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I headed out with my friend mary to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty this afternoon.

I really enjoyed it. It is funny, cute, and also a bit inspiring. I really enjoyed it and it really made me want to go to Iceland even more than I already wanted to. I totally think people should head out and see it...just don't expect heavy, dramatic, stuff. I really liked it and it makes me want to just travel without worrying about a lot of excess, meaningless, stuff in life.

After we saw the film we headed over to a new store near my house called Bamboo Island Bath & Body and noticed they had a 1/2 price sale going on until Jan. They started out as mail order and in craft fairs but now have a store front in Spokane where the family has relocated from Hawaii (of all places). I got to hear all about the store from the owner's 18 year old son who was manning the store today. I ende dup getting some Coconut Body Lotion and Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Body Wash for just under $7. I really hope the store stays open because their products are decent and decently priced as well.

So that was my afternoon and I am now checking in online and will probably be watching "Underworld: Awakening" tonight.
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I had lunch with my friend Meichelle today and we commiserated on the awful online/local dating scene. It was nice to talk to a female for once since most my friends are male. She mentioned going to Seattle for a weekend for a "girl's weekend" which would be nice, if it materializes. I hope to meet up with her again soon.

I paid my credit card bill today. I always feel all anxious about this before I do it and then relaxed afterward. It is a bit silly but, when I have limited money coming in, it is a worry. I got money for Christmas and my birthday so I applied that to the credit bill which was nice. It paid for my recent purchases which is what the money was meant for anyway. So, that task was completed today and now I can relax for another month.

I picked up some pointette style tights at the GAP which was having a two for 1 sale on them. So I now own a black pair and a plum pair which will be used often when the weather is not really cold. I also picked up a pair of cheap sunglasses in the same style as the ones I recently scratched by accident. Now, if I can just get the damn sticker off the lens without scratching them.  I saw a gorgeous bracelet at Cues but, it was $240...ahhhh I so want it...but, haven't that kind of cash. It would last forever as well and be a real statement piece. Ah well, I can decline even though it was beautiful.

I am surprised to find I am still using the daily planner I bought all those months ago. This tells me it was a great purchase and that I should invest in the same style again next year. I obviously am more inspired to get things done when I list them in a daily planner.

I cannot say much else is happening...the snow we got yesterday morning melted off and today was cold but, sunny...but snow clouds loom on the horizon. I suspect we will have another dusting of snow tomorrow that will melt off like the snow of yesterday.

And off I go to answer emails.

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Received $20 in the mail today for my two days of being at the courthouse for jury duty. I am hoping the payment means they will not use me for Thursday or Friday. What a waste of time jury duty is since you have to call in every night for 2 weeks to see if you are needed the next day and cannot plan ahead because of that.  Boo Hiss @ the local jury duty system.

Went shopping a little yesterday. Hit up Victoria's Secret (they were having their 24 hour sale) and Forever 21. The Spokane Valley Mall has a Forever 21 and Spokane itself does not. I got two tees, a bracelet, and underwear.

It is such a messed up way of thinking since that sort of store should be in downtown Spokane. But no, they put it in a mall 35 minutes from downtown. The downtown pretty much has nothing but Macys and Nordstorms but the Valley Mall gets all the cool stores. Something is wrong with the way of thinking when it comes to businesses locally since the stupid locals fight ANY change and any store that wants to come into town. Spokane Valley (which broke away from Spokane) accepts anything new but cannot handle their own police, transit, or fire department needs.  I will be glad to see the back of this place with it's small-minded thinking.

Thunderstorms keep rolling through today. Yes, it is definitely summer when this happens. We have had at least one thunderstorm every day for two weeks. Complete with hail and downpourings of rain. It makes everything stay green which is a plus.

Okay off I go to do other things.

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For the second time in a week I have been, possibly unintentionally, insulted by the sales clerks at stores trying to get me to buy things.

Yesterday, I was in Macys at the mall. I was looking at
"G" in the Harajuku Lovers perfume section and made a comment about the tacky bottles that were a bit too "teenaged" but how I loved the scent so would just not flash the bottle around if I got it. I like tropical, fruity, perfumes and it fits the bill. Instantly, this misguided sales clerk (pushing 50 in age) tries to get me interested in a "more grown-up, fruity, scents". The quickly starts passing me smells of perfume on testers and they all smell like "old lady" perfume. She kept stating that they were "more adult"....yeah grandma age "more adult".

She seemed to fail to grasp the concept that I may be in my 30s but I am not one foot in the grave. Keep saying, "But they have fruity notes to them." Yeah maybe but the HEAVY floral/musky scents totally drown out the "grapefruit" or "apple" tones in the perfumes she had me smelling. I expect this sort of thing (the "aging up" of things they try to sell you in stores here) since in Spokane, people start dressing like soccer moms at the age of 28. I walked away from the woman with a dismissive, "All those perfumes smell like old lady"and the younger perfume sales clerks giggled.

The other time this happened this week, I was in Nordstrom downtown and the 40 something sales clerk tried to sell the tackiest, flannel, long-sleeved, MOOSE design covered, shirt and said "This would look great on you." Truthfully, it looked like something a crafter would wear while making a craft project like candle-wax covered pinecones. I gave that sales clerk an "ARE YOU INSANE???!!!" look and said firmly, "That is NOT my style. I have better taste." She looked confused, then backed off, and made herself very busy rearranging the clothing on the nearby rack.

