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I read this book a couple months back and loved it. Now it is a movie coming out that looks really good from the trailer.

I have to see it because it is a zombie love story but so much more than that. It has humor and you hear the zombie guy's inner dialog which is so articulate while he cannot be. He, Rrrr (the only part of his name he remembers from before being a zombie) has a snarky, sarcastic, sense of humor which keeps the story from getting too silly in the love story aspect.

I definitely have to see this movie.


Sep. 28th, 2012 09:21 pm
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I ended up watching Potiche last night.

I am not quite sure if I liked it. It had a lot of humor to it but it seemed to drag a bit in places and ended very strange. I enjoyed the actors in it since they are all big name in France. I also loved the 70s clothing and the cinematography in the film. I just found the movie a bit strange and awkward in story structure. It was a pleasant enough film to watch, I just wasn't entirely sucked into the story.

Tonight I shall watch the classic film The Red Shoes. It will be interesting for me to watch because I have heard so much about it but never have seen it.

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I loved this book when I read it many years back. The movie looks so visually stunning and each new trailer (including this International one) makes me want to see it more and more. It definitely looks like a movie to see on the big screen.
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I ended up watching Perfect Sense last night.

Both Ewan McGregor and Eva Green are stunning in it.

The story-line is quite odd. Two people falling in love while the people in the world are slowly losing their sense. Smell being the first. It affects everyone emotionally and they are all scared about what sense they will lose next. This fuels the character's love and makes them wonder if they have a future.  The film makes you think about what it means to be alive and what is important to you. Yes, very strange stuff but it also makes for fascinating movie watching.

I am definitely glad I checked out this film because prior to seeing it on the library's website, I had no idea it existed. I am not sure it even made it to the theaters in Spokane. 

Away We Go

Sep. 16th, 2012 10:17 pm
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I ended up watching Away We Go last night.

The film is about a couple who are going to have a baby who are searching for a place to call "home" and have their child/raise their child. Her family is just her and her sister, her parents are dead. His announce they are moving to Belgium and his brother is having marital problems. So they go in search of "family" and a "support system". A place that feels like home and where they can fit in. 

It is very funny since a lot of the old friends and family they try and connect with to see if they can move close to them are beyond wacky. It is also pretty touching a story because you see that the couple really cares about each other and that he is her family now. He is a little scattered and immature but she centers him. It is a really well put together film and it really had me thinking about about what my "home" may be in the future when I finally have the means/money to go searching for it.

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I cannot wait for this series to start this Sunday!

Series 3!!!
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This is the best version of Great Expectations I have ever seen.

And I say that as someone who is not a fan of Charles Dickens' writing.
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I cannot wait.

And it seems the Russians are going into elections this week so I expect LJ to go down for the time that happens. So, if you don't see me posting anything at all, it means I cannot access LJ due to that.
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Hearing Gollum's voice at the end gave me the chills!

Cannot wait to see this!
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New trailer makes me want to see it more.

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They are doing amnesia Eric, like in book 4, in season 4 of True Blood!!!!!

Cannot wait!!!!
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This movie looks a bit like an Australian western film. I may have to see it.

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Joaquin Phoenix has lost his is documented on film as he retires from acting and decides to become a rapper.

The movie will be like watching a train-wreck yet it looks fascinating.
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"Slushai" Sneak Peak

The trailer for the short film, "Slushai", my brother Mark is in.

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