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It snowed on Mt. Spokane yesterday. A mountain that is about ...25 to 30 minutes form my house.

It was unseasonably cold here in the valley area. Lots of rain keeps falling and they tell us it should warm up next week. Still, snow in June??? and they got even more snow in the mountains in north Idaho! I do hope that we are not going to have a cold summer because cold summers suck...and don't make sense after a mild winter.
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I have been a bit quiet lately but it doesn't mean I have forgotten about Livejournal. I just haven't been feeling very chatty online and have been chatty in real life instead. I have been updating my fashion blog though so check it out if you are so inclined.

We are still semi-snowed in here. They canceled school for the local school district yesterday since the buses could not get to pick up kids. Yeah, 5 days since the snow fell and the side-streets and some of the main roads hadn't been plowed. It was a mess of 12 inches of compact snow and ice on the roads. They just don't know how to manage snow here and it is laughable because it is more apt to snow here in winter than not snow. Spokane is just so mis-managed on all levels and they are talking of cutting police so there is .06 police for every 10,000 people in Spokane because of budget shortfalls. That's right...less police than is needed for the population. *shakes head*

I have been reading a lot and lounging around in pajamas since the roads make it hard to get around. The temperatures have dropped to the 20s (F) during the daytime again so walking anywhere is a cold endeavor. I do hope to trek to Walgreens sometime in the next week to pick up shampoo and check out the hair dye for the next time I dye my hair. I am thinking of dyeing it a shade darker this next time. So, if all goes well I will be getting out of the house again soon.

I have been living in the world of fantasy novels these days...with books by Patricia Briggs and other authors like her. Briggs is to be at Comic Con this year and if I make it to going there, I will sit in on her panel if it does not conflict with others I want to see. I am just digging her books a lot and she is local since she lives in Eastern Washington and writes about Tri-Cities in her Mercy Thompson novels.

As for Comic Con, the server to sell the passes keeps crashing so they have been unable to sell passes as of yet! I have a pass set aside for me but no confirming email probably due to the servers crashing. This has me a bit worried because until I get confirmation, I am worried if I truly have a pass. We will have to wait and see how it all shakes out after they figure out the server issues and are able to sell passes.

Other than that, all is a bit quiet here and I have been trying to relax and figure out how to learn to snow shoe....I have been wanting to learn for ages and would love to give it a try this winter since we have an abundance of snow and more to come.

Now, off to finish up writing a few fashion blog posts in advance.

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Mark showed up today from Seattle for Christmas. He has been fired from his job for being an ass to the owner. This does not surprise us. He will be getting unemployment and all the money he inherited from grandma is GONE. His money lasted all of 2 months. Again typical.

I managed to get all my presents wrapped tonight. I have the papercuts to prove it and a band-aid on my arm from where the teeth on the tape holder had a scrape at my arm and drew blood. At least I managed not to bleed on the presents as I wrapped them. They look quite nice as well.

Now I have to dig out the box to send back the dress to I have 90 days to return it but want to do it as soon as I can. I just don't relish going out in the garage and digging through the box pile to find it. It's damn cold and dark out there.

I still have to make gingerbread cookies and will do so tomorrow. I put it off and put it off...and really want to do it but haven't gotten the chance.

I have three packages coming in the mail...but the mail is weird due to the snowstorms so it's a huge question mark about when they will come. UPS and Federal Express has not resumed delivery on residential streets yet. I did get another fistful of mail today which included letters from [ profile] goddessofchaos and Kathleen in Toronto. So, that was nice. :) Maybe the packages will start coming tomorrow. One can hope.

We have now dug out from the last snowstorm but still there are snowflakes coming down. We also have two more snowstorms headed our way form the Gulf of Alaska so my NYC plans may be delayed due to the weather closing the airport. It is a wait and see thing.
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We are currently snowed in with 18 inches of snow outside. The snow plows are not running even though we had a WEEK of heavy snow in January so they should of learned from that. Instead, Spokane decides to cut snow removal funding like the halfwits they are.

So no schools are open, most businesses are closed, people cannot get out of their driveways, mail is not being delivered, and the garbage not being picked up until next week. All because Spokane is stupid and won't fund snow removal in a place that SNOWS in the winter. This place continues to show how inbred and stupid it is every, single, week.

The local news continues to flail around about "Snowcopalypse" to the point where they have taken over the scheduling except for the Gonzaga basketball game(no way they will not put that on or the locals will whine and complain)....just to tell about how the plows won't be reaching areas like they should and speculate on when the next storm will show up. The news people need a big serving of STFD and STFU. Them and their scare tactics are working my last nerve.

There are literally NO CARS on the roads.

