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My first Christmas card made it to the receiver today! Yep, one day after I sent it! It was local but still surprising since local mail can take a week to get places in town sometimes. I am guessing I made the days maildrop cut off yesterday. That means that most my Christmas cards are currently on the way to people...except for the few I sent today that were to people who emailed me to tell me that they sent cards.

I got Christmas cards from [ profile] goddessofchaos today (it spent the night on the ground outside due to my dad being crap on bringing the mail in and dropping things.) and from Marina in Belgium. I already have Christmas cards from Birna in Iceland (my first card of the season) and Maz in England. I am pondering doing a list of cards I have received here in my LJ so I can keep track better. I think I will after I finish this entry.

I spent most the day snuggled in the comforter since the temp only got up to 20 (F) today. We are suppose to drop down to highs in the teens for the next week but be dry without snow except for a dusting here and there. Such a big change form last year when we were already housebound for the holidays by now when we got over 12 feet of snow in a 24 hour period and more over the days after. Still, the cold temps make me want to snuggle in the comforter and read...not do anything important.

I have started on the 3rd season of LOST and am enjoying it. The 5th season is to come out on DVD next week and I pre-ordered it months ago so will be watching for it to turn up in the mail. It will be fun to get my mind refreshed on what went on and ready for the season premiere in Feb.

I am currently reading Naked Empire (a book in the Sword of Truth series) by Terry Goodkind. I am nearing the end of this series and have enjoyed it though it does get a bit "preachy" here and there. I have many poeple telling me I need to check out Soulless by Gail Carriger. It is suppose to be an interesting new vampire/supernatural novel series so I am definitely going to check it out.

Okay...time for me to head off into the world of the Internet and get some emails answered.

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