Dec. 9th, 2007

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It's been a very busy two days. It started off yesterday with me meeting up with Cathryn for coffee and getting some conversation in. We hadn't seen one another since the beginning of Nov. it was nice to catch up, walk around downtown, snap a few photos of decorations, until she had to head off to a birthday dinner for a friend (her ebst friend who barely leaves the house now she has a boyfriend). 

I got called by Shaun during this time who really needed to get away from the computer since he had been working heavily all week. So, after Cathryn took off...I met up with Shaun and we went to the movies. We saw "The Golden Compass".

The Golden Compass" was a good film. I wanted to see it because misinformed religious groups are protesting it. All the things they claimed were in it (the killing of Jesus, "God is dead", mocking religion, the glorifying of atheism, mocking of the Catholic Church) were all absent in the film. Obviously some idiot somewhere made up a bunch of rumors about the movie, and the books author (who is agnostic not atheist),  and fed them to all the religious groups who NEVER see films that their churches tell them are bad, and let the people get upset over things that are not there in the film but they will never see with their own eyes to disprove the rumors.

The film is stunning when it comes to visuals and the costumes...let's just say I WANT Nicole Kidman's costumes from this film! Here are some examples:

Above: Close-up of her "entrance to film" costume.

Above: Far away of "entrance" outfit.

Above: Beautiful fur-collared, cream coat. 

And my personal favorite:

Above: It had a matching knee length skirt, black tights, and black pumps. I WANT this outfit!

Above: The collar of this coat really makes me go "Ohhh shiny!"

All her costumes were exciting to someone who enjoys "retro feel" clothing like I do. I hope they make knock-offs of the red coat outfit because I would snap it up so fast!

There were also a lot of cool inventions for the "Golden Compass" world including a gold, telescope, like thing that you places a sphere in and it projected a moving hologram-like photo on the wall. I would love one of those, if they existed.

The film itself rushed a bit much in areas and had one of the worst, heavy-handed, "there is to be a squeal" endings ever. But it was fun to see that world and I am glad I went to the film.

Today I took Henriette downtown to do her Christmas shopping and she got it all done...spending HEAPS of money because her family is all about brand names and you can get them cheaper here in the US than in Norway.  I found some perfume I really like: Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My liking of it surprised me because it is floral and I usually dislike floral scents when it comes to perfume. The scent is daisy, but light, semi-sweet, and airy. I will be asking for some for Christmas since I don't want to use up all my DKNY Be Delicious perfume.

It was a pleasant time downtown and we did not get back home, on the bus, until 8:15 p.m. I did get one semi-cool photo of downtown, at night which I will now share.

It's a tad bit blurred but it gives an idea of what it is like downtown at night. It is sad to see it THAT deserted on a Saturday night. Cities are suppose to be full of nightlife and people on weekends. Ahhh well, it is Spokane after all.

Now, off I go to get some sleep and I am going to work on the rest of my San Diego photos tomorrow night, upload them to Flickr, and post a few here.
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