They are trying to say this is the most snow they had EVER in a 24 hour period but the weather people only look back as far as the they are full of it.

Okay, and Happy Thing #7:

Reading "Midnight Sun" which makes rewatching the "Twilight" movie a lot more amusing because now I know what is going on in Edward the vampire's mind!

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We have received 8 inches of snow and the snow should continue until 4 a.m.

If you listen to the Spokane news they act as if the world is ending because we have 8 inches of snow on the ground and the snow plows haven't started to plow yet. They have interrupted regularly scheduled programs to talk about, as one stupid local newscaster nicknamed it , the "Snowpacolypse".

I kid you not.

The local news people are such alarmists and melodramatic about the weather. Every snow storm is THE. WORST. EVER.

Hello people, we live in Spokane. It snows here. It snowed here before we were all born. It will continue to snow here. And it will snow after we are all dead and gone. It's called "winter". Get over it.

It's Spokane...we get snow. It's not the end of the world. Get a grip.

If the city didn't mishandle funding we would have the snow plows out right well as the sanders...but they have so they are cutting corners and so not having the money to run snow removal and deicing trucks as often as they should!

My #6 Happy Thing?

The Russian guy on the news they stopped on the street to ask his opinion of the weather. His response?

"I immigrated from Russia. There was no snow here this morning. Now there is snow. It reminds me of Siberia. I feel very much the Christmas spirit now."

All said with a smile.

That guy rocks! After all the flailing around the newscasters and citizens they were asking about the road conditions...this Russian guy with his positive attitude just rocks!
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 We got an additional 5 to 7 inches of snow last night. School is now canceled for the 4th day because they are only plowing main roads, not side streets. It is windy on top of being a lot deeper in the snow department. 

My mum is using the snowblower herself for the first time. My dad had to show her how to use it last night because he is out of town until Friday. We are also looking for someone to shovel off our roof because there is the worry of roofs collapsing under the weight of snow. My brother Mark, (in Seattle) is trying to call his friends in town to see if anyone will do the roof shoveling job.

We have another snowstorm slated to hit us Friday....with even more snow. People in town are pissed off about the lack of snowplows. They are writing the newspaper and contacting the news in anger. The news and newspapers totally understand the anger. Heck, if they would plow the damn side streets they could get the damn kids to school! They announced last night that the plows would not be plowing side streets but would instead plow the same roads they have already plowed. That if they could find the money, and that's a BIG if, they may hire contractors to remove snow from side streets. So Spokane + Spokane country, with it's 500,000+ residents are snowbound. This town is so ass-backwards and really needs all the people in power removed from office and a fresh slate. 

LOST LOST LOST! Lost is on tonight with the first episode of the new season! I cannot wait. :)
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We did manage to get out and to Rancho Chico for my birthday dinner. We were one of three groups of people in the restaurant at the time due to the bad roads so we got a bit of special attention. I got a banana margarita which, while not being the best one I ever had, was nice. I also ate a lot of food because Rancho Chico is always very good. I didn't get Happy Birthday sung to me or wear the sombrero this year which was okay. I had that done the last 4 years so missing this year was fine. 

I got a few good a rice cooker which I have wanted for ages! I like sticky, white, rice like they make in Chinese restaurants and now I have a rice cooker so I can make it now! I also got a "wishbone pendant" silver necklace, a sparrow-design silver ring, a couple pairs of pajama bottoms, a hat and gloves, and $220 from my grandma which goes into the bank as soon as I can get it in the bank. I got $20 from Henriette who didn't get a chance to shop for a gift for me since the weather is bad and she had the stomach flu for two days. I have some books coming for me too so that is cool. I hope that one of them is "A Thousand Splendid Suns" because i really want to read that book. 

As for the is still bad. The snowplows are nowhere in sight and schools have been canceled again today. It seems that they did not put aside the funding for snow removal this year so, they have no money to plow. People are illegally plowing with huge plow-shovels on the front of their trucks...just so they can get down their streets and out of the house. The only roads being plowed are the main roads because the state plows them, not the city. This city is so ass-backwards about stuff and people are PISSED OFF about the plows being nowhere in sight on day 4 of a huge snow event....and another snow storm is due tonight. 

Alicia's box is waiting on the ledge near the door to get to the post office along with a book I sold on ebay. The roads are just too difficult to navigate to go to the post office at the moment. So, Alicia, the box will be a New Years/birthday present!

Snow photos are still coming from me. I didn't get a chance to edit them last night due to going out for dinner. 

LOST starts season 4 (which will have only 8 episodes) tomorrow! I cannot wait because I am a huge LOST fan! They are replaying the final episode form last season tonight but I will watch that on DVD later. I own Season 3 on DVD. I am very excited about seeing LOST's new is suppose to be good and action-packed!

