the water of the Puget Sound.

Above: Looking toward WSU (Washington State University) on the hill from across the water.

Above: The shipyards. Seattle is a port city.

Above: Sailboat and Space Needle. People were enjoying the weather in sailboats and kayaks.

Above: We were heading onto the freeway near the shipyards and I got a clear shot of Mt. Rainier. Yes, it is real, yes it is that close, and yes, it is volcanic and active.

I hope to take more photos the next time I am in Seattle. I hope to be looking at new things, new places, and just enjoying myself.

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I am heading to Seattle tomorrow afternoon and will be there all weekend. I will have no internet connection and this actually makes me happy since a break from the internet is not big deal to me. I will be back on Monday and Henriette (and her friend) will be in town for a while then before they head to California and Disneyland.

So, off I go to finish up online things before I leave.

And I leave you with 2 songs that remind me of Seattle:

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Heading to Seattle tomorrow (Sunday) until Tuesday. I cannot wait. I am needing a break from things.

Cannot wait to see Flight of the Conchords on Monday! I have been wanting to see them for 2 years and cannot wait.

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I have a photoshoot set for Saturday and am excited about it!

Orion had a friend who wanted to pose for me and he heard that my model had canceled this week so he pointed her in my direction. It is non-paying but I really am just glad to be doing something at this point. I figure I will beef up my portfolio, add new images ot my website, and improve my techniques while I wait to move or for a paying gig. So this is cool.

I have another model who may be posing for me as well. If this shoot gels, I will be shooting photos of her on the 18th of this month!

I am getting excited about Flight of the Concords since the concert is on the 11th! I have wanted ot see them for 2 years and finally get the chance to! Plus, I get to do a tiny bit of shopping in Seattle as well. That is cool. :)

So that is what is going on here at the moment.
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I will be in Seattle for the next few days...taking photos, enjoying the city, meeting up with my brother, and just getting away from Spokane.

See you all when I get back!

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