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Go here:

Many of my zombie friends are in this game...Matt, Jason, Dezi, Curtis, and Jeremy. I got killed by Jason (blaster zombie) my first go through and the second...Curtis (glow zombie) almost killed me but 10K saved my ass. I killed Matt (plant zombie) right away. I got Murphy the second time I went through the game.

Pretty cool that they made a game for the show and that some of my zombie extra friends were involved.
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I ended up watching 2 movies over the last few nights. The first was "Hector and the Search for Happiness".

It felt sort of like a milder, British, version of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." That is not a bad just did not have the same sparkle as Walter Mitty did despite Simon Pegg being involved and the main character of Happiness.

Not a bad film to pass the time with a good "moving on and emotionally engaging in life" theme.

The second film I saw was "Black Sea."

Jude Law was quite good as the submarnie captain trying to hold things together as the crew became more and more paranoid. The film has a very "old school" feel to it in film making. You get who is doing the sabotaging of the crew quite quickly. That was a well deserved death when it happens. The film is very claustrophobic feel since most the story takes place on the Russian sub. Pretty well done film and worth a watch.

I have a few more movies to watch the I hgave checked out from the library. I will be watching "Still Alice" either tonight or tomorrow night. I also have "50 Shades of Grey" to watch and mock. The Z Nation stunt coordinator was the driver (stunt driver) in the film whenever Grey is driving fast. It will be fun to try and pick him out as well.

Speaking of Z Nation, it has its second season start on Sept. 11th in the US. So thast is cool to know. I also am to be an extra again next week! It will be so much fun!
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The season 2 teaser trailer for Z Nation was posted today at SyFy's website.

I am in it! For a split second! If you are US resident and can view video at link...I am 3rd zombie with the bobbed hair!

So cool!
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If you click this link, the local news has an news story about extras on Z Nation:

I am not in the video but it talks a bit about extras. I was a zombie extra 3 times so far and a human extra once. There is only one episode left to film after this week so I am not usre I will be used again. It was fun and a great way to spend the summer they paid us to be extras which added to the fun.
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It is only 7 minutes long but really is moving. Zombie fans will enjoy it and it may make you squeeze out a tear at the end.

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Much to my mum's annoyance I watched the first "Resident Evil " on  the Sci Fi Channel this evening. I missed the first half hour and had to put up with my mum whining, "Isn't there anything else on except this crap!" every 3 minutes, as she surfed the Internet and didn't even watch the movie,  the whole time. 

I actually enjoyed the movie in a fluffy, campy, sci fi way. It wasn't a great film but I would watch it again just because it was interesting to me on some level. It kept my attention, looked cool, had decent special effects, a storyline that was bare-bones but not non-existent, and the acting was not too horrible. I shall have to rent it so I can see the whole thing from start to finish and have the bloody parts put back in which I am sure were edited way down for television broadcast. I shall have to see the squeal "
Resident Evil: Apocalypse" as well. I had been picking it up off the DVD rental place shelf, then putting it back for months and will rent it next time I am in the store.

This exchange between me and my mum between her whining about the film actually being watched on her tv:

Mum: "What is it about?"
(asked 1 and 1/2 hour into film)
Me: "A virus turning researchers to zombies and these people are trying to get out of the research center with the virus and cure."
Mum watches a few seconds worth of the film.
Mum (after someone shoots a zombie on the movie): "That didn't work too well and that's disgusting!"
Me: "They are not following the zombie rules."
Mum: "There are rules?"
Me: "Anyone who watches sci fi movies or horror films knows the zombie rules."
Mum: "I hate those types of films so I don't know what you are talking about." 
Me: "You have to sever the spinal cord at the neck, destroy the brain, or remove the head to stop a zombie. Otherwise, they keep coming after you."
Mum: "How disgusting. Isn't there ANYTHING else on tv right now!"
Me: "No, I told you a rundown of what is on, you showed disinterest in any of the offerings. Anyways, now you know how to stop a zombie if you ever were to encounter one."
Mum: "I don't think so. I would NOT be doing that in any situation. It's not nice. Do WE
(as if she was watching it and not on the computer the whole time) HAVE to watch this?"
Me: "It's almost over."

Good to know my mum will be eaten or turned into a zombie if she ever encounters one.  :)

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