Really, if the locals are taking styling/scent advice from these clerks once they are over wonder everyone looks frumpy and smell of strong, old lady, scent here.

I cannot wait to move to a big city where even older ladies dress with style and taste.

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I went shopping today with Dana in Downtown Spokane.

I hadn't been planning on spending money myself but after finding a lot of my "good" shirts have holes starting in them it gave me a nudge to take out a bit of money....not a lot...and replace a few things. I got a lot of "foundation" type shirts because the Gap was having a sale, two pairs of socks for $3.00, a cardigan, and I even got some new flat shoes perfect for driving and walking longer distances. The only expense that I probably shouldn't have done is a bought a purse...I have many of them but I switch them around according to my mood and outfit I am wearing.

I shall take a photo of the shoes and post them later this week.

I also will continue my search for wide-hemmed, wide-leg, dark blue jeans since Macys was sold out of them. I want a pair similar to these but not as spendy.

The shopping trip was to force Dana to buy warmer clothing since she is dressing like it is California and it is getting really cool here into Fall weather. Dana is extremely picky about how everything fits....she will take 25 things into the dressing trying them on for 45 minutes...and then only buy one of the things she tried on.  I did manage to talk her into three long sleeve shirts, a sweater, and a winter jacket. After going in to check on her and her showing me the stuff she liked...and me reminding her that this week we dip to 56 (F). Macy's was actually announcing it was closing when she was trying on the coat so that went faster.  She still need boots and a few other warmer pieces of clothing. I am going to drag her to the mall for that.

I am almost done with the editig of Dana's yearbook shoot and will be posting photos from it here as soon as that is complete. Her senior photo is due on Friday so I will be done by Wednesday to meet that deadline.

On the photography side of things...I passed out a few business cards to Macy's employee I was chatting with while I was waiting for Dana to exit the changing rooms. I always am a bit excited when I hand them out because it means that the person will likely see my photos online at the very least. :)

Anyway, that was today in a nutshell. Off I head to catch up with online things and then watch a movie.

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Henriette went to the mall and I went along. I got some deals. I got two Roxy belts for $4.99 (they were 1.99 each) which shocked me! Those belts are usually $25.99 each so that was a steal! I can wear them for more than one season/year as well which is great. I got three silver bangle bracelets for $6.99, a heart bracelet at American Eagle Outfitters for $4.59, and a hat that really suits me for $12.95. So cheap shopping but satisfying shopping. 

Henriette desperately needed warmer clothing and bought quite a few things. I told her if she liked something to just buy it since it most likely would not be there again. She was happy with her purchases and says that the clothes are cheaper here than in Norway. She seems very happy about that. She is currently wearing her new O'Neal hat that she bought and love. She got it in two different colours. She is fun to shop with but she tries everything on so it takes up a lot of time. We spent the whole afternoon at the mall until it closed.

A local photographer friend is hooking me up with Photoshop which is great. I just have to meet up with him so he can get the disc to me. So we are e.mailing back and forth to find a time and place to do the "disc exchange". I seriously need Photoshop so this is great. :)

It was very overcast and rainy today. Things are definitely fall-like and the leaves are starting to really fall off the trees. Ahhh I need to move soon. 

I am to try for my license in the next two weeks so everyone cross your fingers for me that I get the chance to take the test. I need to get mobile so I can get around easier and get working on moving.

Okay, off to catch up with stuff online.

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Well, my contacts are in so I have to pick them up tomorrow. That is a good thing since the old ones are a bit "foggy". It is definitely time for new contacts. They came in at the exact right time. Now to pick them up.

We took Jun to Wallmart and Target so he could get some Mariners t-shirts for people back in Japan. I got a cool new shirt myself and some socks so I am happy about that. Sometimes it pays to be the driver to a store. I got a thing of lip gloss since I have been going through lip gloss really fast these days. 

It was much cooler today and I was happy about that. I hope it stays a bit cooler for a while because three weeks of super heated temperatures was enough.

Okay, I should get working on a letter since my "letters to be answered" pile is getting smaller. I got one off to an Australian penpal today and am working on one that goes off to Sweden. I need to continue to make progress on the pile so I am all caught up.
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I got my hair cut today...and it is so much lighter since I got about 4 or so inches off. I now desperately need to dye it because the greys here and there are showing....because I have about 3 inches of root grown out. I haven't wanted to dye it before I got it cut and then cut the new dyed part off which would eb a waste, so I waited. I won't get to dye it tonight because LOST is on so tomorrow, that is what my plans dye my hair.

I bought about 5 t-shirts including a simple, name only, Clash t-shirt. I was looking for skirts or pants or something like that but all the 80's, crappy, day-glo clothing is coming back in style so the stores were crammed with that type of thing. I refuse to relive the crappy clothing of my 11-18 year old years. So, I settled on the 5 t-shirts and 2 things of lip gloss.

That was my day today...since I was in the mall for most the day. Not terribly exciting but there you have it.

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