Mar. 24th, 2010

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I finished up Confessor, the last book in Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series last night. Reading the whole series was a long slog and I almost gave up halfway through when Goodkind got preachy and most his books were the characters sitting around talking about doing things but not doing anything. I pushed on and the last book...was so good! It was hoe the other books should have been and how they were through the first three books. It is like Goodkind got his writing mojo back for the last book. I now am a bit sad the series is over and will miss the characters in it.

I have been getting books that I swapped a few books for. So, I have a pile of books to read through which makes me happy since I am in a reading mood. My mum also got me Twilight in graphic novel form because she knows I like that sort of thing. So, I should breeze through that tonight since the pictures tell most of the story.

I ordered the movie In The Mood For Love because I have been dying to see it for ages and a guy who writes a blog I read wrote about it, and added a sequence from the movie via Youtube to his post. It made me buy the movie because I love Chinese films and this one looks stylish and beautiful to look at. I cannot wait to get the movie and watch it!

My worries about where to stay for Comic Con this summer in San Diego have ceased. My original place to stay fell through and Carlo, the friend who is the comic book artist, offered to include me in his group or have me stay at his mother's house with his sisters. I was so relieved since it is a 5 night stay and $749 for a hotel! Now to cross my fingers that that all goes smoothly for me.

Okay, time for me to get some food and watch Ghost Hunter and Destination Truth. :)

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