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I cannot wait!
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True Blood has picked up and Franklin Mott, vampire detective, is PYSHOTIC! He amuses me with his craziness and stalker scary obsession with Tara.

This gif:

Franklin...never change.

Cannot wait until next week's episode and will try to get into the True Blood panel at Comic Con.

Edit: If you consider a 5 second animated gif as a "total spoiler for the episode" I have no sympathy for you.

If you call me "dumb" on my own journal comments for calling you on your lameness at calling a small animated gif a spoiler (since it tells you nothing about the episode) and  saying that I should "lj cut" it,  you get your ass banned.

I have long said I will post spoilers in my journal and if you are so stupid feel the need to call me "dumb" in my comments to try and start a fight with me for doing so...fuck right off. Enough said.
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I have had a three day break from logging online and had to force myself to do so tonight. I am now only online to watch True Blood. I have just been in a "not wanting to log online" mood and not feeling like being in front of the computer screen. If True Blood were not on with a new episode tonight, I would not have even booted up the computer.

My brother Russell's car got side smashed by the next door neighbor today with really bad damage right in the location of the gas tank. We had to move it to curb side instead of it's usual parking place in the driveway to have the yard sale yesterday and it hadn't been moved back due to the garage having stuff that did not sell in it (shelving). The neighbor isn't used to a car being where Russ' was parked and hit it. Russ gets to take it in to find out how much the repair will be and Mr Cho's insurance company will be calling for the estimate. I knew his car would be hit wher eit was parked because just 3 years ago, Mark parked his Cruiser (truck) in that exact spot and it got totaled by an old guy who's car slid on the ice during a winter storm. It is the "bad luck parking place alongside the curb" now.

The weather has warmed up a lot the past few days and I am enjoying it. It makes me want to go outside after I watch the World Cup games and probably contributes to my not wanting to be online. I did stick inside the house today and had a "marathon dvd rental viewing festival" in my room. 7 movies in 24 hours and it was fun. I missed the England vs Germany World Cup match because I goofed up the time difference from the East Coast and thought the game was later than it I watched Mexico vs Argentina. Tomorrow is Brazil/Chile match so I will be watching that.

And now to head off to watch True Blood.

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Just watched the first episode of season 3 for True Blood and am surprised how fast the episode flew by. It was setting things up for this season and had some fun stuff in it.

Naked Eric!!!! YUM!

 Pam making snarky comments about people over-sharing with her like she cares and maybe it is because she "smiles too much" or "wears too much pink".

Vampires calling their "children" similar to a vibrating cell phone. AMUSING!

Jessica...OMG! Love her so much.

So much more...and I cannot wait for next week's episode. It is bound to get better as the storyline for the season unfolds.

Next week's preview:

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Time to post some True Blood Season 3 teasers!

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This the the second trailer for Season 3 of True Blood:

And a Sam Webisode:

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Full length trailer for True Blood's 3rd season has been released!

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Two Season 3 True Blood Trailer releases and one Webisode to share!

The werewolf introduction teaser trailer:

The Official Season 3 Trailer #1:

And a Webisode that looks like it was made from an deleted scene from Season 2:

I cannot wait for the new season to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cannot wait for this show to get back on tv!
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As pointed out by a someone on their blog, in this photo:

Eric Northman has a bottle of hot sauce on his desk at Fangtasia.

Remind you, Eric is a vampire...he doesn't eat food in the world of True Blood. I doubt he could ingest hot sauce since it is a human food item.

What could he possibly be doing with it on his desk? Especially since it is half-used.

I will assume the larger bottle is some fancy, synthetic, blood drink (or some alcohol he offers to humans who come to his office that he does business with) just to not speculate on it as well but, the smaller bottle is hot sauce. I even bought a bottle of the same exact hot sauce once a few years back.

Wonder what he uses it for?

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Mum finished up the second season of True Blood today...all 5 episodes. She is addicted. She has decided she likes Godric (R.I.P. Godric) and wishes he had gotten more screen time. She still has a fangirly crush on Eric and wants to read the books...which I have on pre-order in a set. Mum will have to wait until I read them first. She actually is bugging my dad to get HBO for the tv so she is prepared for the 3rd season next May. Haha! She is addicted.

I am about to turn in for the night...after reading a bit.  After being up since 7 a.m. and making dinner I am running on empty.
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I spent most the morning reading the book on Vikings I received in the mail yesterday. It is a bit dry and too much about speculation on locations but I will finish it...and then order another that focuses more on the people and less on trying to find where things happened and disprove the folktales/sagas. I would rather read folktales and about everyday life of the people of the time period than why this could not be where this Viking leader came from and how it must be this place instead despite what the sagas say. Sometimes academics are such killjoys when they write about history.

I also received the book Sagas of the Icelanders which is THICK and looks cool. Cannot wait to read it. I want to hear their sagas and read about the people. The dry history book about Vikings I am reading now says the Icelanders were very prolific in writing about the whole Viking era so that may be interesting to read about.

