May. 19th, 2011

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This Scy Fy movie looks awful.....

Yet, I want to see it because Manu Bennett is in it and he was in the Spartacus series! He is hot and I want to see him run around in an awful movie so I can drool.

*marks Scy Fy movie air date in daily planner*

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I was waiting for the Seattle Sounders game last week and happened across this awful film on Scy Fy:

My mum kept snorting with laughter at the horrible acting, the dialog, and special effects. I was horribly distracted by the fact the film seems to have been filmed in the American south due to the moss hanging from the trees (who knew Asgard was in Louisiana?), the horrible CGI giant dogs with the cave painting prison tattoos, and Richard Grieco looking like a burnt out, never seen the sunlight, Goth as Loki.

Plus Thor uses a gun at one point. What?

The film was so craptastic that my mum was BEGGING me to change the channel after only 15 minutes of viewing while I gleefully giggled at her horror and discomfort at watching something this bad.

If you like horrible films for their "cannot look away from this train wreck" have to see this film.

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My model for my superhero/comic book character photo project confirmed for Sunday and they way she did it made me smile.

"I will be there with bells on...ARGGGHHHH!!!!"

Yes, she is posing as a pirate character and it should be a lot of fun because she has a lot of personality. I am excited to be heading out to do my second photoshoot of project reboot! The weather is being beautiful and not to hot right now so I have the urge to get out and shoot photos.

I am almost done with the editing of the last shoot. I want to watermark the photos before posting them anywhere so will be doing that very soon. It takes me a lot of time to actually sit down and watermark them since I am not skilled at that option of Photoshop so have to follow the step-by-step instructions when doing this. I am also tweaking the final photos a tiny bit more before watermarking so, give me  a little time and a few will be shared here at LJ.

I am also heading to Spokane Comic Con on Saturday with my brother Russell. I have never been to this event before so it should be interesting. I am sure the people watching offerings will be stellar since this sort of event tends to bring out a lot of people who normally would not leave their homes. They will be having a costume contest at 5:15 p.m. which may be worth seeing. I shall have to see if we cannot hang out long enough to see it.

I am now reading A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin and loving it so much! It is the second book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series that the tv show Game of Thrones is based off of. It seems Martin is to be at San Diego Comic Con (according to his website) and I suspect it will be on the Game of Thrones panel. I am contemplating going to that panel since Wendi and Molly are all about heading to it. It will depend on what it conflicts with in the programming the day it is held. I am also contemplating getting the next two books in the series since I am so drawn into the story and want to see what happens next...and I am only halfway through the second book of the series!

And to end this entry...I found a "People of Walmart" song/video on Youtube...Enjoy!

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