Okay. off to get caught up online and start working on my snow photos.
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Today is my 36th birthday. I am not sure how I feel about that yet. It's still early morning so give me time  to wake up.

I haven't gotten any presents yet and the house is still asleep. I looked out the window and we got another 4 inches of we are headed on 2 feet of snow on the ground. I looked online and schools have been canceled again today. This is the first time they have canceled schools in Spokane since 1996. I am hoping we are still going out to eat at Rancho Chico tonight because it is just up the hill from my house. So, we won't be battling the roads very far. I have a craving for Mexican food and a margarita so hope we are still going.

I walked around in the snow yesterday (great exercise by the way) and took photos because I could not believe how deep the snow was. The piled up snow from shoveling and snow-blowing came up to my shoulders. More will be added to those piles today. I will be downloading the photos, editing them, and posting them later today. 

It's rather cold on top of all the snow. It was 23 (F) yesterday and when I was walking around, my chin and lower lip froze a bit...and the snow that got on my boots froze so I had trouble getting the zippers undone to take them off when I entered the house. It reminded me of the deep snowfalls that happened when I was a child. I was shocked no kids were out playing in the snow! When I was a kid we could not wait to get outdoors and play in the snow. Now, kids stay indoors. no wonder so many kids are overweight! I did see some teenagers building snowforts and snowmen but damn, let the elementary school kids outside. They will not be snatched by strangers and could use some running around outdoors.

I worked on my website a bit this morning and shuffled photos around, added photos, and fixed my bio a bit. Now to get a price list going! I need to get the website up and running by the end of the week since I have another person interested in getting their photos taken. I need to make the pricing available so I can start generating some income.

I have been getting heaps of birthday wishes and thank everyone for them!

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Received birthday cards in the mail from:

Arwen- Loved the classic Erte like birthday card! Very cool!

Birna- Loved the Paris design on it!

Kevin- A silly Valley Girl card.

I went out and took photos of the huge amount of snow we have. We are to get more snow tonight. I will upload the photos later and post them tomorrow, most likely. 

It was really cold when I went out so I bundled up...and still my chin froze. I definitely got a work-out since I walked around in the knee-deep snow for about 2 hours. Snow build up where people have shoveled or snow-blowed comes up to my shoulders!

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 I have a photoshoot on Saturday!

I am taking photos of my friend Cathryn and will be using them for my website and portfolio! They are to be outside/snow photos! I am so excited! I haven't had the chance to take photos that are portraits in a while and I really need to get back in the swing of things with them.

I should be getting a new computer...maybe after "Ghost Hunters" tonight I am offloading/burning a ton of stuff from the computer I have now. I need a new computer to be able to do what I need to do with my photography. The old one just is too slow, problem-filled, and brain-damaged.

I am talking to another person about posing for me but that photoshoot is less certain right now. It will be another shoot to "update the portfolio" and add to my website which will be going up as soon as I get the new computer. I need to add some photos to the site and a price list....and it is just too involved for my computer at the won't open the program/website and crashes. But, as soon as I get the new computer...the site goes up!

I got "Eagle vs. Shark" and "Once" on well as the book "The Kite Runner". I am so excited and will be cracking open "Eagle Vs. Shark" to watch it later tonight! I have been wanting to see that film for so long and it never came to Spokane!

I am currently reading "Atonement" and like the book. It is a bit slow moving but the writing style is so lovely that it keeps me reading. I think it helps that I saw the film as well...because now I can see the internal dialog of the characters and match it to what I saw on the screen.

It snowed all night last night and we got another 7 inches of snow! We now have over a foot of snow on the ground! My dad is actually buying a snowblower because he is not into shoveling now...he is too old and it tires him out. So, that will make the whole "snow removal" a lot quicker. Who knows how much it will snow next year but this just has dumped snow on us and there is a lot more to come.

My room is now clean and the downstairs bathroom. I also did all my laundry. It makes me feel accomplished. It was nice to clean my room and feel like I started afresh in the new year since I cleaned it, got rid of crap, trashed trash, ect the third day of the new year. The cleaning of the horribly messy bathroom (happens when you share with a brother...the mess does) just was freeing as well. As was conquering the mountain of dirty clothing. I must have been in a cleaning mood.

