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I took two days off from online life this week. Two days in a row in fact. I actually enjoyed the it me off and had to force myself ot get back online. What was interesting is I really didn't miss anything online when I was not logging on. Maybe I just do not have an addictive personality since some people seem to have this painful need to be online? Whatever the case, I am now really have to force myself to be online tonight and finish up with answering emails and all.

I ended up going to Orlando's with my mum and her friends yesterday for lunch. Orlando's is the restaurant at Spokane Community College run by the culinary arts majors so that they can learn all aspects of the restaurant/cooking business. This means the food is hit-or-miss and upscale to boot. i wasn't overly impressed by the food but I was not paying for the lunch so all is cool. I did love the bakery attached to the restaurant because it is 3 term students who do the baking so they are advanced in what they are doing. I had a yummy cherry pastry from there.

I took a break from editing photos the last two days as I am almost done with the first edit and it is easier after that...I just pick a few for the project and focus on them. I will finish up the editing tomorrow and then, probably, post one or two here. I was able to pitch my project to one of my mum's friends who has kids who may want to do this. I am hoping that pans out. We shall see.

Today, I got Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography by Adam Ant in the mail from my friend Maz in the UK! I mentioned how much I wanted to read it here at LJ. It is really interesting so far and even more intreesting since a lot of the punk rock musicians who were born in the 1950s has really poor upbringing. As in living in slummy buildings and having very poor families. Adam Ant is the of that beginning, as well as John Lydon who also wrote a book about his life called Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs that I purchased and read many years ago. I will continue to read Adam Ant's autobiography because I am sure it will get even more interesting as it moves out of his childhood and starts to address his being bipolar.

The weather has finally started getting warmer and I was able to wear my new sandals yesterday! I hope it continues to get warmer because we have had winter desperately clinging to Spokane for way too long. *crosses fingers*

And with that I am off to finish up online and get back to reading.

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I headed down to the Earth day celebration downtown on Saturday with my brother, Russell. It wasn't really to my taste because it was just...well sort of mediocre. It was col to see so many people showing up to the celebration though and I think that was due to both location, as well as the super nice weather. This means the event will continue to grow and include more things...and the people who participated with tables and tents selling wares and services made some money at the event, connecting with new people.

The event is usually held in Riverfront Park but they had to compete with the city's Easter Egg Hunt so were pushed to Main Street where they closed down the street in from of the co-opt grocery store. This attracted more people since it is a main street downtown so people who were being rerooted due to the street closure ended up parking and seeing what was going on. It makes me think it should remain a street event so this happens again.

I did not feel compelled to take photos. I just wasn't feeling it so I didn't. I did snap a few shots of the front of a building on the street that I loved because of the fire escape situated at the front.

Building, Main Street, Downtown Spokane 2011

It was the tallest building on the street since most have been taken down due to fire or to make way for smaller buildings. It was built in 1909 as you can see by the stamp in the top of the front of the building. It houses a few shops on the first floor and apartments that have just been refurbished in the upper floors. You can see the guy on the first floor fire escape eating a taco he bought for the taco wagon at the event.

Main Street is not the main street in downtown...that would be Riverside or Post. Main Street is ongoing a slight change all the way down to Monroe (about 5 miles long) where shops and restaurants...and a movie theater for art films...are going in. It is concentrated between Post and Division streets and it is pretty interesting since it was just antique stores and empty buildings there for about 20 years. So, it has been interesting to see this slow changing in that area that started 5 years ago.

I ended up meeting up with Shawn at the event and also walked through the co-opt grocery store. I have come to the conclusion that being vegan or gluten-free (the stores caters to these people though it has meat products and dairy) is VERY expensive. I am glad I never went that route because I would not be able to afford it and it seems way too much expense/hassle.

I am going to try and get out to more events this spring here in Spokane because I have grown quite tired of sitting in my house or being in the 4 block radius. I hate the suburbs and we are on the fringes of the suburbs so nothing happens here as events would go. I just have to keep an eye to my Twitter feed so I know when things are going on since the local news is crap on reporting it.

Today has been full of rain and periods of snow showers, though the snow melts as soon as it hits the ground. The good thing about today's rain is it is causing the leaves to start popping out of the buds on the trees and plants. The grass is starting to really green up as well so maybe spring is finally starting to reach us despite not really getting out of the 40s-50s (F). I just hope it doesn't pour down rain on Wednesday when I have a photo shoot scheduled!

And now to head off LJ and write a few emails. I am in the middle of trying to get photo shoots for my superhero shoot set up. In other words, hounding a few friends and trying to find other models as well. It is slow going since Spokane is just a place where people do not like to step out of their boxes.

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I have been quiet for the last few days due to not being online for long. I am just not in an online mood and have been trying to get out of the house more.

I am working on plans to do a joint project with my friend Carlo. I will be taking photos of people in superhero (or super villain) outfits around town and then carlo will draw them, comicbook style. I already have some people interested and am trying to set up photoshoots.

There will be no money for me out of this upfront. It will just be me keeping busy and having fun. It will be put into a book, ideally, in the end so I have that to work towards. First I have to get the test shoots out of the way and find my style before I approach more strangers to pose for this. So, I am hoping to start on the project by the end of this week.

Beyond that, things have been quiet. The temperature did a nose-dive, Spokane fashion, over the last two days from 95 (F) to the lower 60s (F). It is suppose to heat up again by the end of the week so it is not staying cold and Fall-like for long. I am sad to see summer end because, though I hate the heat without a/c, the summer is my favorite time of year.