I also received a book from a swap and 5 magazines so I am very set up for reading material in the near future. I am finding it very weird that I get my mail in huge clumps as if the post office holds my mail until I have more than one letter/package and then, when enough is collected, delivers it to my house. Seriously, that is what it seems like is being done judging by how my mail shows up in the mailbox. The mailman BETTER deliver my Generation Kill DVD set tomorrow as the site says should be the delivery date or I will be VERY annoyed. I need some viewing material to relax my mind.

My mum is now halfway through the second season of True Blood and I swear she has developed a crush on "Eric". I caught her "Right Click Saving" photos of the character off the Internet the other day (she was embarrassed to be caught saving photos of Eric) and she talks back to the character when Eric denies his interest in Sookie while she is watching the show which is amusing. Last night, in the episode we were watching, when Eric told Isabella he "Had no interest in Sookie" and then told her to "Stop looking at me like that." when Isabella gave him the look of not buying what he mum said, "You are such a LIAR, Eric! Come on!" I was very amused.

Almost as amused as when mum said "YES! VERY MUCH!" when Eric showed up in short hair and a track suit at the mall and said to Bill "It's the new like?" I had to stiffle a laugh when she did that talk back to the tv.

My mum is up to my two favorite episodes EVER "Timebomb" and "I Will Rise Up". I told her those two episodes have to be watched back to back and she will enjoy them very much. So, that will probably happen tonight....if she is feeling better since she has been having intestinal upset the past two days.

Posted to remind myself of what I have to do this week. I need to get back on track with getting things done after a week of headaches and feeling stomach upset. Now that I am getting more sleep it should be easier to get up and working on things I need to do. I have started tackling the "To Do List" as I type this entry so it's not like I won't get at least most of it done this week. That makes me hopeful.

Off to write a few emails and then log-off the Internet.

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I finished up my book on the Medici family last night and just ordered a book on Viking history and The Sagas Of The Icelanders . Yes, I am going to dive into Viking stuff and learn more about them now that I got my Medici fix. I know I still can learn a lot more about the Medici family but I want to cover a few different historical things at once and go back to the Medici at a later date...especially to read about Catherine de Medici and her role in France.

I got two responses to my advert for "blonde models" to practice my photography on. I am waiting to see if they respond to my inquiries about their availabilities. I hope to be gone by the end of Oct. so it has to be this month if I want to do the shoots, edit them, and get the disc of images to them.

I won't be getting paid for this but I really need to practice taking photos of blondes in natural light because the whole way you do it is different from people with darker hair. The light can wash them out, the light can blow out the highlights of their hair or skin if they are pale, or cast weird colouring from their surroundings into their blonde hair. So, I definitely need to work on that. I shall see if either of the two models work out.

There was a gorgeous looking brown haired model that contacted me as I may ask if she wants to pose for me because she has style...a rarity here in Spokane. Plus she loves to dress up 1930s/40s style! That would be so much fun if she agrees to a photoshoot!

I am all excited about the season 2 True Blood finale. It's this Sunday and I am so ready for it. I saw the promo for it online...they had Depeche Mode agree to provide music and make a video for the promo!

I am not a fan of the song (even though the lyrics match up with characters in the show well) but it is pretty cool that they made a video for HBO and for True Blood. Depeche Mode must be fans of the show.

Speaking of True mum told me tonight "I have to finish season 1! I want to see what happens!" So we should be watching from episode 7 onward in the next few days. She is uncomfortable with people from her church knowing she likes the show which I find amusing. heaven forbid people think you are evil because you watch a vampire show with nudity and cursing...even though you are an adult and hear almost as much cursing on a daily basis if you go out in public.

Just because you watch entertainment geared for adults does not mean you will become all immoral and evil. A real adult can watch and read whatever they want and still lead a moral life. It is called maturity and the love of stories that are not Disney, sugar-coated. I mean seriously, how can you decide that you like to live life a certain way if you avoid challenges and differing points of view? What are you scared of if you won't watch something because of the content? That you are weak and may take on that lifestyle? That already judgmental, close-minded, people will cast their judgment on you? Do you really care that much what a judgmental person thinks about you? If so, why? Seriously, why?

I am an adult and I am proud to say I can watch adult-themed entertainment and still have a built in moral compass that I follow. I am fascinated when seeing how other people think, while watching a story unfold, and if the story has a edge to it, I love it even more because pushing boundaries and making people think about themselves, and where they fit in this world, is a good thing!

True Blood is all about accepting people, with their flaws, and I like that. The vampires in the show are the newest minority group (they just "came out of the coffin" as the show puts it 2 years ago) so you get to see all the prejudices and fear...and the people who accept vampires as fellow dwellers of this earth. It is fascinating to me.

The director even said the theme of the first season was "acceptance and finding love". I am guessing second season is about "understanding and working together" from what I have seen. The third season, the director says, is about "Who am I? Where do I fit in this world? Am I who I want to be? Can I accept who I am?" I think that is going to be very interesting.

Okay, enough rambling. I am off to finish up online and then read a book.

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This post of fanart speaks the truth about these two True Blood characters:

It sums up my feelings on the two characters.
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True Blood's episode last night gutted me.

Oh Godric!

I cried as I watched it happen, and off and on for about an hour afterward as I thought about it.

You know a show is well written when you can care about a character after only two shows (and about 30 seconds in two other episodes) of them being in the series.

Huge thumbs up!

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