Aug. 29th, 2008 03:17 pm
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I was a bit disappointed in Pig Out At The Park. It didn't have the diversity that it usually has when it comes to restaurant booths. Lots of Asian food but also lots of "fair food" like funnel cakes, pizza by the slice, and corndogs. The abundance of "fair food" just made it seem "trashy" as an event. None of the moderate to upscale restaurants had booths this year.

I asked my brother why the restaurant he worked for didn't have a booth this year and he said that the owner claims he lost money on Pig Out At The Park last year and will never do it again. I think a lot of restaurants don't get that $8.50 is an "expensive" price for most local people so if you do have a booth at Pig Out At The Park...you need to have your food fall into the $5.00 to $6.00 range at the highest. That way more people buy the food and you make some money. But, you cannot explain this to local people because they just don't get it. Spokane as a whole is terminally stupid on this sort of thing.

I also walked around downtown with Dana and found a lot of the shops had closed or are closing. Three of the shops I like, are in the process of, have moved to Seattle. I don't blame them since the locals think anything over $25 is expensive. I would be moving my business elsewhere too. The Paper Garden is moving to Seattle (which means the owner are), my favorite cheap designer shoe store moved to Seattle, and two others are pulling out as well. Spokane just has no taste when it comes to shops or only shops at them around holidays. People here are CHEAP.

It makes me glad I am moving away. I say everyone with a brain should move from here and let the idiots continue their destruction of the city. They are too stupid to change or take any suggestion from outsiders...so let them live in the decay of the roads, buildings, jobs, houses because that seems to be what they want.

I always feel so depressed after seeing that cool places have closed because I know we will never get anything like that again and that the store space will sit empty for years afterward. Makes me think, "Last person to leave Spokane...turn out the light."

Now to kick my move plans into high gear so I can actually make money beyond my soradic way here in Spokane and have a life beyond living in my parents basement, having to live by the parents rules like I am 14 and not 35, getting hit on by old ugly men with possible criminal records while out and about, and have friends who LIKE to go out and are not lame hermits who would rather stay in their hovels online or watching tv.

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