I have been reading a lot recently...just re-reading books I have. I need new reading material but haven't been out to purchase any. I also have been taking a lot of walks and watching a little tv. Yeah, pretty low-key stuff but I see it as saving up energy to do the photoshoots that I have lining up.

Okay, time to answer the last few emails I have in inboxes and head to get some food.

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It is incredibly windy today. The type of day that blows trashcans down the street and dead trees over. At least we have not lost power in our area though reports of trees falling on power lines are all over the local news. It does blow the moisture heavy clouds out of the area quickly before they can rain on us and I am liking that.

I have a photo shoot scheduled for Saturday with hopes that the forecast holds and the rains stay away. Here in eastern Washington, it is iffy when it comes to weather since we are smack dab in the middle of an area that gets all sorts of changes in the fronts (cold and warm) since they meet here. We also get any moisture that backs up in clouds trying to get over the mountains of northern Idaho. So, if we get that sunny/semi-cloudy day on Saturday...I will be having my photo shoot. My model has been on standby and I want to get it going before they grow bored and decide not to pose for meThis means, if the shoot goes on as planned, I will be editing photos into the beginning of next week. I am happy to be busy and looking forward to that.

I am a bit bummed this weekend to not being seeing Jonsi in concert in Seattle. I just cannot get over there and no one I know wants to go. I am telling myself that the photo shoot will liven up the weekend and distract me from my disappointment of not going to the concert. I will be purchasing his new CD "Go" and listening to it to distract me and lift my spirits.

 I have started practicing driving again so that I can try for my license within the next month. I am just getting comfortable behind the wheel again and then will practice a bit of parallel parking, as well as backing around a curve which they do test you on. I have had to take a day or two off this week because my mum plans other activities. I swear she is trying to sabotage my plans of moving by the end of May or mid-June. I can tell by her bitchy facial expressions when I talk of it and her "Well, you won't have a car so you cannot move." bitchy toned, comments. She and my dad just suck the positivity out of everything. I need to get away from that.

Anyway, I am off to finish up online stuff and then read a bit.


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I haven't much to write about tonight. It's just been a slow day. I spent most of it dozing and having bizarre dreams about hunting ghosts and picking up EVP (voices on digital recordings only heard on review and not live) of ghost Vikings saying things like "Odin was there." Very bizarre dreams indeed but entertaining.

I have decided not to do anything for Halloween. I just don't feel like it. I usually feel all bummed to not be doing things on holidays but this year. I feel nothing. No desire whatsoever to do anything. I worry about this because it makes me feel like I am becoming like everyone around me...a homebody who is boring. I am not happy with that and know that my mood is fleeting but it worries me that it may remain.

I am listening to this album a lot this evening:

It just fits my mood. It also got me through paying bills and making all those transfers online to do so. The music is very Fall/Winter to me and well, it is that season.

I have three more DVDs to watch and may try and watch them tonight. I got out of the watching mood yesterday and have yet to fall back into it.

Okay, enough about my life and it's tedium.
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I submitted another post to Tastemaker Diaries and it got posted! I am trying to think of another post at the moment but am not quite sure as to what the topic will be yet. It can be difficult to think of what to write about for a site.

I updated my fashion blog with a "placeholder" post which means that I just posted a Youtube video to a song I am enjoying at the moment. It is so hot that I am not spending tons of time online and haven't been feeling like blogging much.

At least we had thunderstorms today and that has calmed down the heat.  It is suppose to stay cooler for about two days and then gradually heat up a little. It's nice to get a break from way too high temperatures and a hot house.

Started watching the second season of Flight of the Conchords on DVD. I got the DVDs in the mail yesterday and I am enjoying my Conchords fix. I wish they would do another season but if they continue to plan to not do anymore seasons, I totally understand. It is hard to think up episodes for tv shows sometimes and it take sup a lot of time.

Beyond that, rather quiet around here.

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I started reading "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" and am enjoying it. It is a bit strangely written and doesn't really move forward very quickly but, the writing style holds my interest. I am going to enjoy this book I think.

I am up very early because I went to bed early last night. I am now listening to squirrels make noise as they eat sunflower seeds my mum puts out on the deck and to quail call to one another a they wander and feed in yards. The traffic noise on the main street is still minimal due to the early hour and it's fun to hear nature making it's early morning noise for a change.

My brother Mark and his friend Bogdan are coming for a few days and will be staying here at the house. Bogdan is coming to Spokane to talk to some people who own a castle in the Czech Republic about using it for a location in a film he will be directing in the Fall. My dad will be out of town while they are here so tension should be low in the house. I have never met Bogdan so it will be interesting to meet him. 

I should be heading to Seattle in a few weeks if all goes well. My mum is taking Henriette because Henriette's time in the US is coming to an end next month and she has been nowhere else but Hawaii since she has been with us. Henriette's parents are coming for her graduation so it has to be before they arrive. My mum is saying it will be Memorial Day weekend. 

It seems the weather here has jumped from winter to summer. Just four weeks ago we were still getting a light dusting of snow in the mornings that melted off during the day. Now we have 90 degree days happening. It is much warmer than normal for this time of year and we just had no real spring. It also makes me think this summer is going to be blazing hot! Spokane weather is always weird but this year seems to have extremes with no in between when it comes to weather.

And now, off I go to answer an e.mail or two and check in at a few websites.

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