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So I suffered through True Detective.

I found the series horribly boring. I kept checking my phone throughout watching and even considered reading a book while it was on. Yeah, all things I do when I should just turn it off and not bother. I sat through all the episodes instead because people I know love this series with a passion.

I hated it.

Boring boring boring. The bad guy was an overdone cliche. The incest practicing, not too smart, ugly, inbred, southern, redneck. The ending was anticlimatic. I remember thinking, "I sat through this boring shit for this!?!?!?" It was just a huge "Nope!" for me.

Sadly, fans of this series tend to be of the smug, "you hating it means my tastes are vastly superior to yours", variety. I even had one of those fans tell me I should watch the second season because "the cast will make it outstanding." How about HELL NO! Why would an intelligent person continue to watch a series they did not like? That makes zero sense.

So huge thumbs down to this series from me.
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I got very excited when Chinese Box showed up on Netflix Instant. It is the third film in a trilogy that has been going on since the 1990s.

I was happy how the film ended with Xavier and where he was in life. I love Romain Duris as an actor and Audrey Tatou is quite good in this as well. It was fun seeing them go from university students in Spain in the first movie to 40 year olds in New York City in this film. The journey is well worth it so make sure to see The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls, and then this film. It reminds me a bit of the Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight films but focuses on a group of friends from many countries. Really satisfying ending to a series of films.

I have also been sucked into Ascension on SyFy.

The twist at the end of the first night? OMG! I haven't been so surprised by a twist in a story-line since LOST! It is a three night mini-series and there is talk it may become a series. It surprised SyFy by being a huge talked about hit that had more people watching the second night after replaying the first episode earlier in the evening before episode 2. A very smart move on their part since people who saw the premiere went NUTS about the twist and it made other people curious and want to see they replayed it. Smart smart move! I am about to watch the last episode...I had to wait after broadcast tonight because it conflicted with my watching the mid-season finale of The 100 and I love The 100 (and they killed off a major character tonight!) so had to watch that. My mum says Ascension is a HUGE wild thing tonight so I am looking forward to the last episode. I highly recommend this series and give the first episode a chance if you do watch it. It is slow at first and then picks up speed and the end twist is a mind-blowing thing.

I have also gotten into Helix on SyFy:

I was surprised how much it is drawing me into the first season! It is fun, shocking, and just well done. The pacing is good, the cinematography good, and you even buy the "that could never happen" stuff that goes on because the whole world-building of the show makes things plausable that are not. I have 4 episodes in the first season to go and I am actually looking forward to the second season.

The trailers for the second season actually made me check out the first season. Now I am kicking myself as to why I never watched the series to begin with. Definitely check it out if your into the whole "sci fi story with virus spreading changing people into monsters within a closed lab setting."

I have to say, I am glad to see Sy Fy sheading a lot of the crappy reality shows and starting to turn back to scripted, dramatic, shows like Ascension, Helix, and even Z Nation. They have 12 Monkeys coming up as well which is based on the film and been made series now. The trailer makes it look interesting as well:

I am going to be watching the first episode of this series because it looks fascinating.

So I am glad Sy Fy is taking steps to get back to actual shows that don't involve reality contests or following people in a reality show. They have a few (Ghost Hunters, Face Off, and a few more) but they are now heading back to actual scripted shows. Reality TV is dipping in ratings and Sy Fy seems to realize this and has bitten the bullet to start pullling away from reality TV. Kudos to them for that.

And with that, off I go to watch Ascension and some more of Helix as well.
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Life has been really boring and annoying recently so I have been escaping in a massive re-watch of a show that I have not seen since it aired in 1990/91.

I had forgotten how melodramatic and soapy it is.It took me an episode or two to get back in the mode for enjoying it. I still am not sure about Dana Ashbrook's performance as Bobby Briggs. He just is so over-the-top and weird in acting that I am not sure if he is excellently weird with his acting or just awful as awful can be. He just is a bit jarring to watch on screen.

I had also forgotten the weird stuff. Yes, I have vague memories of stuff and get reminded of things by watching. I just had bits totally leave my memory that made me howl with laughter when seeing it again. Like Bobby and this jock friend barking (extended in the scene) at James when they are in jail. Or Agent Cooper's reading of suspect names and then throwing stones at a bottle to decide who killed Laura Palmer and claiming it was Tibetian influenced.

I am on episode 4 now and looked ahead and was utterly shocked that season 2 has 22 EPISODES! I don't remember there being that many though I do remember the show going on hiatus mid-season back in 1990 and then coming back in 1991 with more episodes and how everyone was annoyed by that.

So, I am starting to settle in and enjoy the show again. The actors are now comfortable in their characters and the shows style which makes it less jarring and more fun to watch.
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This is one TV show that looks exactly like something I would totally enjoy.

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I feel a bit accomplished today because yesterday I wrote two letters and they are waitng to be sent out in the mail. I have been thinking a lot about writing letters and only have about 3 to write so it was nice to sit down and write. It is weird that the older I get, the more I have to be in the exact state of mind to want to write letters. I mean it is something I love to do but I cannot force myself to do it, I have to want to do it. So, getting two done in one sitting was a great thing.

I have been reading a lot recently. I am liking being able to read and being able to just lose myself in a book. I am currently reading New York: A Novel by Edward Rutherfurd and really enjoying it. I am always a fan of historical novels and Rutherfurd does a pretty good job with the genre and his following family trees through history. I have read three of his other book: Sarum, Russkia, and London. All were fun to read and I need to read Forest next...because I missed it when it was released.

I am also awaiting the broadcast of the new series Game of Thrones. I have read the first book in that series and am wanting to read the second book as well. It is definitely a fun read and I am looking forward to the series on tv to see how it translated to screen. There are some aspects of the book I want to see if they make it to air since they are rather replusive to most people. Namely the twincest that goes on between two messed up siblings who are power hungry. If that makes it to air, even on HBO, I will be shocked. It is an important part og the story when it comes to the two characters because it sets off an important event or two and shows how deeply disturbed the two characters are. So, it should be an interesting series to watch and I hope it keeps my interest unlike the crappy Camelot where I was only liking Morgan le Fey, The actress that plays her is excellent...too bad the actor who plays Arthur is out of his depth.

And with that, I will end this entry and head off to do other things online.

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I am melting....melting.....melting....

Day 5 of the heatwave and suffering through with no a/c and a mother who keeps the house shut up tight all day so that the air gets stagnant. We have been having 90+ days when it comes to temperature. We been had a few days of 100 +. Not a cool day in sight right now so there will be no cool down anytime soon.

I have been spending a lot of time in my room since it is at least 5 degrees cooler in the basement. I have caught up on
True Blood and rewatched the first season which I bought on DVD. The new season is kick ass and I am liking Alexander Skarsgård as "Eric". Ever since they cut his hair and "updated" his look on the show...I have found him attractive. So that adds to the fun of watching the show.

 I have season 2 of the Flight of the Conchords on the way to me. I also have finished up watching Torchwood which finished up a short season and killed off yet another character Ianto. I have also watched Primeval and started watching Being Human. Both are quite enjoyable shows. So, watching tv series has been how I have been trying to relax. I have found shows to fill the time until LOST comes back for it's final season.

My stress level is still rather high. I get the "tense in the face" feeling when the stress kicks in and I hate it because that is so uncomfortable. It always kicks in when stressful things happen like the parent's starting up arguing or things of that nature. I really cannot wait to get away from them because it is hard to head off the tense feeling. Arguments have always stressed me out and my body has just decided not to deal with them anymore.

Okay, enough rambling. Time to head offline and eat dinner.

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