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I am starting to edit the photos form the photoshoot after hours of downloading from camera to computer and burning unedited photos to cds.

I always edit the non-portrait photos first to "get in the mood" so to speak. I posted these on Flickr and would like to share them because I quite like them.

Above: This is the old signage from the Coachhouse Restuarant. The restuarant has been closed for many years now and was in the "crack addict" area of Spokane. Now, all the low income apartments there are pretty much gone (as are the business like the Coachhouse). They are trying to turn it into an arts area and the apartments above into condos.

Above: The painted over signage from a "flophouse" style hotel. It rented rooms by the hour or half hour and the crack addicted prostitutes used them to "practice their profession". It was about 2 doors down from the Coachhouse and is also vacant at the moment as the renovation to the block into condos. the sign hasn't lit up since the 1960s most likely.

Above: The Jefferson Center was widely known as the Jefferson Apartments. They were home to drug addicts, recovering drug addicts, people just released from prison, very low income people, metally impaired people, and prostitutes. They were closed in the late 1990s and now are gutted for condo renovation. Where the low income people live one knows.

Above: Destry, my photoshoot subject, in front fo Little Nickle's Pub & Grub. This eating establishment was closed a little after the Coachhouse. It is right next door to the entrance to the hotel. I love the old style signage of this Pub and the Coachhouse and know that it is not long for the world due to the condos going in.

I will be posting photos from the photoshoot of Destry in the next few days as I get them edited and up at Flickr. So keep watching this journal.

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