Anyways, that is my news of the day. Off I go to shower, eat dinner, and watch "Ghost Hunters" on tv (which has new episodes).
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I saw the movie "Babel" and really liked it. I have always liked Alejandro González Iñárritu though I am not a fan of 21 Grams since it is basically the same core plot as Amores perros

Brad Pitt disappeared as being Brad Pitt to me in this film. To me, he was a stressed out husband, freaking out in Morocco trying to get his critically wounded wife help. Cate Blanchett played his wife and did nice performance though most of it was her in pain and barely conscious. The whole Moroccan storyline reflects the situation in the world today where everyone is jumping to conclusions and calling every incident terrorism. Seeing the small Morroccan boy at the end of this storyline, crying and screaming, "Kill me but save my brother! He did nothing!" broke my heart. 

The stand out was
Rinko Kikuchi, a young Japanese actress who played a deaf-mute teenager in Japan who is dealing with the death of her mother and the fact her father cannot relate well to her. She feels isolated, freakish, and very  much in pain as she acts out sexually trying to find someone to want her. This actress is amazing! She knows little English and had to learn International Sign Language to play the part. The storyline she is in is the strongest in the movie and it made me ache for her because her character was in so much emotional pain. The movie is worth a watch just to see this actress. Kikuchi got an Oscar nomination but will probably not win since there are bigger names than her nominated to the category of "Best Supporting Actress". 

I also loved the Mexican storyline and not just because
Gael García Bernal was a part of it. The actress playing the Mexican nanny, Adriana Barraza really threw herself into the role. Seeing her walk around the desert in her best outfit, struggling to stay alive in th heat to save the two young children she was in charge of was amazing. She also got a "Best Supporting Actress" nomination for good reason though Kikuchi had the stronger role. 

Definitely a good movie on many levels and well worth a watch.

And on to the other news topic in my life today. We have an early  spring snowstorm that is dumping on the mountains to the point where there are avalanche warnings and isn't really sticking to the ground here yet. When the sun goes down...I am sure that will change.

Okay, enough of to check out other sites online.

More Snow.

Jan. 20th, 2007 01:25 pm
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Woke up to 4 more inches of snow today. It snowed all last night and added to what was already on the ground. We have more snow due tonight and off and on throughout the week. It is too cold for any melting to occur so it will be on the ground for a while.

I am almost halfway through "The Sopranos" season 4 and finding it a bit boring. It just doesn't have a lot of life to it which I expected since the third season had a finale that wasn't even exciting. I am hoping it either picks up a bit by the end of the season or next season is better because I want to see more happen with the characters And how did Paulie suddenly end up in jail? Did the actor have prior commitments that season so they had to quickly write him as in jail for season 4? It had me scratching my head a bit in confusion. I am hoping the show recovers a bit in season 5.

Tomorrow night is new "Battlestar Galactica" which I will watch after it airs in "On Demand' to avoid the commercials. I would watch it as it is being broadcast on Sci Fi but, I seriously despise commercials and would rather wait until the show is in "On Demand" with the commercials taken out. I know it shows a little lack of support but I prefer the "On Demand' broadcasts...I can even rewind and fastforward the "On Demand" as well as pause it to get up and go to the bathroom. Another huge plus. So, I will wait until an hour after the Sci Fi broadcast and watch the show in "On Demand'....and I cannot wait!

Other than is still too early in the day for much to have happened to write I will stop writing in this livejournal right now.
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I ended up shoveling snow off the deck in the backyard and out front yesterday. We got about 4 inches of snow and my mum wasn't feeling well so I went out to shovel. I started to get tired halfway through shoveling the driveway and enlisted my brother, Russell, to help out. To get him to help was like pulling teeth. I swear he is one of the most lazy people in the world. So, I got a bit of a workout shoveling snow. Heck, it snowed half an inch after I shoveled...and the snowplow came by at 4:45 a.m. as well. There is more snow to be expected later we are finally getting quite a bit of winter weather action.

Got the equipment to hook my computer up to the high speed internet but haven't done it yet. I am a bit unsure about it because it always seems like things don't work out as easily as they should when it comes to me. I guess I am expecting it to not work for some reason. That is my luck so I don't have this huge urge to try and hook-up the computer.

Anyways, life is slow right now so I will stop writing.

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Simon on "American Idol" summed up last nights "tryouts" episode in Seattle perfectly when he called Seattle an entertainment vaccum. I have never seen so many bad singers who are deluded that they are great in my entire life! It was embarrassing to watch these people insist they were great singers when they were obviously tone deaf. 

Check out: for videos of the Seattle tryouts.

I always watch the tryout shows because they are the best part of the whole "American Idol" show. I don't watch the actual competition because they always turn out mediocre singers. It is much more fun to see the wacky people who think they can sing try to get on the show.

It is snowing heavily.  Not large flakes but snow. Looks like we will get quite a bit of snow today and it will not melt because it is cold here. Yes, it is definitely winter.

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